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  1. I have merged both threads on this so we don't end up with multiple threads about the same thing -
  2. I agree re best thing for her. It gave her focus while she recovered, something to live and work towards - and in a way, forced her to get back on the 'horse' so to speak. To give her confidence and to validate for herself, that she can do it. BUT let's not forget also, she is extremely lucky - the seriousness of her health scare, she is very fortunate she recovered so fast, so many do not.
  3. She isn't going to retire anytime soon - Cher is 77 and still going - might not be doing world tours, but pumping music, serving side dishes and still hustling.
  4. Omg I literally almost spat out my hot cup of jarra - this is so funny !
  5. It's Madonna's way of saying, I was barebacking decades before Beyonce did :P
  6. Same re the heat - and agree, it's her venue when she rents - but also it's the customers who pay to see the show that also need to be considered and also have a voice. Tricky to balance.
  7. No, she wanted it off - but I'm saying, she had no issue with it on when she was in Australia lol
  8. Yes, I agree - and to stop your concert and threaten to not continue if they don't - in front of 20,000 paying people - not professional and not cool (no pun intended lol). But I get it - cold air is not good for your vocals or joints - so totally understand why she'd want it to be warmer. She had no issue with the air conditioning in Sydney - when she came here for RH.
  9. Obviously she was fine with him when she had him remix Power of Goodbye....or maybe that was the irony lol
  10. So what are we gonna do once the show is over! Funny how time works hey - before the tour started - we were all anxious and excited and counting down - now it's almost over :/ Although, looking forward to seeing what she delivers next - I have faith she'll keep serving us delicious little morsels.
  11. I'll re state what I said before, keep the discussion on track - let's not sling shit at each other and let's be respectful. Comments on mental health are not appropriate either. You can disagree, but disagree respectfully - and if someone is bugging you, please use the ignore feature, it's free and results in less drama.
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