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  1. apparently The Immaculate Collection is available on Sony 360 Reality Audio :bothered2:

    1. SashaRemix


      Are you sure?

    2. sidney78a


      didnt even know there was such a thing as Sony 360 Reality Audio :suffer:

  2. Nobody's Perfect, i guess I Deserve It.
  3. The extended version of Cherish is probably one of the worst mixes she has ever approved.

    1. aleex123


      The original version is also kinda bad for me, it's too long and the mixing is too outdated, the qsound remix made it listenable

    2. mirtillo


      PoG remixes are worst!

  4. idts but apparently other songs such as The Game came from an unleaked inhouse cd?
  5. tbh, i live for these fake asf titles. they never fail to make me laugh
  6. Is this gonna go on forever and ever?
    Somebody end this dance lesson

  7. To Love You isn't part of the set tho
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