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  1. I meant 'I Rise'. Maybe she samples Parkland Shooting Survivor Emma Gonzalez without permission. Maybe this is the crux of the matter, too. I understand her position. This is, of course, a highly sensitive issue and must be treated with caution. Maybe a music video (God Control) isn't the best way.
  2. Perhaps Mambo should have asked her first. Did she ask for any authorization?
  3. Yep! She took the risk with that decision, the risk of losing the magic and emotion of some songs. She sings like a fucking robot all the time and that was too much for me I suppose... and what about those grills when singing! 🤢 Btw, I think its not a matter only of emotion, or if she sings soulles, but a matter of routine. I think Mambo is tired of singing sometimes... 🤷🏻‍♂️ What a pity!
  4. Wtf??? 100 times better Mambo & Ed Sheeran collaboration if I had to choose! Thank you Maluma makes my blood boil! 🤢🤮🤷🏻‍♂️ She needs to put an end to it...
  5. Yeah, why not?! What she did with Maluma was so embarrasing 🤢🤢 So yeah, it would be a truly incredible chance to see the two of them on the same stage for example. But she probably thinks he's not handsome...
  6. Hahaha Nothing like a good spanky 🎶🎶
  7. 1 - Ray of Light 2 - Like a Prayer 3 - Like a Virgin 4 - True Blue 5 - Madonna 6 - Confessions on a Dance Floor 7 - Bedtime Stories 8 - Erotica 9 - Music 10 - I'm Breathless 11 - American Life 12 - Rebel Heart 13 - MDNA 14 - Hard Candy 15 - Madame X. It's not an album for everyone.
  8. I perfectly understand what you mean. To me, the journey felt long and boring too soon... With or without HQ version... still sounds so average. It didn't grow on me even if its in good quality. With the exception of Looking for Mercy mainly. Madame X, vocally, became completely unbearable!! And I'm sick of getting duets with Madonna AND xxx, I want new music by her only. Give the duets a rest please?! Anyway, it's great that for many other fans the album has some coherence and every song fits in for them. Not for me.
  9. Well, that depends on each fan. To me is the opposite (vocally talking), Madame X can't beat the result that MDNA brought to us then. Her vocals were way better than on Madame... after a week I can hardly stand it. But... it's probably really interesting on acoustic. Who knows! 😂
  10. That’s up to you! Chill please... even myself who seems to be the #1 fan enemy of Madame X here doesn't want to see "sad faces" amont other fans who do like Madame X. But: we don’t have to apologize for what we honestly and politely think, and I for one do appreciate opinions like his. We share the same vision, that member and I! And I'm not saving my enthusiasm for you and my love for the things I love, even if it bothers you and you only focus on the criticism and "negative" posts and NEVER acknowledge the positive and supporting ones! Pity!  Btw, there are tons of things and threads and positive things I do love about Madonna... 🤷🏻‍♂️ •Pd: By the way sweetie, I'm not the first person who thinks you're someone else behind your nickname since the first day of your activity in this forum, that was banned in the past and came back again with another account, so... just ignore me, and free us of your obsessive compulsive activity. 😤 Seek for help, really (Liam, adamsapple & now "billy bongo", your new username).
  11. You like what you like, some like pears, some prefer apples, and in music there are as valid tastes as with food or any other thing. So... 🤷🏻‍♂️
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