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  1. Jackie

    An amazing album - full of highs and lows. It was a dark, moody album - heavily inspired by “production” and it works, a masterpiece, an emotional journey.
  2. Jackie

    Do you really think they are actually around? Eventually it's on sold and on traded so many times it eventually leaks -
  3. wow it is too! iTunes ! wow!
  4. Jackie

    oh totally - I've gone down on my bf's 1970's bush after dinner to help get those bloody corn cornels stuck between my back teeth -
  5. Jackie

    oh yes, I wore a dental dam as I went down on her bearded clam...
  6. Jackie

    This reminds me of the time Madonna and I locked eyes just after her Rebel Heart concert in Melbourne - she had her 'Dita' mask on - but no paparazzi were allowed to take a pic - she said to me 'bend over baby I'm gonna make you smile' and before I knew it - she had two fingers in my fucking stink! WOW! I don't have any pictures - but I still have Monte's guitar pick inside somewhere -
  7. I have become 'woke' - I always judged Madonna's success on the US Charts - and it wasn't until I objectively looked at how she performed internationally that I realized, she's done amazing even in her mid 40's and 50's! Let's look: Hollywood - UK - No. 2! How amazing! No. 5 in Canada, 16 here in Australia. Love Profusion - UK - No. 11, No. 3 in Canada and 25 here in Australia. COAD Era - all singles did really well internationally! Hard Candy Era - most singles did really well internationally and in the US - I mean GI2M - it got to No. 57 - not bad for a second single for her! Celebration - No. 3 on the UK charts, No. 5 in Canada - and it charted in the US. MDNA - that was a blip - GMAYL did well in the US but that was based on the deals at the time, but didn't fair too well internationally - and GGW was such an underrated hit! Living for Love - despite BBC 1 not playing it, it still managed to get to No. 26 on the UK charts - not bad for a female pop star at the age of 56! Medellin and Crave - Crave did better on the UK Charts at No. 51 - again, for a female pop start at 61 - with BBC 1 not playing her music - that's a great achievement! I guess my point of this, is we are really narrow minded if we continue to judge her success on just America - she's doing great internationally and continues to do great internationally! I'm guilty of it - I remember during the AL ear - I was like, gosh she's not doing well in America - she's bombed. But, when I look back, she did amazing, I mean, Hollywood - No.. 2 on the UK Charts - how amazing! If we want her to do well in America - those fans living in America need to stream the fuck outta her - I can't remember which song it was, but a recent one, that charted, it had something like 56 million unique streams in a week! Peace and love!
  8. Jackie

    Interesting, so it looks like on BBC 1 is counted- so could explain why Medellin didn't do that good on the UK charts. Was just reading some other post - basically if Madonna is to have another No. 1 US 100 hit - she'll need 55 + million streams in the US alone - and in the UK if BBC 1 is the only partner - get her music played on BBC 1.
  9. Jackie

    Oh look - he’s keeping her moist - and that’s all that matters.
  10. Yes I agree, I could easily hear her in the second verse and on the rest of the track - she sounded so fresh!
  11. I don’t think it was meant to be a single though lol
  12. Jackie

    Me too!
  13. I couldn't see Rocco there - hope they are sweet!