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  1. Régine Filange

    Does anyone know a site or idk where i can find her full single sales? From her best selling to her least selling single? Or someone can post them idk.
  2. Régine Filange

    I saw someone talking about the guy who edits her youtube channel here but i can't remember his name.. does anyone know that member?
  3. Régine Filange

    We post each update or milestone she got in her official youtube channel or spotify page. There's a similar thread in MN*tion, but since the community and especially the mods there are toxic i left. They finally updated the low quality thumbnail of Hung Up, hope the rest videos will get updated too. can we get this pinned so it will be easier to find?
  4. Régine Filange

    but at least fan accounts wont steal views anymore from these performances, especially the S&S one, it had 3 million views few years ago
  5. Régine Filange

    The guy who edits her channel didn't even know to add subtitles, don't expect anything else unless they take someone who know how youtube works.. go and spam comments on guy's insta..
  6. Régine Filange

    Hope they will at least post the S&S tour one too to get them views.
  7. Régine Filange

    A woman's war Unoccupied history True nature won't search to destroy If it doesn't make sense
  8. Régine Filange

    i don't think they're joking cuz they're bored, they're mental ill i swear
  9. I can't believe there are that many people who believe in these things, this is more creepy than coronavirus. Her Eurovision performance youtube comments are even more cringe, but at least she's getting her coins by the views. There are also people who spam idiotic tweets under her twitter account, calling her a pedo and using the #andrenochrome hashtag (?). Wth are they smoking and wth its going on...
  10. Régine Filange

    If it's a serious work with not cringy moments (as the Hello Suckers that someone mentioned above) then yes. But i would prefer a new era, a well done era, from vocals, production, promotion etc. MX had good production only. I would also like her to do songs for movies till the next era, Celine Dion did a song for a superhero movie and got 150+ million viewed song. She was doing regularly songs for movies till ~2008.
  11. Régine Filange

    is this about her? translate the lyrics pls
  12. Régine Filange

    Does anyone know if this song is about Madonna? I can't understand the lyrics.
  13. Régine Filange

    All i see in this post is that you're more obsessed with money than them. All you care is about money. Cause all the celebrities have immunity and don't have the right to be scared about the virus or talk about it through social media as everyone does right now. Madonna in that age shouldn't be worried about the virus causes she's rich, in her mansion, corona doesn't like old rich people as Madonna. Ellen is a millionaire, why should she give a f about the people she loves. She's not allowed to miss them cause she's in her million-dollar home, yaaas you're right, whoever has money is a loveless pig without feelings. Rich people can't feel sympathy for others ofc. I wonder why you like Madonna afterall when she's preaching equality, freedom etc. during her whole career while being almost a billionaire. Your post and the fact that you like Madonna and her music for decades (i guess) don't go together. Seems like two totally difference things, yet you realized the problem in 2020.
  14. Régine Filange

    Get real cause i don't think people are waiting for Madonna to spead awareness for something that is being talked about everywhere in the planet right now. You're right, it's time to post crying videos about how scared she is about that virus.
  15. Régine Filange

    she's taking cortisone or prednisone (cuz of her leg i guess) and it affects her face, have you heard of the moon face? that's how her face looks now, it wasn't like that few months ago but anyways.