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  1. RinoTheBouncer

    Yeah. Especially since this knee things seems like it started way back since rehearsals or even Eurovision, because the way she descended the stairs made it seem like she was super careful and slow, which is totally fine, but she could’ve taken advantage of this theater to make it a show for her hardcore fans, with more emphasis on theatrical performances rather than dancing, and more focus in forgotten gems and new material than hits and covers. It’s a huge missed opportunity.
  2. RinoTheBouncer

    Couldn’t agree more. We keep hearing about an “intimate theater show”, but instead we got a downsized low budget version of Eurovision, NYC Pride and BMAs, when she could’ve made it much more theatrical with more emphasis on singing raw vocals, and a more theater-like stage production, like an act rather than a dance show, it would’ve been a lot better and much less straining on her.
  3. RinoTheBouncer

    Couldn’t agree more. There are many artists who make way more impressive designs for a set, tour, music video, album photoshoots..etc with much lower budgets. It’s so sad to see Madonna, the perfectionist, ends up like this.
  4. RinoTheBouncer

    I know right? Like since before RHT... Like, google is free right? Especially if she wants to do a serious performance, she can review the lyrics and plan something amazing. The contrast between the physical energy and the mental laziness she’s acquired recently is killing me...
  5. RinoTheBouncer

    I wish she removes the two cover songs and skips the chat, Polaroid and beer part and adds Easy Ride, Looking for Mercy, Bad Girl, The Power of Goodbye, Beautiful Killer and Wash All Over Me.
  6. RinoTheBouncer

    She’s detached from reality and modern audience and she’s surrounded by people who either don’t dare to tell her anything but “yes” or they do tell her but she refuses to listen. It’s such a shame because she used to be so smart, so professional, so ahead of the game and such a perfectionist too. Now I see even indie artists with a pretty limited budget doing much higher quality things and being on time and respectful and very thankful to their fans than she is.
  7. RinoTheBouncer

    You seemed to care enough to cry about my statement. 🤣 Enjoy being a doormat. I know I’m not.
  8. RinoTheBouncer

    Why shouldn't it? It's a good thing that people become conscious to bad practices, whether it's this concert or any other bad practice, rather than shutting down other with stupid statements like "well then don't go" or "she's the queen" or "go stan some mediocre girl from today", or always giving them a pass and thereby enabling this behavior to go on.
  9. RinoTheBouncer

    They are calling people names themselves. I’m not saying don’t go to the concert and don’t enjoy the show, I’m saying if someone’s gonna tell me to “STFU” or that I’m “late for my bedtime because I’m 70” or that I should “suck it up like an adult, because she’s the queen” just for having an opinion about her incompetent management and holier-than-thou attitude, I’m gonna response. When someone is a bitch to me, I can be a bitch too.
  10. RinoTheBouncer

  11. RinoTheBouncer

    I wasn’t saying you were all happy, I was saying I’m happy that fans are taking a stand because it’s rude of her to do this and whoever is defending her is enabling her holier-than-thou attitude.
  12. RinoTheBouncer

    I’m so very happy that people are voicing their displeasure in this manner. Writing comments online ends up getting you blocked and things continue the same way as they are, but when you vote with your wallet and walk out and get a refund or shout for them even, that’s how you get heard. ”She’s Madonna, she can do whatever she wants” yeah and I can open my Yondr and take photos as I want but they’ll escort me out, “don’t like our phones don’t make a tour” how does that sound? Some sycophants need to stop enabling her to double down with such attitude. There’s a chasm or difference between breaking the rules to establish gay fights and give oppressed minorities visibility and recognition and challenge taboos vs. flat out disrespecting your paying audience because of whom you still have a career. Her being a queen of pop is a recognition of her achievements and legacy in music, it doesn’t mean she’s above other human beings. She’s not royalty and even royalty respect time frames. If you’re a bootlicker and have no self respect or dignity and you’re ok being stepped on, feel free to swallow whatever she throws at you, no one’s stopping you, but remember we’re not all like you and some of us actually speak out when mistreated. Deal with it. If the pizza arrives 3 hours late and cold, you all would complain and same applies for web orders, a faulty fridge that you bought, a doctor’s appointment if you arrive 3 hours late or the doctor welcomes you 3 hours late, or basically anything that doesn’t happen on the promises time in the agreed upon quality. Madonna is no different and she doesn’t deserve any special treatment. Have some self respect and stop letting pop singers making billions off of your money to shit on you afterwards and thank them for it.
  13. RinoTheBouncer

    That’s terrible! It’s a shame people can’t seem to even sue in this case. Like imagine ordering Pizza and receiving it 3 hours later every time with no grounds for appeal or cancellation or refunds or receiving only three slices or getting it cold and not fresh.
  14. RinoTheBouncer

    I guess, yeah and I think the refund would be from the box office because how else would you prove to Ticketmaster that you didn’t go?
  15. RinoTheBouncer

    Off topic, but when leople actually leave the show before she starts or after the first song or two, do they get refunds or not? I’ve been seeing so many people reporting since the start of the tour that some people leave each date, but the question is do they get refunded and how are those carried on? Only those who just bought tickets at the box office or from Ticketmaster or stubhub?