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  1. Wild guess but could it be the original was done by her first and that it's some demo we have no clue about?
  2. That deezer audio sounds old, like it could be a demo maybe?
  3. Rio is a massive event, every other show has been in an arena..
  4. Yeah but that Rio show won't be the same, I'm still hoping it's recorded properly. I understand there are camera's already in place but not overhead moving cameras.
  5. Have they officially filmed it anywhere yet? They are running out of time.
  6. Thanks, but I still don't get this at all i think these distorted images look terrible.
  7. Has it been specifically announced this will get televised?
  8. They all appeared on Madonna US Store for a period of a few hours, for US shows and the up and coming ones. All sold in minutes :(
  9. Has it been filmed yet? I hope they are not leaving it until last minute.
  10. Thank you for this, this is very informative.
  11. Sounds nice, I'm hoping it goes online. do you know are the sizes the same as the BA Jackets?
  12. The WTG Jacket is thinner than the BA Jacket isn't it?
  13. It the WTG Tour Jacket still easily available at the concerts?
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