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  1. That's cause she refuses to dress well, she's scared of pants and dress istg
  2. My prediction: Black outfit with feeeeew bright colors cause it's Pride. There's no way to wear something not black Same stockings again 100% She will wear shorts. A dress, or something more fashionable isn't allowed anymore i fear, she's allergic Sunglasses 100% Long blond straight hair 100%, different type of hair style, ponytails etc are suddenly gone forever "Fuck you" rings, "suck my D" necklace, the ugliest grillz she could find Will not sit down with a guitar to sing a ballad 100%, she has to prove she still can move Songs choices: Vogue or Like a Prayer or Hung Up or Frozen remix Ricardo Gomes will be there to remind us who's the worst member of her team during the 40 years of her career
  3. I mean she sang the truth "cause everybody's living in a material world"
  4. she's going to perform that vogue remix she said she was working or idk probably
  5. another embarassing performance and appearance coming
  6. She's being weird at social media since 2019, idk what happened, and it's not about her image
  7. The video is the epitome of CRINGE but i still don't know why they get so much pressed about it. Idk how bored she can be to post shit and upload videos like this, and now she's posting them on TikTok, which is 100% more toxic than IG.
  8. like the masterpiece autotune baby
  9. "wait and see" isn't an answer or a valid argument
  10. i said albums, LAV tracks streams are awful, confessions has decent numbers from track 1 to track 12
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