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    Leonardo DiCaprio
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    Jake Gyllenhaal James Franco Salma Hayek
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  5. I said that Madonna always gives credits, even if there are 6 songwriters in one song, something else probably happened with him, which makes sense, but we don't know what. I also said there are many other things we don't know if they really happened, some people say he just translated lyrics that Mirwais gave him, if this is true, things change.
  6. Let me repeat once more. YOU DON'T KNOW what happened between him and her. She always gives credits. As for Ciao Bella, singing =/= writing.
  7. This is one of the few times this is happening to a Madonna song, i don't know how much that guy contributed, as you don't know too. As i mentioned, someoned said that Mirwais sent some lyrics to him to translate them cause the song was supposed to be in a Mirwais album (that he canceled and worked with Madonna). There are many things that aren't confirmed to us. I'm going to wait for the other side, the album is out for like 5 months, he didn't speak sooner, i wonder why. But this guy's problem, is the money, not the credits. Even tho he got $25k as he said. I'll defend whatever and whoever i want. Rebel Heart is the album with the most producers/songwriters in her career, there are songs with 5-6 or more writers and even at these songs each one is credited, but now she suddenly refused to credit ONE more person? Pleaseee.
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    Idk, i think 'Future' and 'Faz Gostoso' are better options. 'Future' would've been #1 song for weeks if it was released by a male rapper.
  9. I read somewhere that Mirwais just gave him to translate some lyrics, is it true? Also, apparently his problem isn't the credits, but the money (he got $25k). Why he sign a deal then? Did you expect Madonna in 2019 to have big record sales? Please. Plus, he made only the intro, the rest song is created by Madonna and Mirwais.
  10. We don't know why they don't have credits, maybe they didn't contribute that much, we don't know what happened. This is the first time happening. Rebel Heart had more people involved, yet many were credited.
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    Has he work at any M track?
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    Do they have a cute blond son? I think i know his IG.
  13. Post celebrities who went at the show and in which city and date Leonardo DiCaprio Taylor Swift Katy Perry Dua Lipa Jake Gyllenhaal James Franco Kim Kardashian Kourntey Kardashian Troye Siwan Maluma Jimmy Fallon Swae Lee Lil Nas X Debi Mazar Diplo Chris Rock Salma Hayek Antoni Porowski Megan Mullally Molly Shannon John Leguizamo Kerry Washington Rosie O’ Donnell Anderson Cooper Andy Cohen Jacob Bixenman David Blaine Mirwais Detox (RuPaul's Drag Race) Frankie Grande Dave Chappelle Ava Duvernay Liz Rosenberg Joe Henry and Melanie (M's sister) Silvio Ciccone Kevin Stea (BAT dancer) Luis Camacho (BAT dancer) Carlton Wilborn (BAT dancer)
  14. I thought the site closed..

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      apparently it was just in a comma. You can read more on the announcements section :hug:

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    216k worldwide the first week.