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    Madonna's videography, her music, photoshoots, artworks and CDs/DVDs/Blu-Rays/VHS/Laserdiscs
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    2006 - Confessions era

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  1. Why should I care about what a One-Hit-Wonder thinks about the Queen of Pop Madonna?
  2. Does someone have this picture in UHQ?:

    1. hzmajesty




      Here, the largest I could find was in 2780x1450 but I also threw in a upscaled version that's double its resolution. Hope that helps.

  3. This is my dream setlist: Dark Section 1. Rescue Me 2. Bedtime Story 3. Nothing Really Matters 4. Impressive Instant 5. Die Another Day Disco / 80’s Section 6. Hung Up 7. Deeper And Deeper 8. Into The Groove 9. Who’s That Girl 10. Papa Don’t Preach 11. Open Your Heart Emotional Section 12. Live To Tell 13. Bad Girl 14. Rain 15. Love Profusion Erotica Section 16. Vogue 17. Erotica 18. Like A Prayer 19. Human Nature Celebration Section 20. Fever (Edit One) 21. Ray of Light 22. Express Yourself 23. Don't Tell Me 24. Music 25. Celebration / Holiday
  4. "What's the worst thing of being famous then?" "That you have to answer stupid questions." LMAOOOOOOO
  5. I hate it when random people on Discogs deactivate all the good Madonna images. Especially the picture where Madonna does her iconic headstand is often disabled. :Madonna026:


  6. I hope that the remixes of "Love Profusion" will be released soon and I would also like to have the "Nobody Knows Me" remixes available on streaming platforms.


  7. I mostly listen to the album Ray of Light. My favorite songs are Has To Be, Mer Girl and Nothing Really Matters.
  8. The Power of Good-Bye Remixes are out now!



  9. I love this remix and the video!


    1. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      " 11 years ago 
      What's the name of this remix?! "

    2. Confessions Lightside

      Confessions Lightside

      Nobody Knows Me (Above And Beyond 12” Mix)

  10. "The Confessions Tour" DVD "Celebration: The Video Collection" DVD "Music" (European Edition) CD -> the original one including the "Warner Bros." logo "Love Profusion" Maxi-Single CD "Confessions On A Dance Floor" (Japan Edition) CD+DVD
  11. I love this remix:

    Does someone know if it's real (not fan made)?

    1. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      " I decided not to use "Runaway Lover" on the last album cause I wanted to do something very different."
      it says here

    2. Velvet Rope

      Velvet Rope

      Pretty sure it is and was the only officially commissioned remix of this song.

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