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  1. RinoTheBouncer

    They sure are taking their time with putting the tour book on the website. New York City run is over and it’s still “coming soon”. Is it the first time they make tour books? Lol. The entire thing has not a single original image, and everything is from the album booklet and the sessions we’ve seen so far. I wonder how much longer it would’ve taken had it featured a new photo shoot 🤣
  2. RinoTheBouncer

    I wholeheartedly agree with this, event though I very much love MDNA, Rebel Heart and Madame X. But generally speaking, and especially in the singles she releases (most notably the lead) she doesn’t seem to care about making a good song or a good music video. It’s like she just wants someone famous to be present with her, and she seems to believe that it’s gonna be a hit just because this new hit maker is featured, without it actually being a good song. Everything about her career after Confessions, felt like a low budget replica of her past works with some twist and the presence of a one hit wonder or new hit maker. Look at the single artworks, music videos, everything beside her tours, is pretty low budget. She also seems to have the tendency to release the worst songs as singles just because they seem “radio-friendly” with the rent a rapper thing since Hard Candy, which totally sets the wrong mood for the album, fails with the general public and disappoints hardcore fans who expect more exposure to the songs that genuinely show her talent. MDNA has some of my most favorite Madonna songs of all time, but none of those were reflected with good promo, single treatment or good music videos. Some weren’t even performed on the tour. I appreciate Madonna’s career as a whole, but I can’t say the impact of her work and the quality of say Give Me All Your Luvin’ or Living For Love or Medellín, are anywhere near Frozen as a lead single or a music video.
  3. Yes! This is exactly why I want Dark Ballet first, because it sets a tone and it’s way more defining of the album than Medellín. And I too think FG and BIL, and perhaps even Medellín and Come Alive can go from the album or be on a bonus disc. The album is much more coherent without them.
  4. Recently as I do full album run, I find it quite odd and unfitting that Medellín is the opening track. It just doesn't sit right with the others and it can fit perfectly well in the middle, so I wish the tracklist was rearranged to look like this: 1. Dark Ballet 2. God Control 3. Future 4. Batuka 5. Killers Who Are Partying 6. Medellín 7. Crave 8. Crazy 9. Come Alive 10. Extreme Occident 11. Faz Gostozo 12. Bitch I'm Loca 13. I Don't Search I Find 14. Looking For Mercy 15. I Rise
  5. RinoTheBouncer

    I didn't mean that only my point of view is right, but you did say that Madonna listens to people who work with her but not her fans and you capitalized on fans. It made it seem like fans in your opinion, are people who can never ever have any right advice or beneficial ideas, so it wasn't me who's insinuating that I should always be right. But sure, I do feel just as passionately about my point of view as you do, which isn't wrong. But there's definitely no question that her legacy has a wealth of exciting, timeless and unforgettable things, despite the things that you or I or anyone else might not like. Cheers!
  6. RinoTheBouncer

    Fans are people just like anyone else. You're making it sound like fans are a sub-human species or something that can absolutely never get anything right. Sure she had 4 decades long career, with its ups and downs. Maybe she did listen before without making it obvious that she did, maybe she never did and she would've gotten better if she did, maybe it would've gotten worse. No evidence to back up either of those. But at the end of the day, any person can have a valuable idea that may help somebody. Don't discredit yourself or anyone else just because you're not in a suit behind a desk at a record label nor a blue checkmark on Twitter with several million followers.
  7. Hey everyone, If you had the chance to take out your least favorite songs from Madonna's albums and only keep the tracks you love, making a shorter EP version and/or rearrange some tracks to fit better in your opinion. What would each album look like? I'll start: Madonna 1. Lucky Star 2. Borderline 3. Burning Up 4. Holiday 5. Think of Me 6. Physical Attraction 7. Everybody Like A Virgin 1. Angel 2. Material Girl 3. Like A Virgin 4. Dress You Up 5. Love Don't Live Here Anymore True Blue 1. Open Your Heart 2. Papa Don't Preach 3. Live toTell 4. True Blue 5. La Isla Bonita 6. Love Makes the World Go Round Like A Prayer 1. Like A Prayer 2. Express Yourself 3. Cherish 4. Promise to Try 5. Oh Father 6. Keep It Together Erotica 1. Erotica 2. Fever 3. Deeper and Deeper 4. Bad Girl 5. Thief of Hearts 6. Rain 7. Why's It So Hard Bedtime Stories 1. Survival 2. Secret 3. Human Nature 4. Bedtime Story 5. Take A Bow Ray of Light 1. Drowned World/Substitute for Love 2. Ray of Light 3. Skin 4. Nothing Really Matters 5. Sky Fits Heaven 6. Frozen 7. The Power of Goodbye 8. To Have and Not to Hold 9. Mer Girl Music 1. Music 2. Impressive Instant 3. I Deserve It 4. Don't Tell Me 5. What It Feels Like For a Girl 6. Nobody's Perfect 7. Paradise (Not for Me) 8. Gone American Life 1. American Life 2. Hollywood 3. I'm So Stupid 4. Love Profusion 5. Nobody Knows Me 6. Nothing Fails 7. Intervention 8. X-Static Process 9. Mother and Father 10. Die Another Day 11. Easy Ride Confessions on a Dancefloor 1. Hung Up 2. Get Together 3. Sorry 4. Future Lovers 5. I Love New York 6. Let It Will Be 7. Forbidden Love 8. How High 9. Isaac 10. Like It Or Not Hard Candy 1. 4 Minutes 2. Give It 2 Me 3. Beat Goes On 4. She's Not Me 5. Dance 2Night 6. Heartbeat 7. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You MDNA 1. Girl Gone Wild 2. Gang Bang 3. I'm Addicted 4. Some Girls 5. Superstar 6. I'm A Sinner 7. Love Spent 8. Masterpiece 9. I Fucked Up 10. Best Friend 11. Falling Free 12. Beautiful Killer Rebel Heart 1. Ghosttown 2. Devil Pray 3. Holy Water 4. Hold Tight 5. Joan of Arc 6. HeartBreakCity 7. Living for Love 8. Inside Out 9. Best Night 10. Wash All Over Me 11. Messiah 12. Rebel Heart Madame X 1. Dark Ballet 2. God Control 3. Killers Who Are Partying 4. Batuka 5. Crave 6. Crazy 7. Extreme Occident 8. I Don't Search I Find 9. Looking for Mercy 10. I Rise
  8. RinoTheBouncer

