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  1. there are people older than her still touring and they were never bigger than her at touring in their peak yeasr
  2. Ummmmmm Madonna would've keep selling more albums if she ACTUALLY cared to put decent albums out. MDNA during its first week sold ~750k as Hard Candy did. She had promo + people being interested to her music. The problem isn't that she left Warner, but that she released MDNA after Hard Candy and lowered the standards of her music twice. Then people dragging her for her age became easier. If Rebel Heart was released in 2012 it would've done same numbers as Hard Candy, four million, i'm sure.
  3. no social media started getting used around that time and everyone lost their superstar status, it would've happen even if she was with warner
  4. probably, since its the same album, just a re-release 5-10 million
  5. is there a site where you can see which is the highest peak of an album in each country on iTunes even when its not charting now? 

  6. these versions have like few differences from the ones that are added, is it so important to be included too and have a whole album with 25 tracks?
  7. what's happening, don't tell me they gonna upload this on spotify? no more versions of each songs pls hope they'll just update the True Blue album and add the rest tracks below the last track
  8. cause it can affect the popularity of a song even more, when you enter the page of an artist and you see a song having like 600M plays, there's a chance you want to see why its popular or idk and play it
  9. i dont get it, what do you mean? her page always looked like that, these songs had the same streams too
  10. i think there should be a thread in this forum with stories from older madonna fans who were alive during her peak years, or even before her debut. maybe post stories about her, how people reacted to her debut, how fast she became popular, what people were saying about her, how they were reacting to her new sounds, changing image etc.

    stories and facts that SHOULDN'T be lost as time passes, imo.

  11. cuz its different but it doesn't matter, i've seen remixes and live versions being connected with the studio version
  12. there are 20 more seconds in the official video, what seconds are missing from the edit? they could take the edit and just try to HD the rest 20 seconds and replace the 29 million version on youtube
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