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  1. The Ghost

    looks like an explosives warehouse or something to me.
  2. I think a lot of it went down hill when she left Warner.. Liz Rosenberg retiring too.
  3. The Ghost

    I think it's really up to her.. I think she could create something amazing but I'm not sure she's interested in creating something for the masses..
  4. The Ghost

    Please can you share it?
  5. The Ghost

    It's mentioned in an early interview that there's 3 tracks from the film vision quest, so i do think it must have been dropped late in the game.
  6. The Ghost

    I was in the crowd and pretty sure they we're filming the full thing.. I would be surprised if the full thing doesn't exist but I've never heard of anyone having the full recording :(
  7. The Material Girl UK 12" and then the Like A Virgin and Madonna albums..
  8. The Ghost

    I'd rather watch RAW footage any day to this over produced stuff that get officially released!
  9. No but staying 2 metres apart is :( and no more than 6 people in a group is also :(
  10. I have mixed feeling about this, I'm 100% behind the issue and do not approve of any racism of any type.. :( All lives matter! But in the UK we are ''''NOT'''' supposed to be gathering in large numbers due to the virus :(
  11. Love this, this is probably the best footage that exists.. In which case I'm very happy to have it.. Praying for the other songs now This is also the same footage from that documentary...
  12. The Ghost

    Album: Bedtime Stories iTunes (4x #1): #1 United States #1 Brazil #1 Ireland #1 Turkey #2 Canada #2 Kazakhstan #2 Spain #4 Mexico #7 United Kingdom #19 France #186 Saudi Arabia #270 Australia
  13. The Ghost

    Now up to No 13 in the UK.... come on people Let's make it happen here too.. LOL
  14. The Ghost

    Going up in UK too.. Was 21 30 mins ago.. now no 18..
  15. The Ghost

    There isn't really any backdrop videos this time round.