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  1. MarXus

    I suspect she will be on time tonight, to keep those reviews as positive as possible. It's so crazy this is the last city. This era is almost coming to a close. I really hope the DVD is being worked on as we speak. I love to have that in a few months. But I won't hold my breath!
  2. Burning Up. Borderline is a different sort. I love both, but I love when she gets more rock. It's not her normal expected style, but I feel she does well with a rock song. I like when she rocks out with her songs on tour.
  3. MarXus

    Oh I think she caught up with Youtube, but for for legal reasons they removed a lot of her videos early on, only to re-upload and remove them again. But yeah, I don't think she has done well with streaming. Then again, fans like myself prefer the physical copies of her music. Also, she is an older artist, so she is hardly what the youngsters have on mind when streaming music. Still, I think there's a slow resurgence with her music coming up. It would be nice to see a bit more attention to her back catalog from her team.
  4. MarXus

    I wouldn't change anything, other than get a better hair stylist once she lost the pony tail. I loved the curls, but there were times, it was just a mess.
  5. She's going to take a few years off. But I don't believe it will be as long as the last few eras. I know that Guy O. is wanting her to resurrect an album and tour on it, such as Ray of Light. That would be an easy money maker, but it probably would work better if it focused on a number of hits from her career, rather just a focus on her career. If a script is ready for her to direct a film, I'm sure she will jump at that next. But what's important, is her to get her health in check.
  6. MarXus

    No one is really thinking that this is going to happen. We're just talking. I agree she seems to be more focus on the new stuff. I've said that many times as well. I'm just thinking that for Greatest Hits type of release to work, needs to be tied to something that celebrates her huge hits that has and still resonates with the public.
  7. MarXus

    I believe Madonna wants to still gain general public attention. The problem is new music no matter how great it is, will guarantee that. She does need to she appreciation to her catalog before it’s forgotten.
  8. I’m not being “negative”. I’m just offering my thoughts based on the fact there is no proof that such is being released. We have a lot of people who swears they have contacts that say this and that, but it certainly doesn’t make it any more fact. Plain fact; some people purposely deceive or are misinformed. I’m not saying you are doing such.
  9. MarXus

    I haven’t seen either, but anything that features her music and is popular among the general public would be great. But the general public needs to see her in a celebratory light.
  10. MarXus

    Oh, I didn’t necessarily mean a film on her life. But something would be more ideal if. It surrounded her.
  11. MarXus

    Yes, Elton John's Diamonds is still selling well. Madonna definitely would need to tie this into an anthology set and doc or film.
  12. I love Jump. But for me it's "Me Against The Music" that at the bottom of the barrel for me.
  13. MarXus

    I don't believe it's her "most celebrated" or that career defining. If anything, she pushed the sexual imagery a bit too far and got a lot of backlash for it. I certainly agree she bounced back quite nicely.
  14. MarXus

    (Party Set) Where's The Party? Music Into The Groove/Causing a Commotion (Mash Up) Express Yourself/Human Nature (Mash Up) (Acoustic Set) Don't Tell Me Crazy For You Rain Secret (Flashback Set) Like A Virgin/Dress You Up/Material Girl Medley Hung Up Open Your Heart Ray of Light (Spanish Set) Who's That Girl La Isla Bonita Don't Cry For Me Agentina Take A Bow Finale: Like A Prayer Vogue Holiday/Celebration (Mash up)
  15. MarXus

    Not that I disagree with this idea, but she has a lot of iconic songs that aren't #1's as well. But yeah, if they are going to put a compilation together, it's gotta to be something different and special. I think Greatest Hits and compilations are pointless anymore since most people can assemble their own these days. So we need something more than just slapping a bunch of songs together. We need updated sounds and a few bonuses to make that set worth it. Also, anything she releases needs to be tied to a visual or some sort of documentary or film. She and her team need to shake things up, rather just releasing a new record whether it's old hits or a new music.