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  1. You don't have to listen to this* if you don't like it. And you can still listen to Original Sorry anyway. So what's YOUR point? *oh, and this version hasn't been released yet, how can you be so sure?
  2. In case you haven't noticed, she usually performs the songs from the new album she's promoting on tour in their original version or single remix version, and the old songs (especially those she already did live) are revamped if not totally reworked. There isn't going to be a new album before TCT so expect a majority of reinvented arrangements, including these new versions and FEL remixes. Feels like I'm stating the obvious but a certain proportion of members gives me the feeling they have never gotten this.
  3. 1500 album tracks streams = 1 album sale 150 single track streams = 1 single sale
  4. Yes, I have already taken the plane or a train on a day of mass transit for the holidays. It's not really a M related issue, rather a thing that comes with crowds in big cities. Blame politicians and transportation companies who don't think nice and comfy experiences should be for everyone.
  5. From my experience, Prince and Beyoncé started way later than M. I'd rather have someone start late and give a good show, than show up on time and leave the stage after 45 minutes because they don't feel the crowd.
  6. Roses are red, concerts start late, this topic has been discussed in a zillion threads already and we don't need to rehash this again.
  7. Except for musicals where everything is made to fit a schedule, and festivals where stage production is lighter, I have never attended a concert that started on time and I've seen more than a few. Sometimes it's 15 minutes, sometimes it's 2 hours. Be prepared indeed, but it's worth the wait.
  8. Oh not not again, not another Yelp thread with everyone complaining about how bad they were treated by the singing saleswoman and they missed the tube back home and they filed a suit because the ticket said 8pm and they had to wait it's such a disgrace call the manager.
  9. It quite sums up what I feel about M, why I feel that way, and why I come after so many haters and picky forum members who'd rather forget that what she has accomplished or channeled will always be superior to her flaws, misses and failures.
  10. Stalking much? Face work for the tour started last year already, so it can settle in the forthcoming semester. She's not that young anymore and needs more than a couple of months to recover. That's probably why she's been using so many filters at some point.
  11. Love the poster and the design, she's sending a big fuck you to the world with these deformed silhouettes from when she was the fittest gal in the world.

    Not only she can do whatever she wants with her body now, but also with what she looked like in the past.

  12. IG BS is disturbing. M's behaviour is fine with me, she's not hurting anyone.
  13. Send your resume. Ya'll seem to get mad when issues are not solved over the weekend. Guess what. People don't work on weekends.
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