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  1. I would break your fucking nose if you'd speak to me like that in person, keep acting so brave on your phone honey, I bet you never go outside since you are so used to talk shit like that with no one putting a stop to you I never said I have the reason, I just shared my own opinion, it's not the first nor the second time I've seen you acting mean towards the community of this forum. Who knows, maybe the admins are your close friends, I'll just leave this forum cause the amount of hate that some users share to others opinions is so disgusting, even if I weren't right (which is ok since no one's perfect and the world doesn't end if my I'm Going Bananas lyrics are wrong) that doesn't mean that I'm your bitch, so don't hang your shit on me okay Miss Israel? keep the forum for yourself, miss perfection the girl who wrote wrong lyrics is leaving so you can keep calling me stupid, bye
  2. Yes, these songs are annoying as hell and beyond ridiculous, this disappoints me cause she's done other nice songs in Spanish which sound great, in lyric and pronunciation (Verás & Lo que siente la mujer, even BITCH I'M LOCA)
  3. You are clairvoyant! when I was a little boy i dreamt of a SpongeBob episode one year before it was premiered on Nickelodeon, and ironically all these dreams of Madonna fans are making me feel like SpongeBob when he enters the dreams of his friends while they sleep! 🙂
  4. That’s so Like a Prayer music video, oh my god! 😍
  5. Wow the synchronicity of life and time!!! I love your dream, so creative! It even includes a new song created by you featuring Madonna 😮
  6. Yeah exactly this i was gonna say, that Madonna trafficks children in Malawi and that she drinks the blood of tortured african children, read it some months ago on a british news site, maybe they work for The Daily Mail lmao
  7. This version has already been uploaded in WAV in the forum, do you have it? i downloaded it some months ago, it’s somewhere in this forum, just search Blond Ambition Audio WAV and it is in some of those 27 pages lol
  8. I can’t forget an impressive dream i had around 6 months ago where she was about to open a “residence” in Miami, the residence looked so “Mexico’s Tulum” aesthetic, all green plants, rock sculptures, beige colored, blue sky, and the place of the residence was all built up only for her and her public. it was a new tour! But what impressed me so heavily was the exact time when the show started, the place was in form of half an esphere, and at the very top there was a hole that could be opened and closed, so she started the show standing on a little floating stair in the air at like 25 meters above from the ground, and she had nothing to hold on to, she was singing live and coming down that hole while she was also being recorded and the crowd was screaming of excitement That was my dream, and it ended right there lool, it was so full of adrenaline, i was scared that she could fall i have dreamt with Madonna other times! One time i had this dream where she suddenly came to my school and it was the 80s Madonna, all styled with red lipstick, black gloves, leather jacket, a lot of bracelets and she started singing “Body Shop” to me 😭 please share with us your dreams! Or nightmares lol
  9. You’re right, i made a compilation of all her live tour albums, i uploaded it on ShareMania if anyone wants to download it, but i don’t really like or even enjoy a bit her tours from Sticky and Sweet to Madame X, she sounds HORRIBLE in my perspective and she’s boring, i just think Confessions Tour is perfect even with that high pitch in her voice sometimes, yet i do love around 2 tracks per album, like “You Must Love Me” & “Vogue/4 Minutes” from S&S Tour the one i like the most is Blond Ambition Tour, she sounds so natural, cute but strong, filled with energy, powerful, funny af, and i she may not sing so well but i don’t care, i love her energy in that concert
  10. Thanks for explaining all this, this Is great info, unlike the other salty bitches who just came for me cause I shat on Gaga's unoriginality Plus Lady Gaga is the one who gives the green light when her remixes are released, just like Madonna and many other popstars, if not ALL Very much coincidence that her remix sounds the same, never forget that she actually plagiarized Madonna a couple times before even if she didn't really did in this case
  11. I am downloading pop music and while i was listening all of Lady Gaga remixes, this one immediately made me think... wtf hoe you are such a wannabe!! lol Listen the 2nd remix of this tracklist "Marry The Night (Sander Van Doorn Remix)" on the following link: https://www.qobuz.com/es-es/album/marry-the-night-lady-gaga/0060252791552 Lady Gaga clearly is obssesed with Vogue, it's like the 4th time she samples that song without permission from queen M Now listen this Katy Perry remix, it's just the same: https://www.qobuz.com/es-es/album/swish-swish-katy-perry/0060255799311 get original bitches, when Madonna samples or covers a song she always makes it special and unique, plus $he give$ credit and ca$h to the autors alway$! still i love their remixes of just knowing that thanks to Madonna that sample exists
  12. That was 6 years ago, they found them like 3 years ago she even uploaded a video of them on Instagram Reels, some of the tapes no longer have a visible title of how old they are I hope she do something with those tapes soon, i remember in some interview Alek said that they didn’t record the whole concert, just some acts, i expect not just a blond ambition mini concert or whatever they filmed but also a Truth or Dare expansion, something special for the true fans with deleted scenes and maybe show unreleased pictures too, an interview to Madonna just about that era
  13. Yes she found the BA masters and also Truth or Dare masters of the filmings, this means she found hours and hours of scenes which never made it on the final movie, she posted a picture like 3 years ago, i didn't know that about Prince, i love him, i'll search his concerts
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