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  1. It would have been beautiful, a different tour the beginning would have been dancers mimicking sexual choreography with a musical Mashup between "Justify My Love", "Erotica" & "Rescue Me", where Madonna is rescued by other dancers subjected to a similar type of sodomy as in the song video "Human Nature" after the dancers of sodomy let her pass to sing "Survival" singing along with her two vocalists sitting in the same chair of the previous performance, once finished she would have greeted the public making reference that this is a different show to the previous one of "The Girlie Show", to later sing "True Blue" in a romantic version accompanied by piano and its vocalists and then end with "Don't Stop" in a way moving between them three and then move on to a " interlude "where an instrumental piano of the song" Promise To Try "would have played with an act of drama of the dancers when performing the scene of a pantheon simulating sadness and then singing" Edge rlinne "also with a piano and romantic acoutic alone while they pass through its back walls with photographs of her personal life, then sit on a sidewalk and interpret" Secret "in advance of a few words I say there is no perfect show to do it tonight , they would play "Take A Bow" and then be accompanied by "Bad Girl" and end the act with "Love Tried To Welcome Me" where a second interlude would come with a soft instrumentation of "Express Yourself" while boys and girls leave as a private bar type the one that would be behind serving the drinks would be Madonna to continue singing the song of the interlide already with a bit of jazz mixed, to later sing "Open Your Heart" continuing the jazz song and say again words like "they are liking the show and then putting on to sing "Santuary" and "Forbidden Love" and then go to a final interlude where it would begin with sounds "Papa Don't Preach" and "Who's That Girl" with an instrumentation and with a d plot of a girl traveling from Seatle to New York appearing Madonna and saying that that girl is me. and the public would applaud her with so much emotion to interpret "Like A Virgin" with a drums and chaotic instrumentation and then interpret "Bedtime Story" ending with an amazing scenery and a tense dance thus ending our Reyna's Show "The Night with Madonna" such Once I could perform "La Isla Bonita" in some cities or sing "Santa Baby" if the show is close to Christmas. That would be my imagination
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