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  1. There is a topic here for the rebroadcast but sorry I don't know how to link it
  2. Did anyone capture the rebroadcast last night?
  3. Hopefully we get it on streaming platforms like Disney+ or Netflix
  4. Audience recording and its full show, there wasn't a break between music and IDSIF as per live broadcast so would indicate there was a slight delay, also you can hear her live vocal more
  5. Has it finished because of curfew? I thought there was a noise law after midnight hence why she rehearsed the other night with no sound
  6. Aww crazy for you was emotional, we are so lucky to be witnessing this
  7. I hope we get a full show time is ticking on
  8. Even for a live broadcast she can’t be on time
  9. I’m waiting to hear MJ and then we know she’s ready lol
  10. I wonder what’s going through her mind now? I feel so nervous this is the biggest show ever in her career
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