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  1. I like it but I would add "Bad Girl" after the song "This Used To Be My Playground". ^^
  2. When I'm on social media like TikTok, I often see comments where users claim that Madonna is part of the Illuminati or performs demonic rituals during her concerts. People who make such claims are just as mentally lost as those who believe the Earth is flat.
  3. Anytime I have a dream related to Madonna, it's always this one: I‘m in my favorite store, the german media market. It's my number one spot for CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays. In my dream, I always see many rare Madonna items that aren't available in regular stores anymore and every time I have this dream, I believe it‘s real! Full of panic and excitement, I try to grab everything that is usually no longer obtainable. I’m really stressed out in my dream because I want to buy everything but I don’t even have money with me, so I have to steal it. Here is a list of some rare Madonna items I saw in my dream: Ray of Light Limited Edition CD Music Limited Edition CD The Ultimate Collection 2-DVD Box Set GHV2 Limited Edition CD Music Single DVD & Single CD All Single CDs from the Ray of Light era MDNA Tour DVD with wrong package - When I looked at the DVD cover, it seemed like it was a rare "Confessions on a Dance Floor" music video DVD. So excitedly, I looked at the back of the DVD to see the tracklist and then came the huge disappointment... It was just the tracklist from the MDNA tour... In my dream, I felt so fooled by this item.
  4. This is my tracklist: Girl Gone Wild I'm Addicted Love Spent Falling Free Beautiful Killer If the EP could have more tracks, I would also choose: Some Girls Give Me All Your Luvin' Masterpiece I don't know if that makes sense but I think the unrealesed song "Broken (I'm Sorry)" would fit the album well. She could have included it as a bonus track.
  5. I also would love to have a collection of unreleased songs, including the ones below: Across The Sky (Solo Version) Animal Broken Goodbye to Innocence History (Land Of The Free) It's So Cool (Celebration Version) Keep The Trance La Petite Jeune Fille Latte Like A Flower Never Let You Go Revenge Set The Right SuperPop Triggering You Are The One The concept could be something like this:
  6. I would love to have a Blu-ray release of the Re-Invention World Tour that includes the full tour movie along with bonus features (such as backdrop videos like "Bedtime Story"). The artwork should showcase the iconic headstand that Madonna performed in the opening:
  7. My fantasy list would be this: Impressive Instant Love Spent Rescue Me Angel
  8. I would recommend "Confessions on a dance floor" too. ^^ If the potential new fan wants to listen to more studio albums, I would choose these: Ray of Light Erotica Like a Virgin Music Madonna Like a Prayer
  9. The Confessions Tour Drowned World Tour 2001 Sticky & Sweet Tour Re-Invention World Tour The Girlie Show MDNA World Tour Rebel Heart Tour The Celebration Tour Blond Ambition Tour Who's That Girl World Tour The Virgin Tour Madame X Tour The Confessions Tour will always be number one to me. ^^
  10. I love that she performed "Bad Girl" and "Bedtime Story" <3
  11. What does "MLVC" mean?

    ChatGPT says it means "Madonna: Like a Virgin Concert". Is that true?

  12. Music video:


    Footage from remix videos:



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