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  1. MarXus

    I hate to say this, but I stopped watching the part 3. 10 mins in. You can't really see her. And it did get a bit borish. I'm sure it's much more exciting when you're there live. Makes me wonder about how it will come out when it's filmed?
  2. MarXus

    So I'm curious why you named your pussy after an old king of Englad in 1066 who only reigned for 9 months?
  3. MarXus

    Interesting fact; Madonna had a number of songs that remained at it's highest position in the top 5, for several weeks. In fact, Causing a Commotion remained at #2 for 4 weeks. It was blocked by two different #1 songs, remarkably. There were several other tracks of hers that did similar. If I recall I think La Isla Bonita remained at #4 for 3 weeks straight as well. At the same time, she had several #1 songs that flew up the charts and back down very quickly. Who's That Girl quickly rose to #1 within five or six weeks, but then plummeted as soon as it hit #1 for one week. Songs like Express Yourself, Material Girl, Causing A Commotion and La Isla Bonita with their longevity in the top 10 are equally as successful if not more than some of her #1's which rose fast only to drop fast.
  4. MarXus

    The scary thing is that some actually believe she was drinking urine. I mean, really? You can't tell from her video she was joking? Some people can be so dense.
  5. MarXus

    When has a calendar from her ever been new content? I don't recall ever. They always are comprised of images from the previous or current year. With the exception of a few that were just random photos throughout her career. I can't think of one calendar from the very beginning of her career that was from it's own photoshoot, specifically for the calendar.
  6. MarXus

    Drowned World/Substitute For Love vs. Hung Up Swim vs. Get Together Ray of Light vs. Sorry Candy Perfume Girl vs. Future Lovers Skin vs. I Love New York Nothing Really Matters vs. Let It Will Be Sky Fits Heaven vs. Forbidden Love Shanti/Ashtangi vs. Jump Frozen vs. How High The Power of Good-Bye vs. Isaac To Have and Not to Hold vs. Push Little Star vs. Like It or Not Mer Girl vs. History Has to Be vs. Super Pop Be Careful vs. Fighting Spirit
  7. MarXus

    Well, the 35th anniversary release of DSS will be next summer, it could be included on a re-release of that on DVD. Though, I won't even hold my breath. I also have to wonder if DSS (the song) is even something she want people to hear these days. It may still be in rough stages.
  8. MarXus

    I say, "bull"! It's a smaller venue, so you would expect it not being as expensive as an arena/stadium tour. And nothing is just "slapped" together either. It's fitting for a small venue, but I'm sure she spent more money on it than a lot of stage productions do and possibly some arena tours who aren't as high maintenance.
  9. MarXus

    Here's a rare interview with Madonna during the filming of Desperately Seeking Susan as well as the trailer to the film. The interview is interesting because she talks about writing a "title track" for the film and it was submitted to Orion, but nothing was in the works for a soundtrack or having any of her songs included in the film just yet. Keep in mind, the Madonna phenomenon hadn't begun, and I suppose once LAV hit big, they took her music submission more seriously. She was filming DSS prior to the launching of her Like A Virgin album during the summer and fall of '84. The film originally was planned to have an "R" rating, but due to Madonna's rise in popularity with teenagers, by the time the film was released in '85, they had cut it so it could get a "PG-13" rating.
  10. MarXus

    I remember as a youngster wondering why the song never got a video. As I got older, I learned the story behind it. Not that every single needs a video. It was still a single. It got a lot of play even with the promo video. At the time, she had many videos out being aired on video networks, so I see no crime in not having a video, since Into the Groove was getting loads of video play at the same time, along with her past work. Thank you! And I hope you'll see that in the present and future that I'm here to share your enthusiasm and not take issue with you. We seemed to have gotten wires crossed over a couple misunderstandings in the past.
  11. MarXus

    Awesome picture of yourself in front of the theater. So happy you had a great time.
  12. MarXus

    After stalling at #2 on Billboard 100, for a couple weeks in early '85, Crazy For You managed to knock one of the biggest collaborations in music history (We Are The World) out of the top spot in May of 1985. By then, Angel was released as a single and her record company decided not to finance a new video for the song, as they feared she was over saturating the music market with so many singles/videos out. Into The Groove was released to radio, accompanied by a video with clips from the film Desperately Seeking Susuan. They kept Into The Groove from being an actual single in the U.S., but made it a b-side on the 12 inch single for Angel. Allowing both songs to soar to #5. There is no doubt in my mind, Into The Groove would have went to #1 if they green lighted a single in the U.S. That song was huge in the summer of '85 as her film Desperately Seeking Susan was released. Occasionally, video channels would play a promotional video for Angel which featured clips from her previous videos:
  13. I hear what you're saying. I know a lot of people have some wish lists, but many of those people wish she would work with are no longer producing their best work anymore. Some say the same of Madonna these days. I rather her just keep doing what she wants to do. Madame X is definitely all her. It might not be your cup of tea, but she used her inspirations to create something different and experimental.
  14. MarXus

    You were very detailed. You almost took me there myself. I'm envious of you. Thanks for sharing. Like you, I'm not too fond of that Crave remix. But I'm sure it gave the crowd to get up and dance some. And I know some give her hell for her vocals on Like A Prayer, but I don't care? It's her biggest and well known signature hit. It's one song she can sing on every tour for all I care. After all, there is more to Madonna as an entertainer than just being a singer. But I guess some expect her to be flawless singing that song. Again, I don't care. I'm sure the energy in that room with everyone singing along made up for her vocals. It comes off as the one sing along everyone can sing whether you're a die hard fan or just a person who isn't. My only criticism, (but like you said she may have been being cheeky) is how she is about the Polaroid and putting people down because they won't give her more money. To me, she's should be grateful that she still has a huge fan base that is willing to pay big bucks to see her, and pay even more for a Polaroid picture of her. Thank you again.
  15. MarXus

    Thank you for sharing. What a pleasure to read your experience. Thanks for all the details! So cool that you got to touch her hand! As mentioned yesterday, many of us who can't or aren't seeing her this time out, appreciate reading your experiences. We experience vicariously through you. Hope I don't offend anyone for saying so?