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  1. The Ghost

    They can do Star Trek Next Generation they can do Madonna video's..
  2. The Ghost

    Bottom line is they can only be true 'HD Quality' if they go and find the original 35mm reels and digitize them otherwise it's just an upscale from a lower quality 'SD' source.. My dream is that they do find the reels and do this but i'm dreaming I know :( It's just annoying that the official sources say it's now available in HD.. It's 'NOT' it's an upscaled Standard Definition master that's not the same thing.
  3. The Ghost

    It doesn't look bad but it's not HD :(
  4. The Ghost

    I'm not interested in the slightest with this type of thing... hopefully we get a real product for the fans and she releases the tour before Christmas..
  5. The Ghost

    Oh thank you, thank god
  6. The Ghost

    it's the audio that concerns me.. i want proper raw audio
  7. The Ghost

    Bad Girl Saturday Night Live
  8. The Ghost

    Bitch I'm Madonna is a terrible song, may appeal to the American market but would have flopped like mad in the UK. I agree the Rebel Avcii Heart would have done really well such a missed opportunity.
  9. The Ghost

    The Keep It Together US Promo CD with back and spine is hard to find, most of them missed the back insert.
  10. The Ghost

    Yeah but the thing is a lot of these supposedly Brazilian CD's are home made in the UK/Europe and people are making a lot of money :( I've never liked bootlegs of any description maybe people buy them knowing there are fake.
  11. The Ghost

    It's very sad as anyone new entering the collecting market will have no idea that half of the stuff on there is fake :( I remember years ago you would put your account at risk for selling "Official" Warner Promos from the Confessions Era. Now it just seems like a free for all, every time i look at ebay the screen is just full of supposedly Brazilian promo Cds. Not just Madonna i may add, seems every digital promo that gets released ends up as a Brazilian promo within hours..
  12. Can someone just clarify for me that all of these Brazilian Promo's Medellin, Crave, I Rise etc on ebay are all fake.? there's loads of them and they seem to be sold many many times. My understanding is that there is an Official US Promo CD for Medellin and a set of CD's for the French market and these are suspicious too? Thanks
  13. That's mental I have a similar picture of me stood near the gate but it was closed and didn't attempt to go in..
  14. Having listened to this at least 10 times now, I initially didn't like it.. I couldn't work out where Madonna was.. but after several listens I'd be tempted to say Madonna is on this track at least as much as Dua Lipa if not more.. Her vocals are all over this track and blend nicely with Dua Lipa's.. After 10 listens I'd go as far as saying I really like it
  15. I think a lot of it went down hill when she left Warner.. Liz Rosenberg retiring too.