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  1. Till Death Do Us Part Supernatural or Let Down Your Guard
  2. Yes, besides the Mike Dean remastering, almost everything was already paid for. All tracks were probably already digitized, artwork is rubbish so must have been cheap. The album expanded sets could be more expensive, like Prince and David Bowie.
  3. Celebration Why's It So Hard or Keep It Together?
  4. OK people, the news is only a few hours and this thread is 74 pages long I guess everyone has already posted their alternative remix tracklist. Several editions are listed here : https://superdeluxeedition.com/news/madonna-finally-enough-love-50-number-ones/
  5. they're wrong. M has been reinventing her career for 40 years. She's jumping the social trend. Who knows where will TikTok be in 5 years?
  6. No and I don't think it's a very sensible way of seeing people
  7. Material Girl is also trending. More people exposed to M songs means more algorithm recommendations. It's a feedback loop.
  8. I always forget that... Can't compute.
  9. It's not how it works. TikTok, social and music platforms are developing a specific way of working songs and remixes, instead of promoting the same track over and over. Obvious example that comes to my mind is Lil Nas X's Old Town Road which counts at least 4 remixes released within 9 months after the first single version. Broke records, proved that a TikTok trend could become a world hit. Different versions of the same asset can also be used to do some A/B testing, an optimization method that is also in use in the entertainment business. Labels look into non-album singles and remixes to learn which trend or featuring artist matches best with the fanbase at a specific time. She's not here to sell an interesting record but to engage as many users as she can. It'll serve her later. She's doing a great job surfing this strategy, making this a very personal thing though she didn't bring new vocals so far and putting herself and her young collaborators at the same level. They bring new life to the song by their reinterpretation and platform, she brings them her showbiz persona and the original sample when she could have blocked the whole thing. Interesting, it's also an indie project, none of these artists are signed to major companies. Wouldn't call it underground though, because of the virality, but it has something to do with M's first years, at least I hope she feels that way. Like it or not, the "Mmmmh" gimmick on this trap beat is an earworm of 2022. When Frozen was recorded, social media wasn't even a sci-fi thing... Who would have thought? After Madame X and before whatever major project, she is in between eras so this Frozen moment is a way to work her status and relevancy, an upgrade in her social media presence (albeit this funny/weird game on her looks and face... another matter, not for this thread). On the music business side, it turns out well. With an artist as popular as Madonna, I guess data scientists at TikTok, YouTube, Spotify and Warner are studying this crossover case closely.
  10. I don't get this point. The manager is here to manage the artist, not to micromanage PR, social and fan relations.
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