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  1. Thank you guys 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 is PopMusic.Ca trustworthy?
  2. I mean Hard Candy has that terrible edit, when the original photoshoot with the newspapers-like background looked way cooler than the candy, then 4 Minutes single was low effort but actually nice, and then you had text for Miles Away, blurred screenshot for TUTR, pink overlay and crop for Living for Love, whatever the hell Ghosttown was, Instagram selfie with potato camera and MS Paint swirl background for BIM and then the MX singles beyond Medellin and these…
  3. Such a shame how low quality her album artworks have become since Hard Candy. It’s like 12 year olds with an elaborate app with presets made it.
  4. I wonder how many they actually made to sell out so fast. 500? 1000? 10,000? 50,000? 200,000? I'm just curious about the demand for these stuff that sell out so damn fast. I'm glad I secured one immediately. They sometimes restocked these stuff though, like the MX VIP Book which sold out and got restocked multiple times.
  5. They're literally selling an empty sleeve for the price of an actual record with music on it..... Are we really surprised though? they sold a concert pamphlet with an instagram photo collage in a box and envelop for $250 Pre-ordered it. Couldn't help it. I adore this album!
  6. Arrange Madonna’s albums from your most to least favorite in terms of album name, as in which album names you like most to the ones you prefer the least, only the name, not the content. I’ll start: 1. Confessions on a Dancefloor 2. Madame X 3. Erotica 4. Rebel Heart 5. Ray of Light 6. True Blue 7. MDNA 8. Bedtime Stories 9. Like a Prayer 10. Madonna 11. American Life 12. Like A Virgin 13. Hard Candy 14. Music
  7. I wish they make actual props from the era as merch or some special color/splatter vinyl (tour/anniversary edition) of the album or some book…not just clothes
  8. I just got back and re-read this thread to grasp the unbelievably gargantuan W that this is ? if this ends up being as great as they worded it, it would be literally everything we never even dared to wish for ?
  9. Because it’s a concept album, not a frat party playlist. It has a theme that moves from darkness to light or the opposite, negatives to positives, pain to healing or a turbulent journey through various ups and downs in life, like Madame X. Closing tracks like Easy Ride, Mer Girl, Like It Or Not, Falling Free, I Rise represent a brilliant conclusion to the message of their respective albums, some being about getting personal from the outer layers down to the core, gradually opening up, or making peace with a painful past or making a point after the whole story, and she’s usually at her best and most authentic in her ballads.
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