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  1. The Ghost

    stage looks high up doesn't it, Sunday night I'll be there
  2. The Ghost

    I don't do bootlegs..
  3. The Ghost

    I believe just the billetcollector..
  4. The Ghost

    The European one has American Pie, the American one not..
  5. The Ghost

    These do exist with American Pie too, for the european market.. but are much rarer than the US ones..
  6. The Ghost

    Well you are dedicated mate, nobody can take that away from you.,
  7. The Ghost

    Cool thank you
  8. The Ghost

    Madonna underground is saying 20th and 25th is cancelled.. Also on So sorry for those effected :(
  9. The Ghost

    slight slope on the stalls..
  10. The Ghost

    My first show the 4th was cancelled I now pray that that the 5th remains ok..
  11. The Ghost

  12. The Ghost

    Just got my book, and I have to agree it's amazing.. and well worth paying for it you're not a VIP...
  13. The Ghost

    it is real
  14. The Ghost

    I just can't imagine news such as cancelling would be sent out in this way.. Marvin saying 7 more... ????? I don't think the dancers found out about the cancellations much earlier than the public..
  15. The Ghost

    In this case i think this explanation is more likely..