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  1. I don't agree that she used sex to sell. She was and still is about deciding who objectifies her body. The SEX book wasn't about being sexy, it was a statement. She's always been a feminist, and I don't think any of her images are particularly 'sexy', more so, statements.
  2. I do wonder if it just came down to $$$ - there was no way that Warner were gonna match what Live Nation had offered her.
  3. I wonder what’s going on - they were really fragile now nothing -
  4. I just can't imagine Bad Girl having an x rated sexual charge -
  5. Couldn’t have said it better! So true - no one cares outside our circles that some old demo leaked lol
  6. I am sure she wanted to maximize the $$$ given the drama with the tour itself - I have never heard of Paramount + , but I don't care - it'll be uploaded somewhere and I'll get - just excited it's getting a release, finally! It could have been a RIT all over again!
  7. What's with the negativity lol - IT IS BEING RELEASED!!!! If you can't stream it, someone will upload it. Calm down and pat the puss.
  8. At this stage, I am just glad it's getting a release!
  9. She is friends with Lil Nas - she was clearly making fun of herself.
  10. Love this, I'm the grandmother at 3pm and I'm 40 lol
  11. What, including simulating she's riding a dick in Music? lol
  12. omg she's wearing the same top Madonna wore a few weeks ago!
  13. I hope the uncensored version is shared of the video!
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