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  1. RinoTheBouncer

    In that case Equestrian would win for me, I guess. Either that or Trangression. The technology, the music, the scale of everything. It’s just epic.
  2. RinoTheBouncer

    Anything of value leaked about Madonna? Because they’ve been publishing Gaga-related leaks on Twitter, including song titles that were removed from the album ARTPOP as well as a tour recording..etc.
  3. RinoTheBouncer

    Get Together
  4. RinoTheBouncer

    This was excruciatingly hard. You should’ve done a tour by tour poll not 4 tours at a time. Here are my votes. Part I: Dominatrix Part II: Equestrian Part III: Transgression
  5. RinoTheBouncer

    I’m just giving my own take on it. It felt primitive compared to what she offered before. It was acclaimed yes, but it didn’t click with me, which ultimately is my word against the word of another person who happened to work for a publication. Not saying my word is objective, or theirs either, but I did enjoy the shows but being close was like the only thing I found to be really good. The pacing, the production, the outfits, the interludes and especially her attitude towards the whole project made it feel half-assed for me. Couldn’t agree more with every single word. For that price tag, it’s far from a small show. It felt more like they wanted to cut down on budget and skim as much money as possible. What was really bad is that she had an injury months before the show (it was visible on her knee bad since rehearsals) and they started anyway and made the schedule so packed and she kept cancelling or cutting songs (the opener aka her best song and performance from this era even, not the covers or any classic that we’ve seen a million times), instead of actually revamping the set list to be more like a theater and have her sit or act rather than dance and jump. It would’ve been way more entertaining if she did that and focused on ballads and forgotten gems, but no they kept cancelling last minute... I love this album so much but everything else minus the music videos was a complete trainwreck.
  6. RinoTheBouncer

    That’s the problem, it wasn’t like actual theater or even something intimate and “for the fans”, it was more like a low budget version of the big shows. I don’t see scaled down as an excuse for uninspired. There are so many theaters that are elaborate and planned better than having two stars and a projector and a high school play cosplay pirate outfit for an opener that they want us to think is George Washington. Only if you change yours to Mediocrity Apologist.
  7. RinoTheBouncer

    Not the music videos, those are her best in years, but look at her recent eras single artworks or the editing of the album artwork for MDNA Standard Edition, the theater tour idea isn’t bad per se, but she could’ve done a much bigger production for it in a theater, her outfits have been less and less inspired as well.
  8. RinoTheBouncer

    Sad in a sense that we could've had a bigger budget production and a more elaborate representation of the ideas of the album and a bigger global reach. Also more revenue for her means her still being a profitable investment for more big budget works and good press and a testament of her own power. We like to keep telling ourselves that sales don't matter, they don't always matter, yes but in order for an artist to continue to create, in order for elaborate visuals and outstanding fashion, marketing and efforts to be funded, sales and financial success matters very much, and as you can see, Madame X was plagued with low budget production, both as a tour and as budget for visuals, artworks, and even photo shoots and magazine features. This era was great musically, yes but in terms of presentation and marketing, it fell flat and now that she's no longer in contract with Live Nation, I'm not one bit sure what the next step will be, nor am I optimistic about it, judging by these standards. Madonna is a legendary artist, the best of the best, but she's been wasting a hell lot of great opportunities.
  9. RinoTheBouncer

    She’s a billionaire, as far as I know, yes. But I mean we could make it about money so we can get the big production 🤣
  10. RinoTheBouncer

    It’s just so sad how much more she could’ve made, easily 2 to 4 times as much if this was an arena or a stadium tour with some big production...
  11. RinoTheBouncer

    👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 This should be hung on her wall 🤣 like really, it makes me feel so bad, because as you said, other artists are doing wonders to keep their fans engaged. Look at Bowie for god’s sake, the man passed away and his company is releasing limited editions, color vinyls and remasters for every single’s anniversary, and Metallica too, as you said. Her attempts to gain new fans through collaborations with new singers is neither winning her the new fans she wants nor is it getting her the love and respect of her old fans and is ending up losing both. Also, I hate how cheap her management is in terms of releases and literally everything. Look at what indie artists with a tiny fraction of her wealth, popularity, influence and budget are doing with short films, special vinyls, epic music videos, photo shoots, artworks, signed albums sold at retail price for a limited time..etc and compare that to Madonna, cheap merchandise, rushed music video, baldy photoshopped artworks and terrible single covers, ever downsizing of her budget for shows, lack of promo, terrible overpriced merchandise... She and/or her management are killing her own career with their own hands.
  12. RinoTheBouncer

