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  1. I'm not paying £2000 to see that up close in a theatre interspersed with 'jokes'. Another nail in the coffin.
  2. Awful performance
  3. Awful performance
  4. Awful performance.
  5. Awful performance.
  6. Has crave charted in the UK?
  7. Occidental

    Future - what a load of crap. In future, bring back the song writing camps!
  8. Occidental

    I'll listen to it. I won't buy it.
  9. Occidental

    I've decided not to buy the album after today.
  10. Occidental

    It's all very sad and we haven't had the album yet. New fans will struggle to buy tickets. Madonna needs new fans.
  11. Occidental

    Great strategy to piss fans off just before the album is released. Who thinks these things up?
  12. Occidental

    With everyone trying to stand up with their phones in the air. I doubt people will see alot.
  13. Occidental

    Apparently, she's doing 245 nights at the Copford village hall, Colchester. Capacity 200.
  14. Occidental

    Because they choose not to whinge and whine about it in a public way.
  15. Occidental

    It's the ticket touts that always threaten events such as this. I saw Kate Bush a few years ago at the Eventim Apollo. There were only a few thousand people each night. Quite a few people around me appeared not to really want to be there and spent quite alot if time chatting and texting on their phones. London theatre critics will be out in force for this show. They will not accept miming or singing along to a backing track. I have been a fan for over 35 years but I am now tired of her narcissistic comments about how the world is punishing her for being 60. Never seen Barbara Streisand or Cher do that. They just continue to release albums and put on great shows in large venues. If anything, Madonna is being punished for making mediocre music. I expect far more from music I listen to than I did 30 years ago. There is such strong lyrics being put out by bands like 1975. Really political stuff. Madonna can't match these. She's surrounded herself with the same team for years now. She really has become a self fulling proficy. She has become stagnant. Oh, Kevin antunes, Jaime King again? Let's see.