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  1. Does anyone have billboards of Madonna from the 80s/90s in the street? Like this one
  2. why she keeps proving that she still can sing well but she won't i-
  3. she said she regrets declining the role so maybe it was cause of the main female role, idk
  4. Can they just upload Future on Youtube or do something for promo? Where are they omg...
  5. where's the link of the itunes release? cant find it
  6. The extra instrumental details in I Rise make the song 3x times stronger, sad how they didn't think that when they were producing it
  7. So my opinion (i've listen ONLY to the live album for now, haven't see the tour yet): Track 1 - 8, mediocre at best Track 9 - 20 + Human Nature, EXCELLENT omfg, i wasn't expecting to like them so much Crazy > The Breathwork was so weird and interesting, i loved it The intro to Medellin > That "new" version of Frozen > Come Alive, Future > Will not stream anything from track 1 - 9 on Spotify again probably (only Human Nature) but i think i'll be obsessed with the rest album for a while
  8. teased two GOOD album covers and they pick THIS at the end? i'm 100% serious they're doing this on purpose now, they go in a room, talk to each other and ask which one will the fans like the most? lets pick the other one
  9. will the audio be available on spotify in 3 hours?
  10. idk what they're talking about, the spam about that emily in many pages made it realistic
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