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  1. True, so far she hasn't mentioned anything on her socials - but 10 Feb is still two weeks away.
  2. Same - complete opposite sound to Erotica - but it was so light, and easy to listen to - sure not as clubby - but it was like a breath of fresh air after you've been in the smoking area of a club for 10 hours grinding to Erotic, Erotic :P
  3. Yes I was bad at maths at that time of morning - I deleted it :P I wonder why Rhino was teasing BS then? Maybe just a RSD release rather than as part of the re issue campaign.
  4. I guess also, it also weeds out the trolls from those who are genuine - you are less likely to be abusive if you are paying for a service.
  5. We think ROL - but Rhino was teasing Bedtime Stories - it's 30th is this year -
  6. lol Janet Jackson's experience will seem like heaven lol
  7. I don't know, I'll reserve my judgement - but not a fan of the pitched down vocals -
  8. lol no Real Housewives of New York - She famously declared that Andy (the show's producer) put her on pause - when in reality she got fired lol
  9. Well, according to the Drowendmadonna exclusive - it's done a Dorinda and been placed on 'pause' lol Interesting Insta note - nothing in it surprises me, nor should surprise anyone.
  10. I fully support all fan sites - but to pay to hear news - such click bait. They were wrong this morning also - They claimed Tracy Young's mix to I Rise was Madonna's first grammy for a remix - incorrect - it was Revolver - lol Don't worry ya'll - Tribe still gives info for free and other sites too -
  11. Totally true - Be interesting to see what happens - always welcome new decent music lol
  12. I'm glad I saved my $6 subscription to DrownedMadonna lol
  13. oh wow I did not know this, very cool!
  14. lol true - but it's also about cost recovery - I mean, things are much cheaper these days. I wonder how much an album campaign in total would cost (production, promotion, distribution, remixes, videos etc.) - $5mil vs maybe $20mil 20 years ago?
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