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  1. Love this, this is probably the best footage that exists.. In which case I'm very happy to have it.. Praying for the other songs now This is also the same footage from that documentary...
  2. The Ghost

    Album: Bedtime Stories iTunes (4x #1): #1 United States #1 Brazil #1 Ireland #1 Turkey #2 Canada #2 Kazakhstan #2 Spain #4 Mexico #7 United Kingdom #19 France #186 Saudi Arabia #270 Australia
  3. The Ghost

    Now up to No 13 in the UK.... come on people Let's make it happen here too.. LOL
  4. The Ghost

    Going up in UK too.. Was 21 30 mins ago.. now no 18..
  5. The Ghost

    There isn't really any backdrop videos this time round.
  6. The Ghost

    I would love this too, but scanning it risks damaging it.. It would be hard work..
  7. The Ghost

    I think the trouble is all of this is based on Los Angeles time zone which is ridiculous
  8. The Ghost

    Yes i'm not sure what to think about that, I guess they have so many copies due to all the cancellations ;( They should have sent them out to all the VIP's that had there shows cancelled.. I think they did for Boston.
  9. The Ghost

    I saw the 5th and 6th in London and the 23rd in Paris... I was lucky, i thought the show was amazing and I couldn't really tell the difference with her fitness wise (in all cases her voice was on fire!) .. She seemed on form and was enjoying the shows, forgetting the fact that she appeared to be having a hard time walking into and out of the venues. All i can assume is that fall on the 4th Paris show made things much worse, after cancelling select shows at the beginning of London leg and Paris leg it seemed she was able to manage with the 2 nights at a time thing. Let me also say, I feel very very lucky to have seen the show 3 times and feel for everyone that was effected by cancellations. I do feel things could have been communicated to fans more effectively :(
  10. The Ghost

    such a shame we get these fab clips as shitty quality instagram posts :(
  11. The Ghost

    Think there's an option to keep that collectors ticket..
  12. The Ghost

    So sorry for everyone who was going tonight :(
  13. The Ghost

    They were selling before and after the show.
  14. The Ghost

    stage looks high up doesn't it, Sunday night I'll be there
  15. The Ghost

    I don't do bootlegs..