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  1. honestly this is the only change i'd make. Rain falls flat at this point during the show. and maybe the DCFMA moment needs a little tweak up, it feels a bit rushed and underwhelming, even visually.
  2. This is a very old discussion. Short story: music tour documentaries were boring as hell at the start of the video era and TV didn't make anything that looked unscripted unless it was news reports until some point. In between, Truth or Dare happened, with one of the most famous people in the world touring one of the most influential tours in female / eastern / modern / pop history while making so many statements about living your life as a celebrity and being on camera all the time. So yes, M and Keshishian foretold many things.
  3. Thing is that in the 80s and 90s, up to recently, when a female member of the entertainment industry said "no", she would be called a cunt anyway. Young M probably had a sassy and temperamental way of relating to other people professionally but the whole "cunt" thing is a bit tired now. It understates bad intentions, bad values, bad taste in human behaviour that don't really apply to her in retrospect. Being driven involves breaking some conventions, people will call you a cunt for that. Being a celebrity will make people jealous, they'll call you a cunt. I'm not minimizing the petty things we all do. We all do petty things. Tell the rain not to drop.
  4. Ticketmaster's strategy is optimizing their revenue and crushing the black market. They release enough new tickets in the right time to prevent other parties to benefit from the first sold out batch. (Totally unfair behaviour btw.) On the other hand, concertgoers can buy "affordable" tickets at the last time, so good for them...
  5. So many things happened before the Internet. You'd be surprised.
  6. That's really harsh because Boy George is more than just a one-hit wonder, they had real cultural relevance for some time. But the bitterness is thick. Don't do too much drugs people, they make you sad.
  7. I'm still reeling over the "Time, New York City, Fragments, and the story of her" concepts that run throughout the show. (source: https://www.wallpaper.com/architecture/madonna-the-celebration-tour-2023-stage-architecture) It's written and performed in a way that it showcases so many of M's aspects, not only musically but also personally. Very clever, so full of Easter eggs. Ok, I'm just repeating what's already been said. Veni Vidi Vici. I hope we get a full verbatim of all her Burning Up speeches at the end of the tour to see the evolution after she relived all these moments again and again. The final show is probably going to be something to remember.
  8. I'd love the tour to be filmed with another ambitious project in mind, crossing over with the many archive found through the movie writing process and the scripts. We're probably not going to get a simple tour video montage. It could hopefully be a story-driven non-fiction biopic, maybe in serial format, as exciting and groundbreaking as Truth or Dare was in its time. I'd try and do that.
  9. 400013253_887437455743975_1573344410765675654_n.thumb.jpg.727ddf91f64158fdb7874f963dba7bfb.jpg

    Tick tock tick tock tick tock #soon

  10. Is there a thread about members meetup on the shows?

  11. Hahaha. Remastered tracks are considered the same material as the original. They're just a new master made with up-to-date technology and a new collaborator, but a mastering engineer isn't an songwriter or composer. So the album would be a simple re-release. Only the new content needs additional contract because their rights were not cleared as those demos weren't supposed to be released. So in theory, for a whole album the original shares wouldn't change but the overall revenue would be split including the new ones.
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