    Beautiful Killer, of course. Such a masterpiece!
  9. RinoTheBouncer

  10. RinoTheBouncer

    Exactly. What’s the point? Some fans make all kinds of excuses for her like “haven’t you gotten used to her this way?” or “Madonna has always been late. If you can’t handle it, don’t go” or The classic bullshit excuse of “she doesn’t owe you” But why do fans have to get used to something that is bad or moral instead of the singer getting used to respecting the time specified for the show? Also is it so bad to assume that a singer owes some basic decency to her paying audience to be on time like she expects them to respect her phone ban or do rules have to work one way? It does seem like in her recent years, especially this era, that she has far less respect for fans than she’s ever had before. I know she’s been late previously or called fans motherfuckers, but this time it feels like she doesn’t appreciate any fans at all..
  11. RinoTheBouncer

    Of course there was gonna be some people who did care about a song or a movie that didn’t do well. No one was arguing that other people weren’t allowed to like something just because I didn’t. But imagine promoting MDNA album at Super Bowl with B-Day song. Sure somebody might like it but it isn’t the most catchy or powerful track on the album. The fact of the matter is that there are songs that are more radio friendly than other songs or resonate with the public better than others, and some performances that can be overwhelming and big while others could simplistic or primitive or weak. I’m not saying this to change your mind about what you like, but you’re insistent that Madonna has no need for any feedback or any second opinion, but maybe that’s exactly what her career needs, better management. I don’t see that as insulting to her career or as a person. Just because it was an artistic choice doesn’t mean that it’s above any form of criticism or second opinion as it’s a product for the public and it’s so not uncommon for fans to wish or vote or plead for some things to happen like a song to get a video or to be added to a tour setlist. It’s music not a cult. Cheers.
  12. RinoTheBouncer

    Fingers crossed that she adds Easy Ride or replaces the covers with some actual songs of hers.
  13. RinoTheBouncer

    I didn't say you did say that we can't make changes, but the way you referred to Madonna not need your or "fan" advice in general made it seem like Madonna's career would somehow fail if she listens to fans and that the only reason she succeeded is because she didn't listen, but there's no way to prove either scenario. Yeah, I was talking about Like A Prayer. Met Gala was officially recorded and shared on her channel few days after, so it clearly was shared for the public and I'm aware of artists recreating performances, but this particular one isn't one that is so overwhelming or well-planned that it warrants any recreation. I didn't mind the sound issues, but the fact that her the biggest promo opportunity of her life and for this album was wasted on one of the worst tracks of the album clearly wasn't a genius decision. I'm not saying that your taste is not valid because I'm not talking about taste here, but when you promote a brand new album, you don't waste the biggest promo chance on an old track, a snippet of an obscure track and a pre-order bonus track that no one cared about, when you already have a banger that can make much more impact.
  14. RinoTheBouncer

    That's a shame then. Perhaps they should make that information official before they start selling ticket next time, if there is a next time. Because they don't get to tell people to obey phone ban laws when they don't even bother writing accurate information about show start times and to abide by the times specified BEFORE ticket sales.
  15. RinoTheBouncer

    I love all Madonna songs on different levels. There isn’t anything that I hate, but some stuff I listen to more than others, but these songs are among my most favorite Madonna songs and I find them way more appealing and deep than most of her hits: Beautiful Killer How High? Looking for Mercy To Have and Not to Hold Wash All Over Me And because I can’t stop at just five, I’m gonna add more here: Mer Girl Inside Out Isaac X-Static Process I Fucked Up Paradise (Not For Me) Nobody’s Perfect Why’s It So Hard And of course, while these are quite popular single and non-single tracks, and not necessarily under appreciated ones, but I gotta include them and it’s one of my most favorite songs by any artist: Die Another Day Get Together Easy Ride Falling Free Ghosttown