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  1. Just do it @Skin Bruno!!! Ignore those whiny moralists!
  2. There is a Fever remix with 'Goodbye to Innocence' samples as well!
  3. We have 3 videos from that unreleased footage that were sent as promo videos. -Burning Up -Die Another Day -Don't Tell Me Also we have the audio from Nothing Fails, but this one I'm not sure if it's from Hamish Hamilton footages or an outtake from the IGTTYAS.
  4. 1. Girl Gone Wild 2. Gang Bang 3. Some Girls 4. Masterpiece 5. Falling Free
  5. New album, new era, new look, tons of internet and TV promo, new world tour in 2026!
  6. Waiting for the HD/4k satelite feed of the full show without logos and with 5.1 dolby stereo sound.
  7. I deleted it because it had several glitches around the entire video, so I have to re-make it from scratch.
  8. Available now on YouTube!!! 1 hour compilation of funny moments and many more from The Celebration Tour!!!
  9. Today at 8 PM (Mexico City Local Time) in my YouTube channel "Madonna: The Celebration Tour Files". Get ready to laugh! 😂😂😂
  10. Perhaps the scrapped section of the show before Madonna resumes rehearsals after her hospitalization will make an appearance at that final show? 👀
  11. Finally: A TRUE MEXICAN SUPERSTAR!!!! 👸🏻🇲🇽👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Salma Hayek mi paisana de Veracruz!!! 😍😍😍
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