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  1. Jascka

    Not necessarily. As an aside, gafuller. So it's all about the money for you... If you consider that a fan should be measured on the amount of money they spend on Madonna (and Madame X), you have nothing understood about being a fan. Pd. And by the way, in my opinion collecting Madonna doesn't define a fan either. Collecting everything Madonna has released doesn't make you a bigger fan and is not an obligation, but an option. Just saying.
  2. Jascka

    Thank heaven there's still some fans around here with some common sense! I can relate to what you are saying. And my wish is that Mambo keeps doing music that I love.
  3. Jascka

    THIS! Well said. 😊
  4. Absolutely. You know what, I'm not concerned the least about promotion or success of the song actually (Crave, in this case). I don't care if it's not a #1 hit, nor a powerful single, nor if it has remixes. Some of my favourite songs of her never were singles, nor promoted, but are in some of her best albums made, and that's all what matters to me in the end. The rest is secondary.
  5. Jascka

    Something is so wrong with Mambo's taste in music, then... Btw, your reply is one of the very few I have seen in this forum who doesn't jump straight to my neck in anger when I opine about her. Thank you for keeping it nice and calm one more time. 👌🏻
  6. Agree. I don't care about charts, nor radio airplay (which I'd like to happen of course). I just want the album to be a good album, from track 1 (🤣 maybe not) to the last. On the other hand, why do you associate (in a way Cadorcha) sales/songs that top the charts with bad quality apparently? Of course we all know trendy music doesn’t mean quality (see Medellín 🤮). But just because many artists do "fast food" music today doesn't mean Madonna has to do that to have another hypothetical #1. LOOOOOOL! At least I thought so. Pd. Does that mean Madame X is crap? Absolutely not! Give her a try, a vote of confidence hehe. The day is coming! 😜
  7. #alone 😅😅 I'd rather have her all alone on her voice... 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. Jascka

    You're totally satisfied with absolutely everything she does and goes before your eyes and ears? Great, I'm happy for you. Just let others have expectations and wishes if you ain't have any more for her. By the way, I'm not going to let you spoil the "fun" again anymore. Ignore and move on...
  9. Jascka

    Nope I don't like it, I don't like the concept. And I must be doing something right when someone is unable to post here without mocking some other member on a constant basis lol No he's incapable of that I suppose. Pd. It wasn't addressed to you Fighter.
  10. Jascka

    Not at any price sorry... What has to do Madonna singing a duet with that guy for example: Maluma? It's like mixing oil and water. And yet those words are still other fans OPINIONS, 12chachacha. Calm down! Learn to respect them, without personally attacking anybody or I'll report you for being a pain. Thank you. 😊
  11. Jascka

    But I begin to see the idea of the game hehe Anyway, I just care about what kind of songs Madonna's album will include, and that's my only concern. We'll see!
  12. Jascka

    That is hilarious. "The work of an artist who is exploring her creativity and not chasing the charts". Sorry but I couldn’t disagree more here. Then according to Simon Button, Madonna has never followed the trends in music either. Seriously??? Come on!!! Of course she cares about it. Also, if they doesn't care at all about hits and charts anymore, what's the problem then, from an artistic point of view? Why the inclusion of that stupid Maluma/Quavo/Swae Lee/Auto-tune/etc.? 🤣🤣🤣 If it's not about the charts anymore, how is it that she is so OBSESSED with recording these kind of collaborations and duets/these kind of "songs"? 🤢👎🏻
  13. Yep! Many takes are different and her face has been also airbrushed.