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  1. Occidental

    I preferred the gold tooth. At least you could see her eyes
  2. Occidental

    She was dreadful on Graham Norton. She put alot of people off. She was very rude and incoherent. She really is her own worst enemy. The whole eye patch thing is awful.
  3. Occidental

    I'm sure she's singing wanker at the end of God Control and it's aimed at Donald Trump.
  4. Occidental

    Well, when you collaborate with Patrick Leonard!
  5. Occidental

    And this is with us all buying three fucking copies of her album?!? Did BS release several different formats and covers? What would her sales look like with one physical release?!?
  6. Occidental

    Brilliant song. Would be amazing inserted before Oh Father and Papa Don 't Preach from Blond Ambition tour!
  7. Occidental

    Boring. Are we expected to pay £2000 to see a karaoke show?!? Just sing live. With no effects. If you can.
  8. I'm not paying £2000 to see that up close in a theatre interspersed with 'jokes'. Another nail in the coffin.
  9. Awful performance
  10. Awful performance
  11. Awful performance.
  12. Awful performance.
  13. Has crave charted in the UK?
  14. Occidental

    Future - what a load of crap. In future, bring back the song writing camps!
  15. Occidental

    I'll listen to it. I won't buy it.