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  1. site too bright, ugh, is there a dark version?

    1. Jackie


      Just change it to another theme - I haven't done a dark version yet - but you can change to any of the other themes without issue.

  2. He's clinging to younger popular acts only for success, that's desperation, not working in one song with Nicki Minaj and Maluma.
  3. This. I'm not hating on her, i just judge what i see. She looks like another person in that video and latest interviews, it's not hard to see. People say she always changes but is different watching Madonna from 1987 to 1997 or idk, that's called maturing When she decides to become again a serious artist i'm gonna praise her Conservatives, i doubt most of her gay stans that disliked the new video are conservatives
  4. Last time she had fun was in the Madame X videos, like Medellin, which was an actual fun video
  5. The video is not something she did for fun at all too as y'all say, unless you can find me a scene of Madonna looking like she's having fun, there's not a single expression in her eyes anymore, find me two seconds from the video where she's smiling or idk, only at the end cause she laughs at the track too. She just stares at the camera like she's soulless in the whole video, she does all these remixes hoping to get another Frozen remix moment, not cuz she has fun Madame X wasn't a record she had fun too, that's why it took 4 years to be done, she didn't care at all, and that's fine but she can stop making music if she's not that interested anymore, she don't have to release mediocre music just cause she has the need to prove something
  6. American Life rap still awfull, nothing changed since then in this part And American Life did indeed ruin her commercial career in US, but unlike now, she was releasing decent music. Both American Life and Confessions on a Dance Floor were good records. Since then she has release 3 mediocre albums and 1 good album. And i doubt M15 would be better since she's not taking her career seriously anymore, she's not the type of artist she used to be.
  7. no one said she invented the microphone, she popularized. as mj didn't invent moonwalking, he took it and popularized it.
  8. The remix is decent and the video tragic as usual btw. If M15 ends up like this she'll reach a new low. A real low low. I'm not saying she's not responsible for this, but her ex-boyfriend along with her current friend or idk (Ricardo) have helped a lot at ruining her image even more too. Her ex got her into that basic ass rap stuff music, and Ricardo prob showed her facetune and shits like this. They're bad influences to her.
  9. Most people who hate on her or make jokes, they do it for the classic reason: her age. She had that since the 90s. Other than that, the only people that are obsessed at hating on her are some freaks that still pressed about her White House comment, or some old miserable hags under the Daily Mail comment section, or some edgy teenagers at social media who think she's a pedo or racist. Not many really give a shit about her IG posts or new videos (which most of them are tragic and predictable), actually these posts and remixes are making mostly fans mad.
  10. i think he said he had a flu. they walked out of the stage together after the speech
  11. Categorize them into three lists Signature song: The song that defined her career and still does. Mega classics: her classics that most people know. Classics: songs that may not be known to everyone, but still get played -Signature song: -Mega classics: -Classics:
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