    Secret Project Revolution for me. However, I gotta say that it had the right material, message and aesthetics but the wrong execution, and that’s one example of good ideas not meaning much without good execution. She filmed some great footage and looks, great moments but there wasn’t much to glue them together as a concept. First of all, the name was very uninspired. What does “secret project revolution” even mean? They had 5-7 minutes of original footage that they kept repeating and reversing for the next 21 mins. Instead of that, film more content in more locations with some actual things going on, including songs and performances by Madonna from MDNA, that fit the context, in those sets and having the spoken words in-between, like Lana Del Rey’s Tripico, have some color scenes or something with more “action” or diverse scenery at least, and instead of BitTorrent, make a deal with Apple or Netflix to broadcast it, play it some art house cinemas, or release it globally, make some buzz for it. It’s great, but it to most people it comes off as a prolonged fashion magazine ad than an actual work of its own. I love what it offered, I love the ideas but I can’t help but feel bitter that the one time she decided to make a short film, it misses so many great opportunities, not to mention the great songs on MDNA that were in desperate need for a music video or some visual counterpart that could’ve fit perfectly into it like Gang Bang, Beautiful Killer and Love Spent, at least. Madame X suffers a very similar problem, great concept, bad execution. It would’ve been a perfect candidate for a short film/visual album and it could’ve fleshed out the Madame X persona beyond the eye patch and the typewriter and actually had her travel the world and do things, but no they just dropped the ball right after they dropped the trailer.
  13. 1. Hard Candy 2. Like A Virgin 3. Like A Prayer It’s not like I dislike the songs or the albums as a whole, no. It’s just that they’re the least I play and also the ones with the least number of favorite tracks. If I’m being completely honest, I’d much rather list the albums I listen to the most and from beginning to end, as the user above me said, and those would be: 1. American Life 2. Ray of Light 3. Confessions on a Dancefloor 4. Erotica 5. MDNA 6. Madame X
  14. RinoTheBouncer

    It was a genius idea using Lament as the song of death from Evita on the execution chair after Die Another Day. I love it as a whole package, it’s incredible and the way she spits on the guy who ties her up, like the music video, and how he stares back at her like he’s about to charge back and punch her, is an incredible scene. That said, I would’ve loved for Bad Girl to also be in that section and for Die Another Day to someday get a more action packed performance. Madame X Tour was a great opportunity since it’s a secret agent thing, but she wasted that opportunity. So... maybe someday?
  15. RinoTheBouncer

    This isn’t rumors, just my own thoughts: Rebel Heart Tour should’ve had more Rebel Heart album tracks like Hold Tight, Inside Out, Joan of Arc, Best Night and most of all Ghosttown! Freaking Ghosttown as an opening theme or any properly planned and apocalypse-themed performance. It’s the second single, and one of her best songs. Why ditch that in favor of a terrible medley that ruined three great songs or an opener that felt like a recreation of MDNA Tour, albeit weaker?? Also, closing with Holiday felt uninspired. The song was used too many times as a closing track and it wasn’t in any way reinvented or enthusiastic here. The Girlie Show... I still can’t believe that she ditched Bad Girl... another great single that she tends to neglect, and same goes for Drowned World your not including Nothing Really Matters, I Want You, You’ll See and Bedtime Story... ugh. Re-Invention Tour should’ve had Die Another Day as the closing track, even though I love the way they did Holiday, and she should’ve performed East Ride, X-Static Process, I’m So Stupid and Love Profusion. MDNA Tour should’ve had a proper Love Spent performance from the start of the tour, I’m glad she added it later and filmed it, though and she should’ve done more MDNA tracks; Falling Free and Beautiful Killer are among her best songs ever with so much potential for a live performance. Confessions Tour did almost everything perfectly well, but I wish she did Everybody in addition to Lucky Star and La Isla Bonita and performed How High, at least as an interlude. No one does tours as beautifully as she does and also nobody ditches great tracks and potential great opportunities like her, either.