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  1. Ian

    Hope everything's all right with you! :cute:

    haven't seen you posting in a while :eyes:

    take care

  2. MarXus

    Charles Kurtz (starred with Madonna in A Certain Sacrifice)
  3. MarXus

    Veronica electronica (a remix album Madonna was thinking of releasing after Ray of Light was released)
  4. MarXus

    Rescue Me
  5. MarXus

  6. MarXus

    Keep It Together
  7. MarXus

    @NothingReallyMattersLove to know your favorite album and thoughts?
  8. MarXus

    I wouldn't like to wake up and find myself in the family way, a ghost baby?
  9. MarXus

    Die Another Day
  10. MarXus

    Are you guessing or do you know this for a fact?
  11. MarXus

    I know what you mean. I debated between LAP and TRUE BLUE, but even then she has some great masterpieces.
  12. MarXus

    Yes. I don't listen to radio much, but it's interesting to hear the version they play. Usually it's a shorter version. But it depends on the song too.
  13. MarXus

    You Must Love Me!
  14. I bet she wore it purposely.
  15. MarXus

    Interesting that Vogue (Sticky & Sweet) gained the most views of the other newly added performance when the other performances were uploaded before it.