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  1. Maybe she’ll premier the trailer for the tour at the VMAs or maybe it’s I Don’t Search I Find music video or performance to promote the release of the tour? Like it can’t be anything other than Madame X Tour promo, either through a trailer, a music video or a performance.
  2. Never Let You Go is freaking amazing. Why am I just hearing about this??? Also, yes! I always thought Madonna’s most deserving album of a re-release is Rebel Heart due to the convoluted development cycle it went through. Fingers crossed for a complete package!
  3. And it shows customer reviews from 2017 and 2019. What is this???
  4. I mean it wouldn’t be impossible to see them feature a few unreleased songs or instrumentals maybe. She has tons of unreleased stuff. Fingers crossed that they actually finish those and release some of them, like Taylor Swift is doing.
  5. The 17 studio albums could either mean new albums (since she only has 14) or they’re counting some soundtracks as albums, like I’m Breathless and Evita. That said, they do also mention soundtracks and other stuff, so I guess we’ll see. I just wish that they don’t mean only 2-3 albums will get the deluxe edition treatment, but rather all of them. Can you imagine how absolutely groundbreaking it would be to get a re-released Madonna album every few months with tons of extras, new artworks and goodies? 😍😭 I never thought I’d read such good news from her.. like ever! I’m grateful she’s the one giving us such valuable presents on her birthday!
  6. The way we won out of the blue. The (Taylor’s Version) is about to become a Madonna thing and I’m ecstatic!
  7. Thanks for the kind words. Hope they listen 😭 glad to have you here 🤗
  8. Rebel Heart is the one album that is the most deserving of a proper re-release, with Aviici’s versions included and the demos finished and added. Make it a 3-4 Disc set and include some never-before-seen artworks instead of the juvenile single covers she had.
  9. She has this weird relationship with her legacy. On one hand, she only looks forward to the point where she pretends an era doesn’t exist after the next one starts, and on the other hand, she keeps performing singles from Madonna till ROL + Hung Up and her looks since Hard Candy, as much as she tries to reinvent, often boil down to bustiers, fishnets and crucifixes. So I have no idea how she feels about the last, but either way she doesn’t have to love it for the label to celebrate some anniversaries and releases digital and physical goodies from them. It’s not like she’s gonna do those by herself, and yet for some reason there’s none.
  10. Couldn’t agree more, but then again she’s the “Material Girl”. She was offered +$100m upfront contract with god knows how much more, so naturally she’s gonna go for that over trying harder and harder each era to make a fraction of that number. She basically sacrificed artistic integrity for a huge sum of money, which isn’t exactly good or bad, since at the end of the day, what she does is a job, but it’s definitely not good for us, the fans and it’s definitely BS when she keeps talking about how she’d “never compromise her artist integrity” by altering a show instead of cancelling, only to end up cancelling AND cutting off a show’s opening along with 4 other songs and hopping late on whatever music trend there is after it ceases to be cool. 🤣 I still adore her though. She’d kick me ass if she reads this but I adore her 🙈
  11. I think the narrative is framed in a bad light. The real question is why is it a bad thing if somebody used sex in art? Like the tweet said, she owned her body, and she used her own sexual expression in her art, which to me is a very empowering thing, especially when it occurred in a time when the world, including western culture, was far more conservative than it is today, which helped put women empowerment and sexual liberation at the forefront of many mainstream works and conversations, and to me that is huge achievement. It is less about sex and more about liberation, and less about defining yourself by sex and more about normalizing the use of sex and your body on your own terms, rather than being defined by the way others want it to be. Throughout history, sex was always represented as the “obligation that women must give to men in exchange for things” rather than a pleasure for consenting partners, which is extremely harmful because it treats sex as an object that men need and women must give, rather than a pleasure that both parties can enjoy with agreement to what makes both sides happy. Madonna took that agency that men had over Women’s bodies and instead she decided to be the master of it. Like “I express my desire the way it pleases me, with the men or women of my choice. I’m not going to present my sexuality the way you deem to be right, but rather on my own terms” That message generated so much outrage and also so much approval, and if that helped her sell then I’d say she’s earned every cent because she promoted owning your sexuality rather than waiting for someone else’s approval, especially in a time and world where women weren’t allowed to enjoy sex but rather expected to submit to the will of men and only serve it when and how it pleases them. With that said, it is without a shred of a doubt that Madonna’s career doesn’t hinge on sex. She’s had far more to offer than sex and some of her best tracks are ones that are more political, introspective or enigmatic than the ones about dance and sex. The buzz might have gotten her popularity, but she would’ve fell behind long ago if sex was her sole subject, especially in such an sexist, ageist and superficial global mindset towards women and people in general.
  12. Madonna accomplished more for the LGBT+ community than any other artist and more so than even LGBT+ activists. She spoke out against the injustice and discrimination towards us, gave us a platform and representation and normalized our existence in a time decades before it was socially and politically acceptable in the west, and she did so at the detriment of her own career, because she believed in us. People keep undermining her all while praising new singers and corporations who pretty much use our name and the flags of our movement and suffering as tokens to sell, and it’s all so evident from how they spam everyone with LGBT flags in the west but their middle eastern and Russian social media accounts pretend we don’t exist, because our movement doesn’t sell there. I’m genuinely tired of this. Madonna deserves much more recognition and appreciation for her support to our cause than any other, and not only ignoring her, but invalidating her work like they’re doing here is just too disrespectful and unfair.
  13. I adore everything Madonna released so far, old and new, by different degrees of course, but still can’t consider anything she made a let down. Even my least favorite stuff have some redeeming qualities about them. That said, she’s at a point in her career where she could literally bring the second coming and people would still brush it off as “old woman doing youngsters things” or “not as good as the oldies” or “more of the same thing and not unique enough” and I think this is the price of the incredible career she’s had so far. She did everything, tried every style, went to every extreme corner and reinvented herself in various cultural, generational and musical styles. So once you’ve done everything and you’ve pretty much established your appeal on reinvention, shock value and being the leading early adopter and trend setter, at some point there won’t be much new to try, and if there is, the sexism and ageism is gonna stand in its way, not to mention Madonna’s own apparent lack of interest in trying as hard as she used to and being the perfectionist she once was. So if Madonna quite, and even if she quit after MDNA, I’d be very sad because I won’t have more Madonna as she’s the only artist that I truly anticipate her albums and never disappointed me, but at the same time I’d be happy with what she’s given us and I’ll be very excited (and hopefully) for all the legacy/anniversary stuff they’d be reissuing and all the stuff I can collect from her career. The real question is does Madonna have an end date in mind? With the biopic coming and the contract expiring, is she done with music? We did hear that she’s building her own studio at her new home, which is quite a promising indicator that new music is coming in some shape or form, but what would her final era be like? Is she planning some grand exit, a farewell album and tour or is she gonna sing till the end? I wish her a long, happy and healthy life above all else, and I can’t decide if I wanna see Madonna retire with a grand exit and farewell tour or if I want her to continue making music as long as she can and to further change her image and style with age. What I know for sure that I don’t want to see, is for her quality and presence to decline until she’s practically no longer popular or cared about by anyone. That’s something I’ll never accept to happen to her. She always made people outraged because of how she broke all restrictive boundaries and dogma and that’s amazing, but what I don’t want to see is for her to make people laugh at her or belittle her, because she’s far far far greater than any other artist and she deserves way better.
  14. Good luck trying to sell it on BluRay afterwards when the whole world will have Torrented it.
  15. The best thing about this announcement is that this trainwreck of an era is finally ending.
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