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  1. Do the people working on the Madame X your know what they’re doing or are they deliberately delaying it looking for some network deal and failing? This whole joke she made about OnlyFans despite reports of it being a Netflix show, are they really struggling to find a channel/service to broadcast it? If seen TV show seasons and movies get finished in shorter time than this...
  2. She served a hell of a lot better since pink hair than she did during the entirety of Madame X era, minus God Control.
  3. Oh yes, I just through this one had extra two tracks? I'm sorry if this has been posted. I got the EP when it first came out, but they tweeted about it today, and I thought it was something new. Thank you! I'm glad you like my content <3
  4. You brought up some really amazing points 👏🏼
  5. I love this! Though I’d still want her to include her legacy till the present since the media and the public tend to focus on her 80s + ROL and Music while forgetting everything else.
  6. Exactly! Haha. They wait for someone to die to act like they always cared for them and that they’re some international human history treasure. Such hypocrisy...
  7. The question is, how far is she gonna go into her career with this movie? All of it? Until her rise to popularity in LAV? until Blond Ambition and ending with the Express Yourself performance?
  8. You mean like how the public literally murdered Michael Jackson and Lady Diana when they’re alive and the moment they died, they forgot all the hatred or how they made Whitney as a drug addict joke and when she died she became a legend? All it takes is some 14 year old playing a song in TikTok and sniffing a condom or digging nails into their teeth or something and then expressing how sad they are and it’s a trend and a masterpiece 🤣
  9. She’s always ahead of her time; she still is. God-forbids, when she passes away, Madame X, Rebel Heart and even MDNA will be hailed as masterpieces by the hypocritical public. She’s always ahead of the game and people, including her fans undermine her so much.
  10. It really agitated me how she seems to be “shunned” by feminists or overlooked, when she herself was always an example of woman empowerment and I’m glad she shed a light on that with her “I’m a bad feminist” statement. You can be a feminist AND be proud to express your sexuality as you see fit, because feminism is about a woman’s equality, rights and freedom of choice, and a woman’s decision to express her sexuality is her choice, and one to be respected.
  11. This, especially after she took photos with a K-Pop band last year or so, I immediately thought “she’s already planning the next collab” 🤪
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