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  1. I feel the same my credit card isnt quite ready yet
  2. Possibly an announcement today with tickets going on sale later on?
  3. I wish there was a way of tracking the Apple Music streams, it’s a shame it’s kept private
  4. Oh shit we going to get the TikTok instagram filtered to fuck edition
  5. I can’t help but think Madonna is destroying her legacy herself not Guy. He’s not forcing her to go on instagram and TikTok posting bizarre things or telling her to get her tatters out to show she’s still got it.
  6. Has anyone had there’s from Dig yet? Mine is still saying packing
  7. Madonna seems too proud she won't ask them. Didn't she fall out with Nikki anyway?
  8. The bringing back Donna & Nikki sentence, the entire set will be sung live sounds like a fan fiction to me
  9. I've not read any of the previous comments, but I want to say her latest Insta posts she looks smoking hot, the Hair the styling I hope this hot pink stays around for ages
  10. Hasn’t she already done something with them? They appear to be smaller has she had them reduced? Serious question btw
  11. Tbh I wouldn’t mind if she did sell it because I would no longer need it, I got joy out of it when I was alive and she gets money as well. