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  1. Honestly I'm more excited about this collaboration with The Weeknd than the other one with Sam Smith. Also The Weeknd is more mainstream and respected than Sam, so I think this could be a good thing for her!
  2. Because it has almost all of the You Can Dance Unmixed Extended Remixes and Dubs from a digital source!
  3. And now people of all ages can enjoy the Madonna-infinity.net forum in which we can enjoy leaks, news, dramas, meltdowns and even "Official bash Madonna" in every single thread! What time to be alive!
  4. That CD-R was submitted by @bertrand and maybe he will agree to do another crowdfunding for it and then he can share the full content in WAV!
  5. please can you send me the link for kylie please

  6. It's just like Take a Bow and Like a Prayer from Rebel Heart Tour 😂
  7. When I uploaded this video remix the copyright system had not been activated, today it just did and marked me that remix and it is not the edit of Finally Enough Love, it is the complete remix of 9 minutes which is not yet available on digital platforms. Apart from the fact that in the part of the album it marks "Hollywood" so I assume that this is an indication that the digital single of Hollywood is coming soon.
  8. I have news from you guys! I was just checking in this video I uploaded weeks ago on my YouTube channel and this appeared, I think the digital single for Hollywood is coming up!!! 🤯🥳🎉
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