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  1. playpause

    ARTPOP Movement

    Jeez. this hashtag and campaign have a brand name attached. It's just marketing, the record company and Gaga want you to buy what you have downloaded illegally back then. Are you falling for this?
  2. Very hard to say for the first ones, because I was very young and I really became aware of her as an album artist thanks to The Immaculate Collection, ironically. Might change tomorrow: Everybody Dress You Up Live To Tell The Look of Love Keep It Together More Justify My Love Secret Garden I'd Rather Be Your Lover I Want You Buenos Aires Frozen Paradise (Not for Me) Hollywood Get Together Heartbeat Gang Bang Devil Pray Killers Who Are Partying
  3. Sharon Stone is strong and fierce, just as M. Though she's not the greatest actress of all, her roles are quite memorable. Love her.
  4. The official versions are notoriously scarce, The best one is the Immaculate Collection mix.
  5. Am I the only one not sure about this look? I don't like the make-up, long hair don't care... 🤯
  6. Feathers and curse words or Book writer and film maker I mean, she can be whoever she wants to be, we'll be fine
  7. Does anyone have any idea when the Netflix documentary is supposed to happen?

    1. Andymad


      I believe the release will be in 84 years.

  8. Now streaming 

    Love Don't Live Here Anymore (Remix)


  9. Overload. Love that song.
  10. Yes it is, but since the question was about masters, the answer can't be about publishing. To be clear : - "masters" are master tapes, originally in a material sense. What Madonna and her musicians have performed to be released as a song. It's the final version of the original audio that has been recorded and that you can actually hear. It can be played, replicated or distributed. Valuable indeed, as long as the albums and singles by Madonna make money, depending on each country's market. - copyright / publishing rights are intellectual property. What the lyricists and the compo
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