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  1. No that's the problem i have with it, it may not be possible to give us a HiRes format of these mixes for whatever reason (probably they just doesn't exist). But to sell a package on Qobuz saying it's HiRes when it clearly isn't is a con. It's not just one or two tracks either, some of them may appear HiRes but they are only just pushing over the original CD quality for them to register as so.
  2. I hope for that too, but it's gonna get milked for all it's worth..
  3. Its about time, she starting doing performances for the world not just some club in NYC.. lets hope this thing is professionally filmed and everyone can enjoy it..
  4. Yes it's utter shit, when you wake up and all you can watch is someone phone footage..
  5. LP Box Set available on USA Madonna.com store.. https://shop.madonna.com/products/finally-enough-love-50number-ones-6lp-set
  6. I get more excited about a different coloured vinyl coming out :( how sad is that..
  7. amazon.jp I think the limited edition mega jacket is an extra.. don't think there's a need to buy it with and without.. anyone know?
  8. Not sure what it is but it's limited and the same price i've ordered it.
  9. Maybe it's down to how the Erotica album stuff was recorded in the first place. wasn't it all done on 8 track originally and then originally mastered from that.. ?
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