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  1. Jackie

    I agree, but the parts that some don't like should not be labelled as 'faults'. I don't like everything from all tours, but that doesn't mean there faults just because I don't like them, because others absolute love those parts.
  2. Jackie

    But, 'its faults' are a matter of opinion....without sounding cliched, like a painting, some will love, some will hate, some will see faults, but at the end of the day its a painting. This is a show, I think the word 'fault' implies there are defects that should be fixed, but this is her show, presenting her music how she wants, so it's not faulty, it's just that some are not a fan and that's absolutely fine
  3. Jackie

  4. Jackie

    Yea , I saw that too :/ it’s just after she got out of the car. Knee injuries take weeks to heal , not a few days :/.
  5. Jackie

    Agree! I hope she gets the rest she needs and takes as long as she needs - far better to delay and put on a stella gig, then push through and destroy yourself.
  6. Jackie

    Yea 3 days is not long at all - hopefully the injury is only minor in nature and not ligament related - as that can take months to recover from!
  7. Jackie

    These are from the Julian's auctions - I wonder who's auctioning them off.
  8. Jackie

    Let's give her the benefit of the doubt. It's a new type of show for her and her team, there's bound to be some of these issues that will pop up - hopefully they will all be smoothed out before she hits Europe I mean, it could be worse, we could all be Mariah fans....excited for her NYE performance....and that's all I will say on that topic 🤫
  9. Jackie

    I don't know why she does not care, like let's be honest here she doesn't care, if she did, she would have changed her ways. This has been a chronic issue for such a long time- remember the interview with her during the MDNA tour - she said Guy was always telling her she needs to come on earlier on time....so it's not like she isn't aware of it, and it's not like she isn't aware the impact of her coming on late has on her touring and people, but still thinks it's ok to come on late... So this just says that its not a concern to her, you are either cool with it, or you are not and I don't think she minds which side of that equation you are on.
  10. Jackie

    Nothing has happened to her - she's just doing a different style of show that I think we all expected would be her usual polished large room type gig - where as she is delivering something stripped back, less polished and more intimate.
  11. Jackie

    Yea, so different to her Up For Grabs appearances, where she embraced the media...
  12. Jackie

    I love the audio, without seeing the context I can't really comment, but the small clips I have seen, it's very low key, very stripped back, not the usual in your face type tour. She's obviously not as fit as she used to be, and I think to be honest, is probably over the big stadium tours - she wanted to do something more intimate and I guess this is that incarnation. Doesn't mean she won't go back to full stadium stuff - I mean Cher is doing it at 73 lol
  13. Jackie

    Then don't buy a ticket...simple, or if you have bought one and it's not your type of show, sell the ticket....pretty simple really