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  1. her team don't care in general about her videos, we aint gonna let them have it easy in this one again
  2. American Life music video in HD. Probably my least favorite upscale, it's more awful than MDNA track 7 i fear
  3. How it feels narcissistic if he's not in the room with us as you said? You don't talk with him right now.
  4. People who get mad to people that use the "they/them" pronouns are so odd, you can ignore them and not talk to them, or about them, if you disagree, no one forced you to be friends with them. And the excuses they use are weak, they sound like they people who will call a short person "short ass" and then act like they didn't insult him cause he is indeed short.
  5. Heteros were thinking that being gay is a mental illness way before some people wanted to be called "they/them" No one said they're 10 people hun, they use the pronouns "they/them" cause they don't want society to define their sexuality and how they should express it.
  6. can someone tell me in which city she performed here?


    1. ma(x)


      Barcelona 1990.08.01

  7. Me invistigating all the users that posted fatphobic tweets to see if any of them is the real Madonna burner account
  8. Cuz her main fanbase was getting older and when people get older sometimes they lose interest in their favorite artists newest material, plus LAP was more mature than her last albums
  9. Does anyone have photos from old magazines about her controversies or releases? Like magazines or headlines reacting to Like a Prayer, Erotica, Papa Don't Preach? I would like to have a thread filled with old magazines scans we can't find anymore
  10. There's no way they're going to ask a provocative personality like Madonna to perform there.
  11. You don't know that + in case you forgot he still had a father that was financially good thanks to his daughter, yet he couldn't help his own son too, so blaming the sister about it just cause it happens to be famous is petty.
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