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  1. "Popular", "Vulgar"... these all sound like show segments to me.

    You read it first.

  2. Something new to expect with big names ! MORE COMPLAINTS ! I'm outta here
  3. The fact that you say "men" before everything is a BIG red flag for me 🟥 What's the point of your thread?
  4. The level of pettiness has dramatically exploded the charts in the past months on this forum. Get a grip people.
  5. Yey let's bring back the arguments everybody forgot in order to hate somebody who's being incessantly harrassed for years.
  6. "I am not a fan of Beyoncé, not because I have a problem with black people but I don't like the color of her skin"
  7. Who's giving me their ticket to see Beyoncé tonight in Paris?

  8. Oh nice an alt right profile claims they have sources about an imaginary cult for an imaginary entity. I'm so NOT curious to hear what you have to say.
  9. Reminder : "Black Madonna" is a thing in christianity and catholic iconography, so it's not just a bad play on words that she came up with. We could debate for hours about this and in the end the people would still call her a racist, which obviously nobody could ever prove.
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