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    I got this off another forum it is from the French magazine Têtu, sounds so good! In recent weeks, the record industry was rumored to be rumored. We were talking about an album of featurings, a disco disc, a return to the sound of Music. It is not so. Certainly, there are some rappers on the album like Quavo or Colombian Maluma. But the star is struggling to bring pop music to new territories: fado, reggaeton, dancehall. We hear a crazy song, as if Daft Punk remixed Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody (Dark Ballet), jazzy pianos and sick vocodors (God Control), implacable reggaeton sung in Portuguese (Faz Gostoso). There is only one title on the album that recalls the Madonna before (Crazy). Madame X is above all a call to revolt and control of firearms, a manifesto for the rights of minorities (I Rise) and solidarity (Killers who are Partying).
  2. She looks really good in the video, love it. I agree with some of the comments the intro is a little long, but meh, all good.
  3. Yes, although that was posted on the 17 May - She has been busy! Hopefully she''ll approve soon!
  4. I assume there will be - but she's still approving additional mixes for Medellin (according to Orlando).
  5. Some amazing gems on MDNA - Masterpiece, Love Spent, Falling Free -!
  6. Omg. Ha. Well that explains why quavo looked so sedated lol
  7. I agree, I didn't notice the flags, that's a rebel!
  8. Yea I agree, she's belted out some amazing live performances over the years! But there are some songs she struggles with live - LAP being one of them - but she tends to do really good when she sings in a lower key.
  9. LOL Exactly. If she did say that, she stated a fact. Now, Madonna has never been known as the best singer, so I don't think anyone would be surprised, but Madonna has belted out some amazing live performances over the years - Sooner or later, You must love me, Music, pretty much all of RIT (albeit some was mimed). But something changed around the Hard Candy era where she started singing in a higher pitch. With the risk of sounding like a keyboard know it all, she sings better when she's in her channel, so a lower pitch.
  10. I really love this, it's so fresh and bright! I love the end, bye bye bye lol I re listened to Medellin the other day, I go from love and hate with it, but I'm back to love, the production is really intricate and many layers, Mirwais did a really good job!
  11. Right, so a fan can't have an opinion that isn't positive? I have been a MASSIVE Madonna fan for 30 years, I still am. I just wasn't a fan of this performance and I have the right to express my point of view. Clearly a number of other fans on this forum were not fans either, so.
  12. 17 posts vs my 1000 +....check your receipts gurl.
  13. I've noticed your vile comments also, so not sure what your point is. #byefelicia.