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  1. fierysadness

    I like the autotune / vocal processing on some of the songs, like Medellin where it isn't too harsh, but I really wish they laid off it for some of the more organic tracks, it's so jarring listening to Crave and Batuka with the minimal production and the harsh processing on the vocals.
  2. fierysadness

    "Easy Ride" Positive: The gorgeous strings used throughout the song Negative: Mirwais' signature choppy editing Next: "To Have and Not to Hold"
  3. I believe that song is from 2005 and has nothing to do with the Rebel Heart "Inside Out" but I can't be sure. Can someone clarify?
  4. - "You can't mess with this lucky star" (Bitch I'm Madonna) : "You must be my lucky star" (Lucky Star)
  5. I think this is probably one of my favorite Madonna photoshoots! Thank you everyone for the high quality pictures!
  6. fierysadness

    Do we have the writing credits for the Super Deluxe tracks yet?