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  1. I'm so sick of this download shit... when are us fans gonna get some nice packages to buy ? :(
  2. The Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam is a fantastic venue, I also love Bercy in Paris if it's an option. Birmingham in the UK has also been a great Venue for the MDNA Tour and Rebel Heart Tour.
  3. I think it was supposed to be released before WTG Soundtrack but it was delayed and released afterwards. Unmixed version is real, from US Promo LP and CD
  4. It's about time they realize that Madonna fan's want Physical items.. I done care for streaming I long for Physical items for my collection. I want to own the music.. I don't stream anything. They better release this tour in a Physical form but i bet they won't.. :(
  5. George Michael : Live In London Eurythmics : Peace Tour Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert
  6. They need to upload something like KOKO or BRIXTON in 1080p then i'll be impressed
  7. Saw it in London, Leicester Square the night after the UK Premiere (which I was stood outside for)... It was an amazing audience the atmosphere was electric and people clapped at the end..
  8. The thing to remember is that this was all 'FILMED' on to traditional film reels.. film reels don't last long.. (minutes). There's no way they could film a concert from one end to the other on one FILM reel.. The standard length of a 35 mm film reel is 1,000 feet (305 m), which runs approximately 11 minutes for sound film (24 frames per second)
  9. You can see in one of these images they have a clapper board held out in front of the camera and Madonna is clearly singing on the big screens..
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