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  1. Butt plants has no correlation to your cardio fitness which does have a direct correlation to your ability to dance. She is 64 - what's your mum doing? We cannot keep expecting her to perform like she did when she was 50 - let's stop - let's celebrate her success - she looked great, she performed great, was great to see her back!
  2. Yea she’s clearly not over weight! Let’s just enjoy the fact we got a performance that wasn’t a mess - that she’s still got it and now that normality is coming back - hopefully she will go from strength to strength!
  3. Totally agree - and isn’t allowed to dance in heels. This is a total 360 from the mess of Medellin - it shows that she’s still got it - which is great!
  4. Hung Up sounds like the Lex Reggaeton mix as its base -
  5. Great performance! You can't compare this to the Maluma - total 360!
  6. omg happy pride lol - surely there's more than that - maybe they've all been told she's not coming on till later
  7. lol no one could afford the tickets - or they know she won't be on til 2am lol
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