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  1. MarXus

    The Remixes:
  2. MarXus

    The additional hit songs/videos that accompanied the era:
  3. MarXus

    The Virgin Tour:
  4. MarXus

    The Iconic Videos:
  5. MarXus

    This week marks the 35th Anniversary release of the iconic album that made Madonna a world-wide phenomenon. What are your favorites from this era? Have you any stories to share about this release whether it was during the specific era or experiencing it somewhere down the line of your Madonna discovery?
  6. MarXus

    Vogue Take a Bow Ray Of Light I'll Remember Drowned World/Substitute For Love The Power Of Goodbye Beautiful Stranger This Used To Be My Playground Rain Keep It Together Deeper And Deeper Justify My Love Erotica Human Nature Frozen Secret You'll See Hanky Panky Rescue Me You Must Love Me Bye Bye Baby Love Don't Live Here Anymore Bad Girl Fever Nothing Really Matters Bedtime Story Don't Cry For Me Argentina Another Suitcase In Another Hall One More Chance
  7. MarXus

    So so hard, and I'm sure this changes week to week for me... Like a Prayer Live To Tell La Isla Bonita Express Yourself Into The Groove Causing a Commotion Who's That Girl Crazy For You Burning Up Holiday Open Your Heart True Blue Cherish Dress You Up Gambler Spotlight Papa Don't Preach Oh Father Material Girl Like A Virgin The Look Of Love Lucky Star Borderline Angel Everybody Dear Jessie
  8. I'm sure this was discussed earlier in this thread, but I loathe how much the streaming sites/Itunes have butchered this collection with replacing tracks with alternative versions. Those who never bought the album before this change and/or are newer fans probably have no idea how this collection really sounded.
  9. MarXus

    Ohh, I love how you did this. Let me think? First Vinyl: Madonna First 7'': Holiday First 12'': Open Your Heart w/ White Heat First Cassette: Like A Virgin First EP/CD: You Can Dance First (VCD) CD VIDEO: Papa Don't Preach (Though, I am not sure if I was able to play the video portion until I got a laser disc player in 1990/1?) First VHS: MADONNA: Video Compilation First Boxset: Immaculate Collection FIRST VHS Single: Justify My Love First LaserDisc: Blond Ambition (Bought the laser disc player specifically for this concert). First DVD: The Girlie Show First DVD Single: Music
  10. MarXus

    Is it just me or does this come off slightly homophobic?
  11. MarXus

    BA is iconic and my favorite. After that WTG, VT and DWT are my other favorite versions. I wasn't particularly fond of The Girlie Show version.
  12. MarXus

    I use Apple/Itunes as well. It's a pain adding songs that I didn't buy through Apple. Since I don't have a subscription, lately, I noticed before I can play any of my songs in my own library, they throw up an ad to pay for a subscription. It's annoying.
  13. MarXus

    That is what eventually happened when she was arriving on stage until 10:30 or 11 when people expected her to be on stage between 8:30 and 9. People were being warned before hand by ticket providers or the venue, she won't appear until 10:30. But then she started getting later and later than that. So it seems to me whatever time people think she will arrive, she will still arrive later. Keep in mind, that was a rarity for her at this point in her touring career. No one was bothered by her showing up late on a few occasions. Though, it really started getting out of hand with MDNA. Rebel Heart wasn't as bad though. This time out, it seems she's excessively late every night.
  14. MarXus

    Oh, I thought you said the oldies. Hell, let's just get a box set of everything! LOL! There's nothing more cooler than walking into a music store and thumbing through your favorite artists. I still remember the day I walked in a Sam Goody store (I think it was called Musicland first?) and seeing her 12 inches for the first time. I remember freaking out because I wasn't sure what they were first. I just saw all her singles in huge album sleeves. I was like a kid on Christmas morning, snatching up as many as I could buy. Unfortunately, at the time, I think I only bought one or two as I didn't have the money, but over the course of the year, I ended up collecting everything that was out at the time. I remember feeling the same way when YOU CAN DANCE was released. I had no idea about the release. I remember just walking in the store and seeing the albums, cassettes, and CD's being displayed on the wall. I remember freaking out. Though, I was Christmas shopping at the time, so I am not sure I bought it right then. I remember eventually getting the cassette, and requesting from my parents the CD as I knew there were alternative version on all the formats released. I had't even a CD player at the time, but did get one for Christmas that year as well as the CD version of You Can Dance. Oh how I missed those days. It's not the same anymore when music is released. You don't feel the same anticipation and excitement. I remember sitting in my room, thumbing through the album/cassette/cd liner notes/booklets while listening to new music for the first time. This is before leaks and multiple songs being available to the public from a new album. In most cases, you only knew the first single and everything else was brand new to you when listening.
  15. MarXus

    Either one works for me. I'm not picky.