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  1. I agree, we also got the club mixes which I think at the time was novel - and the remix videos - sure it wasn't packaged as great as the IMC but all in all it wasn't too bad!
  2. I really do hope it is something physical and not just some digital compilation -
  3. Love, love, loved it! It's so Lucious, a true antidote to the aggressive Erotica (which I absolutely loved and is still my all time favorite madonna record!). The artwork, the amazing velvet promo cd, the pink vinyl, the entire era was amazing. I was also so young back then and being in Australia and living in a regional part of Australia, we didn't get alot of the maxi singles - or imports - and I remember being so excited when I discovered the US Human Nature maxi that I was able to import - such great memories!
  4. Not bad coin either - 17million at 1 cent a stream - $170k - nice!
  5. She looks flawless! Re working out after a hip replacement - you can, but takes ages - Lisa Osborne the program director of Les Mills Bodyattack and world champion aerobics competitor had both hips replaced in her 50's a few years ago - she's now back to cross fit and BA like she never had an issue - but took a while.
  6. I was actually surprised to see that IDSIF did better in the UK then Medellin - (I love IDSIF mind you!)
  7. Crave actually did better than Medellin - perhaps it might have been better to release that first - who knows. It's true reading comments, one artists hit may not have been another - look at Kylie Can't Get You Out of My Head - originally meant for Sophie Elis Bextor - and even had she done it, it might not have been the smash it was for Kylie.
  8. Imagine if she mashed Candy Shop with Erotica - come into my cage, I've got candy galore, don't pretend you're not hungry I've got plenty to EAT.
  9. I actually preferred her pre Evita live vocals - they were lower but more powerful - post Evita she had incredible range but very hard to replicate live.
  10. I agree, I loved the MXT film - it was a masterpiece in my opinion, really well done.
  11. It's interesting, I was against filtering, but they are all doing it - just looked at Jlo, Kylie, Britney, Mariah - all have filtered their pics. So it's obviously the thing that's done these days. Madonna also looks amazing in real life, she looked in my opinion so good at her cabaret type show of Madame X - I don't think it's about being or not being relevant, I think it's about just acknowledging that social media is not real life and she's just using it for what it is.
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