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  1. Me too! Crazy is one of my all time favourites!
  2. She sounded like Madonna - she also sounded so good in dark ballet! It was so good to see her back!!!
  3. WOW JUST WOW !! She looked so good, and sounded so good! WOW
  4. Love that the role was offered to her - but for me, no one could have done it better than Michelle!
  5. She looked great! Was Like A Virgin the surprise performance :P
  6. Side Note - it's been removed from iTunes Australia! Must have come out too early lol
  7. I don't think that's correct. I remember Mirwais in an interview or somewhere saying they were the first to use auto tune live in a concert - plus it isn't a vocoder it's auto tune for Nobody's Perfect- same with RIT NNM and DAD are all auto tune (although debate whether it was lip synced or sung live is still happening to this day).
  8. 'I won't let you drive me crazy' :P
  9. Live album is out in Australia- she sounds great!!
  10. damn - all good - not long to go now -
  11. Ok, is it available in Australia yet? lol.
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