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  1. I agree it wasn't the song that was the issue - it was just the accumulation at the time. The book, the movie and then the single - perhaps the strategy should have been the book + single - then an album a year later maybe. I also agree with @Blue Jeanif they were doing any damage control - Rain would have been the natural follow up single! But, at the end of the day, despite the intense press good and bad - it didn't hurt her career - Bedtime Stories the album was a hit - Take A Bow her longest No. 1 single in the US and the GS was a knock out!
  2. Well said and I agree. Will be interesting to see how it all unfolds.
  3. Warner Music Australia has about 22 more copies of the picture disc just become available
  4. I honestly don't know what the fuss is - we are mostly all living in a free trade world. If someone wants to charge for something that they've put in so much effort into - why is that a problem? Should a painter give out their paintings for free?
  5. I do agree it's interesting that they aren't promoting these single re issues with the gusto they once did - that is, featuring them on her iTunes (instead we still have Sorry) - and sending selected tracks to release radar - if it wasn't for her story a general fan wouldn't be aware that TPOG has been released to streaming -
  6. this is true, be good to hear that demo one day though!
  7. Oh yes - it’s too early on a Sunday here and I need more coffee lol
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