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  1. Hi guys. So it's been a long while since I've been on this forum particularly actively because my attention has been needed elsewhere but I'm back for a good while! How's everybody doing?

  2. It might be time for me to start another game?

    1. Fighter


      we never got a proper tour outfits one tbh?

    2. MeantToBeIconic
  3. I'm pretty high rn but I just realized how beautiful all the Girls Aloud voices are

  4. Sorry I haven't been active everyone I'm just trying to cope with Latvia not qualifying through to the Eurovision final

  5. Couldn't have said it better myself Except Holy Water isn't a turd it's a masterpiece >:(
  6. There's a new BIG POST in the Reconstruction project thread!

  7. I'M SORRY EVERYONE IT'S FINALS SEASON AT MY SCHOOL MY ATTENTION WAS NEEDED ELSEWHERE BUT NOW I WILL REVEAL UP TO THE END OF THE STANDARD EDITION OF THE ALBUM STARTING WITH Hold Tight In the order of Album/Demo/Freedom the votes went Album: 3 Demo: 15 Freedom: 1 And we have our first major shift! The Tedder production is thrown out in favor of MNEK's more house like bounce! Next Joan of Arc In order of Album/Demo/Tragic Girl the votes are Album: 5 Demo: 11 Tragic Girl: 3 And another demo takes a spot! The more energetic demo is replaced by the smoother, more melancholic demo. Iconic (feat. Mike Tyson & Chance the Rapper) In the order of Album/Demo/Alone with You the votes are Album: 11 Demo: 7 Alone With You: 1 And the album version stays, taking it's rightful place over the underproduced demos HeartBreakCity In the order of Album/Demo/Tragic Girl the results are Album: 7 Demo: 12 Tragic Girl: 0 The demos, with extra vocals and productions, manage to outdo the powerful, yet somewhat tepid, album version Body Shop In the order of Album/Demo/Back that Up Album: 15 Demo: 2 Back That Up: 2 The demos warbly synths did not make enough of a difference to knock the mild and erratic album version from it's spot Holy Water In The Order of Album/Demo/Never Let You Go Album: 11 Demo: 1 Never Let You Go: 7 Despite initial fan backlash, we still love this song's pussy best, and can't get rid of it (suck it bitches) Inside Out In the order of Album/Demo/Take It Back Album: 6 Demo: 10 Take It Back: 1 And the more intimate, romantic album version is replaced with a grittier, electronic version found in the demo! Last one Wash All Over Me In the order of Album/Demo/God Is Love Album: 7 Demo: 10 God Is Love: 1 And Avicii has his demo on the tracklist, while the stripped down album version is given the boot And now we're caught up! Thoughts???

    1. muscleguy35


      coming with the clouds...and then sunshines thanks to M2bI!!!

      long fwd to it!

    2. justme-deleted


      Rebel heart...and the other R is for?


  9. Back with more results Unapologetic Bitch The votes were for Album: 15 Demo: 2 Two Steps Behind Me: 2 You know, I thought the demo could've won here but OBVIOUSLY I am very wrong Illuminati Votes were in the order of Album: 9 Demo: 6 Trust No Bitch: 3 The Kanye production is just barely able to squeak out over the more uproarious demo, leaving Trust No Bitch in the dust Bitch I'm Madonna The votes went Album: 9 Demo: 8 Score: 2 Oh man talk about CLOSE. Score wasn't able to score a goal, but the album just BARELY beat the solo demo. Nicki really helps here I guess
  10. AS far as the "Demo" option is concerned, it was left up to personal opinion, so whichever of the available ones you would have preferred
  11. Took me a while, but I got there Here we will get to see the Madonna Infinity version of Madonna's 13th album, Rebel Heart! We'll do three tracks every two or three days! Thank you all for your votes! Let's jump in with the first three Living For Love Votes in the order of Album/Demo/Never Let You Go the results were Album: 14 Demo: 4 Never Let You Go: 1 The album version wins in a landslide!! Rightfully so. Devil Pray Votes in the order of Album/Demo/Nothing Lasts Forever Album: 9 Demo: 8 Nothing Lasts Forever: 1 Eking out just barely, the dark album version barely trumps the Westernized demo! Ghosttown Votes in the order of Album/Heaven Album: 13 Heaven: 4 I expected a much tighter race, but here we are with an obvious winner. An amazing ballad that deserves a place on an amazing album. There are your results. Check back later for the next 3
  12. The NEW reconstruction project goes up Friday!

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