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  1. Post-production is deconstruction, reconstruction, reinvention: "None of this is real"
  2. YES! Yes and no. The more I listen to it, the more I reconnect with the high level of songwriting on Madame X (and also older stuff like HN and AL, which were great on record but still suffer from being shadowed by M's then stance and attached to "lesser" eras). The album mix was somewhat too busy for the ears, the mastering was too loud, both following the 2010/2020 made-for-Spotify-and-bluetooth-speakers standard. With less production gimmicks (besides autotune), the live instrumentation on MXT blends in very well and gives a catchy edge to many new songs, recalling her most vivid concert renditions from Blond Ambition (EY, LAP, Vogue, KIT) and The Girlie Show (Fever, D&D, WISH, JML). Still not an album / era for casual pop listeners, but her intentions on MX as a music titan feel more obvious. IDSIF, Batuka, KWAP, EO, Future are excellent tracks that critics would go nuts about if it weren't for M. Even Dark Ballet (I loved it since the release), which grows on me every time. That said, the butchered version of God Control is a shameful mess: the cut at 4'02 (between "Wake up" and "Everybody knows") is one of the worst edits in the history of all official live releases and totally guns the momentum down 😭
  3. Fun and lighthearted. Let me be clear : this is far from being her best song, her best duet, or her best remix though.
  4. Unreleased (?) picture from the Blond Ambition by Tony Mott

    (Madonna at Wembley Stadium in 1992)



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    2. Celebration


      The Blond Ambition World Tour was in 1990.

      In 1992 she made movies, Sex and Erotica. NO time for a tour. :)

    3. PlayPause


      Mistaken caption, I didn't even notice !

    4. PlayPause


      @Robertson II This photographer's work is mostly black and white. WTF

  5. Even if the tour video is only 3 days old, this piece of news feels like it's from 1920. GET OVER IT.
  6. Moronic capitalism for Elon Musk followers. Still haven't gotten over the fact that people will spend money for digital files available for free on the Internet. NFT is the new scam.
  7. His pics and videos from that night if it hasn't been shared already
  8. More on the Harlem show and more pictures https://www.wmagazine.com/culture/madonna-madame-x-harlem-show (The journalist wrote that Lisbon is in... SPAIN )
  9. Quavo is and will always be one of the songwriters, regardless of him being included on the show. He will get his cut no matter what. Performers fees and songwriting rights are a totally different thing.
  10. oh, ok, I totally mixed things. The video credits must be mistaken as we said earlier. Anyway, Billboard credits can be checked here https://www.ascap.com/repertory#/ace/writer/519444445/JOMPHE-LEPINE MATHIEU and Future isn't on the list. I really think Diplo and Mike Dean didn't need a beatmaker on this session.
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