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  1. RinoTheBouncer

    Mostly single player, story-driven like Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted, classic Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, Red Dead Redemption 2, Death Stranding, Horizon Zero Dawn, Metal Gear Solid, God of War, The Last of Us..etc 😍
  2. RinoTheBouncer

    I’m ok with a Blu-Ray, 4K Blu-Ray, iTunes and streaming service releases. It would be great to access the show in the best possible resolution, on any platform.
  3. RinoTheBouncer

    Since I was 7 till death so us apart 😍🤣
  4. RinoTheBouncer

    I wish Jonas was fully in charge of God Control too... it’s like I love the video but it could’ve been a lot better if he was completely in charge. There was too much “filler” in between and a limited scope... I also wish he’s doing the tour. His work was always special, and her recent collaborators didn’t really add anything special to her tour releases.
  5. RinoTheBouncer

    I bet lol. Does she even realize that she’s mainly selling this to die hard fans and with such long wait, even our interest is fading? Lol
  6. RinoTheBouncer

    I don’t think it takes THAT long. I mean for a movie or a TV show season, yes. But a concert? I think it would be shorter unless there’s some excessive editing and alterations.
  7. RinoTheBouncer

    Please don’t jinx the MX release to be as late as 2022 with the biopic 🤣
  8. RinoTheBouncer

    There was never any actual announcement of that. It’s most likely fans making up stuff based on how long it’s been and how less and less likely for it to be profitable as a release at this point. But it’s happening, according to this post.
  9. RinoTheBouncer

    This needs to come out ASAFP
  10. Can we please agree not to call it DVD? DVD is so 2001. It’s 2021, it’s Blu-Ray and hopefully 4K stream with it, at least. Let’s not jinx this to be another Kylie disaster.
  11. RinoTheBouncer

    Die Another Day is the best music video any artist has ever made or will ever make. Period.
  12. RinoTheBouncer

    Wasn’t there a rumor of a Sia written song proposed to Madonna either as a whole song or a duet called Trust which was meant for MDNA and was rumored to be “a song like Live to Tell but sadder”?
  13. RinoTheBouncer

    I looked everywhere for an explanation as to why Nothing Fails didn’t get a music video, when the following single Love Profusion did. Was there ever any statement about it? I love Love Profusion, but I was always bummed that they just skipped over Nothing Fails like that. It captures so much of the warm side of American Life.
  14. RinoTheBouncer

    Aside from her music and visuals, which was the first thing that sucked me into her world when I was 7/8 years old and immediately thought there was literally nothing like her, being born in Iraq and gay, I got to know her music even before I understood who and what I am or even knowing of how I felt was even a thing that everyone did. I didn’t have the vocabulary or any live example to describe or compare to, her representation or the lifestyle, of LGBT and even before I understood any of that. She was an example of a woman who defied social norms and boundaries and that spoke to me on so many levels and made me understand that it’s ok to be me, no matter what I was, no matter what label that I don’t know of applies to me and even if I was the only one, that it’s ok to be who I am. And as I gradually grew up and began to understand things and be exposed to many more artists old and new, somehow no one else could speak to me like her, and seeing her live amplified everything I felt for her, which was already huge to begin with. Her visual art, her music, her self expression, her way of turning live performances to an actual show, not just someone singing on a stage or looking pretty in a video, her political messages, her stances against all kinds of discrimination... she’s a complete package that is like no other.
  15. RinoTheBouncer

    So many times haha, and she always appears as someone my family and I know and she’s sitting with us like a relative, or just me and her hanging out like I’m a manager of hers or a friend or something, and multiple times, she wasn’t exactly close as in “friends” but she came near me and we took selfies and I wake up looking for them on my phone and getting bummed that it’s a dream 😫😭🤣