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  1. Jackie

    Yay! So glad it's back!!
  2. Jackie

    IG May not, but users can do live streams.
  3. Oh dear...poor Madonna...second week has not been good to her...she has fallen out of the top 50 in the US and in the UK she falls to No. 14 on the UK chart - Bruce is at 22 on the US and 3 in the UK - what's happening Madonna!
  4. Jackie

    Powerful message. Not a fan of the video though, but a massive fan of the message.
  5. She was A Listed for several weeks in a row on BBC Radio 2.
  6. Jackie

    You've missed my point.
  7. Jackie

    Madonna needs no one. She's made an album with the lyrics and messages she wants. She's not stupid, if she wanted to do a song with a traditional structure she would have.
  8. Jackie

    Exactly. She could have continued to have made 'safe' music, but that's not what life is about. When the lights go out, she'll be remembered for being an activist for human kind
  9. Jackie

    I am in love with the album!! For me, it's my favourite so far and is her best work since confessions. I am excited to see how she translates some of the stuff live -!
  10. Jackie

    I agree, and it's great to see that she's really into it again. It would have been demoralizing to have your music leaked like it did for RH - she obviously put a lot of effort in with RH recording 100 + demos that's dedication and to have it all leaked is really sad. So moving to Lisbon, making new friends, seeing a new way of life, has reignited her spark and energy and it's just amazing.
  11. Jackie

    Yes, it's delayed in Australia also - JB won't get stock of the deluxe CD until the 25 June :/
  12. Jackie

    Why? She was doing amazing - did another day did great - then she released American Life and the video and then withdrew it - she was persecuted at that time for speaking out against the war - the Dixie Chick's did the same and there career was over.
  13. Jackie

    Nah it was mostly political - Hollywood, Nothing Fails, Love Profusion were all radio friendly tracks - radio in America banned her after AL, they did the same to the Dixie Chicks who spoke out agains the Iraq war also. It was rumored at the time that Hollywood was going to be the albums title - to think how it could have been...but it's not and that's ok - she stuck her neck out like the Dixie Chicks and others - and that's a freedom fighter. Hung Up was ignored by radio - and it charted purely on sales - which it did really well at - it would have been higher had radio also supported it.
  14. Jackie

    I think with God Control, the start is deliberate, it's expressing that our voices, the voices aren't being heard about gun control - and the song builds and we have the 'wake up' - like, wake up, listen -
  15. Jackie

    Just listened to Madonna's Madame X - it's true what the reviews said - it's a trip around the world! She sings in multiple languages, some amazing moments and some incredibly crazy moments - it's an album not trying to be cool, not trying to be relevant, not trying to be No.1 - it's an album made by someone who is interested in the music.