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  1. Given there was no CD for MXT, it's an interesting question indeed. Maybe they could try a multiple physical release for this one, old style. Single LP (highlights from TCT) / Single CD (incl. bonus tracks) / Triple CD (full show, almost no spoken parts) / Boxset LP (full show with too long spoken parts that are hard to skip on vinyl). The streaming version would be available in 2 editions : Highlights (incl. bonus) + Full show version (with spoken interludes). And then one day, we will see a Celebration in Rio edition in full. When I say "full" or anything, it's obviously highly edited, so don't expect this Vogue version to feature Beyoncé too much for example. Highlights LP / CD version* Nothing Really Matters Everybody Into The Hollywood Groove* Open Your Heart* Holiday Live to Tell* Erotica/You Thrill Me/Papa Don't Preach* Justify My Love Hung Up (On Tokischa) Bad Girl Vogue* Don't Tell Me Die Another Day* Bedtime Story* Ray of Light Rain* Bitch I'm Madonna/Celebration Music (TCT in Rio feat. Pabllo Vittar)*
  2. Hard, hardcore fan sh*t ;)) Secret Garden Mer Girl Paradise (Not For Me) What Can You Lose The Look of Love
  3. Lovely, funny track that pushes old Hollywood clichés to the limit. The Spanish isn't supposed to be good, it's very clever play on words. Nice vocal work, great live version. Love it.
  4. Live to Tell is a great idea, but maybe a bit serious I guess something celebratory or self-conscious. She has enough titles or hooks like that to pick from.
  5. Yeah, maybe The Rolling Stones should stop performing "Sympathy for the Devil", U2 should quit singing "Sunday Bloody Sunday", Britney Spears shouldn't be allowed to sing "Baby One More Time" anymore, Cher has done "Believe" too many times, Taylor Swift can't do "Shake it off", Bruce Springsteen "Born in the USA", Kylie "Can't Get You out of my Head" and Beyoncé "Crazy in Love". And Madonna should only do songs that the general public doesn't care about because that's why they spend so much money on concert tickets.
  6. Oh I see. Being woke is playing the victim now. K bye.
  7. It's a very good, ambitious, conscious album. (If you don't like conscious, stick to Britney Spears and JLo) Not her best but one where she experimented a lot. Even the vocal work on songs such as Crave or Future was different from a lot of other pop productions at the time and from her previous studio performances. The Mirwais-produced fado ballads are deep cut gems. But like the whole Interscope era, MX lacks of her spontaneitya, light-spirit and goofiness. Maluma and Anitta can go. She probably thought they would be a fun collab but they sounded more forced than anything else. Not your regular pop album, I get that it can put off some listeners.
  8. JEEEEEEZUSFCKINGCHRIST. Madonna has always been woke even when woke didn't exist. Haven't you noticed?
  9. I hear LAP from time to time on the radio at my local grocery store, between Wham songs and 80s one hit-wonders.
  10. (deleted) (WTF the max size for an image is 4kB now. LOL)
  11. Rami Malek doesn't look like Freddie Mercury. Taron Egerton doesn't look like Elton John. Joaquin Phoenix doesn't look like Johnny Cash. Meryl Streep doesn't look like Margaret Thatcher. Juliette Binoche doesn't look like Camille Claudel. Madonna doesn't look like Evita Peron. And so on. It's not lookalike contest. As you said, it's about channelling the body language and the vocal intonations. It's hard work actually. Hair, make-up, costume, framing, the rest is movie magic.
  12. I never said it wasn't fun or that everything coming out of AI was bad. Not everything is about the money YOU make. It's about acting responsible and not giving into what big tech wants you to believe. What they want you do is to overflow the web with more content, no matter the quality, no matter the impact. They just want more. It's about the profit they make from your free work and the artists who didn't consent for their voice or likeness to be used without their approval. It's a grey area, pretending otherwise is either dumb or hypocritical.
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