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  1. Yea - I read that too and that she worked closely and kinda co produced the remix -
  2. I reckon she’ll go till she can’t . Cher is (was) still touring at 73 - and I’m sure once COVID has been successfully managed will go back on tour. Jane Fonda is still active at 80, Yoko Ono at 80 launched herself as a dance artist - Madonna is still a baby compared to these Mavericks!
  3. The Kruder & Dorfmeister in Dub - I wonder if that could make the release - I hope so, so good!
  4. I think after JML was censored, and the clear mysgmongy of that - like, it was ok for male performances to be sexy, but not for a female - I think that drove her to do something so extreme. Like, it was a big fuck you - I'll show you lol. I mean, to release a book, of not only of you naked, but your sexual fantasies, and some of them extreme - was a massive fuck you to anyone who tried to shut her up. The album, Erotica, has since been recognized by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as one of the most revolutionary albums of all time! The singles did well, Erotica No. 2, Deeper
  5. They were amazing! I love the NRM remixes - and the remix video - perfect!
  6. AND JUST LIKE THAT! Remixed Prayers is now out in Australia!
  7. Interesting that she is talking about 're shoots' - maybe now that she is injury free and can move again, she might want to re do some of the more dance intensive numbers to bring life to her vision?
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