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  1. What is "SECRET (OLD)" supposed to be? an early demo or a completely different song?
  2. I see your love coming down, let it wash all over me.

    1. deathproof


      Leak it. NOW!!!!!

    2. RUADJAI


      What are you going on about?

    3. deathproof


      “Something’s coming over me, over me, over me, over me, over me….”

      Clubbing House Music GIF by Vivid People Disco

  3. im pretty sure it says Bed Book
  4. this picture also comes from the same set
  5. this clearly confirms that there's three different versions of the song
  6. Sorry i don't. But i assume it contains several demos such as Bring It and I Will Always Have You.
  7. there's also 2 previously unknown titles on that DAT, one of them is called Bed Book.
  8. omg i can't wait for Like A Prayer 2022 TikTok trap remix feat Carbi B:hearteyes::hearteyes:

    1. proxy


      I'm here for it, just to pissed off even more pressed haters :Madonna055:

  9. I'm dying to hear the original 2004 demos she recorded for Hello Suckers.
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