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  1. That's ok - at the very bottom of the screen, there is 'theme' there you can chose this dark version or any other version -
  2. Ok, done the dark version! @Brendonshayart happy to include more of your design - just send me some renders Also - if anyone has any great idea's for new themes, just send me through a pack of pics - this is your community, not mine - I just facilitate it for everyone
  3. Yes, will make a dark version this week - I've made this the default - but you can change to any of the previous ones.
  4. So! Finally got around to it, hope you like it!
  5. Agree - no way they would 'release' the 'rain tapes' - most of them are work in progress and unpolished. I could however see them releasing Shame, You Are the One and even the original version of Erotica with the 'you thrill me hook' - given they are fully complete -
  6. OH I'm not worried about age, I'm worried about T's pussy with the grills!
  7. It's like a flute or any wind instrument, it's all in the tongue :P
  8. I wonder if we will get the x rated version on T's twitter/ only fans - now that would be interesting -
  9. It's the grills - I mean, it can't be pleasant being rimmed with those on lol
  10. I agree - members should not be attacking other members for having an opinion that they might not agree with. Madonna is a public figure, there will be things that people like that she does, and things that people will not like and it's fine to express that.
  11. It's interesting - it's rough as fuck, unpolished and very amateur - but I guess that was what they were going for! I don't know where this is all going tbh - she looked amazing in the 50 questions - and then we regress to gangsta pussy eating, ass exfoliating queen - she's having fun, and that's all that matters - just not sure which Madonna we are being served lol
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