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  1. Was the song really slowed down? Because the BPM of the acapella sounds weird to me.
  2. Can someone transcript those lyrics please?
  3. You must love me, You'll see, Time stood still.
  4. Top 5 of worst Madonna songs 1- All 2- Her 3- Songs 3- Are 4- Good 5- Jimmy Jimmy
  5. Be careful with my heart, you could break it.
  6. Mirenme chicos bailar como Madonna Y nadie sabe que sera (¿Que sera?) Esta noche la luna me levanta Y me llena de pasión (De pasión)
  7. I've just finished watching Beastars on Netflix. I love the theme song.
  8. "Pure Shoes" - All Saints Sounds like Frozen + Liquid Love.
  9. 1- Express Yourself (Shep Remix) 2- Like A Prayer (12'' Shep Remix) 3- Borderline 4- Live To Tell 5- Open Your Heart (12'' Remix)
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