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  1. The Ghost

    Thank you so much for bringing the forum back,,,, the internet has not been the same without you :)......
  2. The Ghost

    I think the issue with phones will be hard to police, there's loads of videos of Seal performing at the Palladium on Youtube and everyone has there phones out..
  3. The Ghost

  4. I'm not sure you can.. I think both are imports over there?
  5. The Ghost

    I've heard the album a number of times now and I definately think this her best stuff since American Life.. Some of the tracks take a bit of getting used too but you can tell she's put so much work into this project. For me my current Favourite is Mercy, but I can see it changing on a daily basis.. I love this album and can't wait to see her in the Theatre singing it
  6. For those that don't know Madame X is available at HDTracks in HD Audio
  7. The Ghost

    Oh god LOL
  8. The Ghost

    I don't think this streaming crap is really a indicator of the albums success... I'm old school I like my vinyl, I like my CD's I like my physical stuff... It's much easier to play those and ripped Digital files than it is to mess around with bloody spotify etc... A large proportion of her fans will be playing the album over and over and over loving it.. where as the Taylor Swift generation will be happy to use spotify... I'm not saying I maybe shouldn't play it with spotify etc... but in reality I don't (and I bet i'm not the only one)
  9. Guy's the FULL album is available on her YouTube channel This album is her new Masterpiece!
  10. My friend has just told me he thinks the album is bloody awful and the worse thing she's ever done. I'm not sure what he was listening too but I think it's bloody fantastic LOL
  11. I Love Looking for Mercy
  12. The Ghost

    Well I'm holding out until Friday or until I can listen to it in Lossless Audio..
  13. The Ghost

    I'm not convinced we should have been given all these tracks prior to the release, the more i read the more it says to me this has to be listened to as a Whole piece of Art.. Not just Top 10 single worthiness. I'm not gonna listen to any leaks. until I can listen to it in full HQ. I won't be to bothered when that is.. I've probably bought 20 physicals copies in total