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  1. Very good. Bass on Devil Pray is impressive. Crowd sounds even more artificial.
  2. Greatest hits or shits ? When was this a great hit ? I don't get if this thread is supposed to be funny or serious. It's neither funny nor serious.
  3. Love the neon green / black lace outfit. Clear-dyed eyebrows always look creepy or is it me Fun take on the original video, block party vibes are a good fit for reggeaton. Forgettable as many Hung Up remixes and versions, this "Madonna on Abba harmony" is what makes the song work.
  4. Imagine how the era would have been different if this were the official tracklist (not necessarily in this order)... Yet, the album wouldn't be the same at all without the whole hip hop vibe that came wit the Mike Dean/Kanye West & Diplo tracks, and especially the amazing video & tv versions of BIM.
  5. 3 is a little low for songs that were developed enough... yet it's hard to judge them compared to M official classics.
  6. Interesting. I don't like Queen and I remember the forum didn't like it when it leaked.
  7. She's between Jessie Ware, Kali Uchis and Dua Lipa, with a thick American vibe. Doesn't sound awful, just a little undertrained but she's young and I don't think she ever talked about singing lessons. We know she had music teachers as a kid and learned the piano, so she has her musical sensibility. Let her do her thing. And if you don't like it, remember she's a wealthy and healthy young woman who doesn't have anything to prove to anybody, so you're probably jealous.
  8. THIS AL is a really special album in her discography because it was a jump in Ms 40s, refusing to do stupid pop and but missing the popular in the songwriting. After Don't Tell Me perfection, AL's post-folktronica felt a little too experimental and ahead of its time, but it resurged later in the new generation which curiously led to musical crossovers like Taylor Swift and Lil Nas X. I really loved that M took such a radical route. But the fact that it ended with Hollywood and Nothing Fails not being the hits I hoped they would be, Remixed & Revisited so-so u-turn, and The Re-Invention Tour which didn't bring life to my favourite AL songs imho... a shame because her vocals were so great during that era... it's such a missed opportunity for me. Music is stronger as a milestone in her discography and still holds very well the test of time. Even if it's originally a song for Mirwais' Production solo album, Paradise (Not For Me) is one of the Top 5 songs they did together.
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