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  1. The Ghost

    They need to upload something like KOKO or BRIXTON in 1080p then i'll be impressed
  2. Saw it in London, Leicester Square the night after the UK Premiere (which I was stood outside for)... It was an amazing audience the atmosphere was electric and people clapped at the end..
  3. The Ghost

    The thing to remember is that this was all 'FILMED' on to traditional film reels.. film reels don't last long.. (minutes). There's no way they could film a concert from one end to the other on one FILM reel.. The standard length of a 35 mm film reel is 1,000 feet (305 m), which runs approximately 11 minutes for sound film (24 frames per second)
  4. The Ghost

    You can see in one of these images they have a clapper board held out in front of the camera and Madonna is clearly singing on the big screens..
  5. The Ghost

    Yes it is, Bercy is very wide and popular for filming as it can accommodate the boom camera's better than other venues.
  6. The Ghost

    Honestly i'm not sure it probably was. I explicitly remember watching them turn the cameras off after beast within and they switched film reels (don't think they last long). Looking around the arena all the other camera crews were switching reels at the same time.. So the 1st night Vogue wasn't filmed.. and so it went on.
  7. The Ghost

    I was at the Paris shows, at the front they had camera's at 2 of the 4 shows, right in front of me they filmed the first song then during the second song they switched reels and filmed the 3rd.. they did this all the way through the concert. The following night they did then same thing except filmed the alternate songs they had been switching reels the night before. The first night the boom camera was on the left the second night the boom camera was on the right. They must have enough footage to put a complete show together..
  8. The Ghost

    This is so true ''Madonna knows how to do that as well, I just don’t think she’s interested in it anymore. '' I have every faith she could knock it out of the park if she wanted too..
  9. The Ghost

    If i can do it without it looking like I've done it I take the sticker and apply it to the cover..
  10. The Ghost

    Yeah that leather thing is not official, i know at the time there was rumors of such a limited edition but it never happened. I don't believe any of these leather things are real... Good spot on the Virgin one, didn't realize it was getting bootlegged :(
  11. The Ghost

    Yeah it's real... not sure it's worth all that though. I think it's just a fancy slip case.
  12. The Ghost

    It's all too random.... doesn't make sense. best thing about it is the unreleased track.
  13. The Ghost

    Probably some fan's Youtube rip sourced from a VHS...
  14. The Ghost

    Yes if they can do Dead or Alive, they can do Madonna videos.
  15. The Ghost

    You've only got to look at the recent 4K Youtube video of George Michael's Freedom to see what amazing results can be achieved. In my mind there is no excuse.. They should get the original 35mm reels and get the buggers transfered it's just lazyness.. I don't believe that it will cost millions..