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  1. What does "MLVC" mean?

    ChatGPT says it means "Madonna: Like a Virgin Concert". Is that true?

  2. Music video:


    Footage from remix videos:



  3. btw. am I the only one who can't listen to "Get Stupid Medley - Live" on Spotify?

    1. Confessions Lightside

      Confessions Lightside

      Does someone have this trailer in HQ quality? xD

  5. The tracklist of GHV2 would be more interesting to me if it included songs like these: Impressive Instant -> to mock Warner and because I love the song xD Bad Girl -> underrated single Fever (Edit One) -> love this version and it deserves more attention (like Bad Girl) What It Feels Like For A Girl (Above & Beyond Video Edit) -> it would be cool to have this on an album because the album version is boring to me Music (HQ2 Radio Mix) -> remixes would make the album more energetic and fun to listen to Nothing Really Matters (Club 69 Radio Mix) GHV2 Tracy Young's Shake & Stir Club Mix GHV2 Thunderpuss Megamix -> could be the last track on the album (would be the perfect ending, in my opinion) Has To Be or Goodbye To Innocence -> I know it's random, but it would be cool to have a B-side or something unreleased included In my opinion, it's also important that the tracklist has a smooth transition from quiet to loud/energetic. When I first listened to the GHV2 album, I nearly had a heart attack when Beautiful Stranger with its loud intro followed the quiet songs Bedtime Story and The Power Of Good-Bye...
    1. SashaRemix
    2. Confessions Lightside

      Confessions Lightside

      Would you share a digital copy of the DVD here? If I recall correctly, the video format of the DVD is "PAL" (720x576 pixels). I would like to have the Love Profusion music video by Madonna in this resolution. Unfortunately, the version from the Celebration DVD is only NTSC (720x480 pixels) and the ProRes Master is also only 640x480 pixels in size.

  6. Is this demo real?


    1. Leona Helmsley

      Leona Helmsley

      dont think so.... but not really sure..... the first seconds i was sure was a remix....

    2. Dazedmadonna
  7. For the 20th anniversary of the Re-Invention Tour, I would like to have a Blu-ray release that includes the full tour film along with bonus features (iconic backdrop videos that were used during the tour). The artwork should showcase the iconic headstand that Madonna performed in the opening:
  8. I would say she wore a wig in the "What It Feels Like For A Girl" music video. You can see it at 0:02 in this video:
  9. I would like to hear "Love Profusion" because she never performed it live and "Impressive Instant" because it should have been a single :D
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