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  1. I don’t know if I want a new album I’m frightened on what she can produce, imo she just doesn’t have the spark anymore i would prefer a greatest hits tour and just celebrate her amazing back catalogue, I think she has a lot of damage limitation to do.
  2. I can’t believe they couldn’t put the track listing on the back but maybe deep down they feel ashamed selling it without musical content, it has to be the worst money making item her team have ever sold
  3. Goes to show that those dreadful frozen remixes have done nothing to improve her streams for her back catalogue and that people were only interested in it because of TikTok, it could have been anyone doing the Mmh if I could melt your heart. hopefully we can all move on now from frozen TikTok and embrace her legacy and hopefully new music that isn’t catered for people who aren’t interested in her.
  4. At least we know it would be a filtered and photoshopped Vadge
  5. I'm surprised she hasn't thought of it and we know how she feels with being censored on Instagram. I know there are a few celebs who have gone down that route
  6. Just been thinking if Madonna was to have an Onlyfans account with paid subscription would many of you subscribe? It could mean Titty shots without censoring the nipples plus she could post exclusive content?
  7. I thought I read there was another black vinyl to come with a variant of tracklisting?
  8. I'm thinking besides the 6lp edition the clear vinyl will be the rarest Also I'm convinced a cassette edition will follow
  9. I think it looks like Kim K not sure if it's supposed to look a bit like Madonna but it doesn't
  10. Thank you for this I just ordered it’s much cheaper for me in the UK than Amazon US, with postage it’s only £42
  11. Junior Vazquez was a major part of Madonna remix history, those bedtime stories remixes were iconic, the bedtime story performance mix was far superior to the album version so he has his rightful place on this collection.
  12. I really hope she gets a number 1 with this release especially in the UK, it will be nice to see her having appreciation for her music when her image has been so negative here for the past couple of years.
  13. Another greatest hits? We’ve not had a greatest hits since 2009 it’s way overdue. People are not interested in new music it’s her back catalogue that needs the treatment to reattract people. This compilation is the best thing that could happen for her.
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