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  1. in my mind new music translates to unused shep pettibone bedtime stories sessions march 1994
  2. also Don't Stop and Inside of Me
  3. I can't stop listening to Like a Prayer rn :Madonna014: the album version aged like milk but the remixes still slap 

    1. devilpray


      Don't do the OG like that! She just needs a cute remaster, a little bass and brightness fix

    2. MPowered


      The album version is the only one that aged well. That dance version by Shep is the one that sounds absolutely dated nowadays.

  4. The fact that the Ghosttown TV Track played in various interviews will never leak

    1. slutpride


      She had almost 35 years of leaks. Somebody needed to turn off the damn faucet.

  5. Didn't she also recorded a song named Kids?
  6. me trying to act unbothered so warner can release the anniversary remasters faster


  7. Was the song really slowed down? Because the BPM of the acapella sounds weird to me.
  8. Can someone transcript those lyrics please?
  9. You must love me, You'll see, Time stood still.
  10. Be careful with my heart, you could break it.
  11. Mirenme chicos bailar como Madonna Y nadie sabe que sera (¿Que sera?) Esta noche la luna me levanta Y me llena de pasión (De pasión)
  12. "Pure Shoes" - All Saints Sounds like Frozen + Liquid Love.
  13. 1- Express Yourself (Shep Remix) 2- Like A Prayer (12'' Shep Remix) 3- Borderline 4- Live To Tell 5- Open Your Heart (12'' Remix)
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