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  1. I would say MDNA but the album was bad so they left her behind. Plus with the Rebel Heart era the streaming era had just begun so she lost there too.
  2. Mine is finally here after 3 months And apparently medium is actually large for them cause there's no way this is just medium, i can wear that as a dress
  3. not charlie hunnam being on stage, im so horny for him
  4. i found a way to talk with them and they told me that its coming at the end of the month
  5. Can someone please help me, is there any way to communicate with them? With her store members or idk, an email. More than a month passed and nothing about it, not even some info. Is there a way to find an order number or code too?
  6. i still have no message about it.. nothing.. and almost a month passed..
  7. i always say that she will be good as a witch in a horror movie
  8. I ordered a t-shirt 2 weeks ago but nothing about it yet, not even a message. is it normal?
  9. I wish the tickets were less expensive, it could be easier to attract younger people and get new fans. Even non fans would pay to see her just cause of the legacy her name carries, but too expensive to happen.
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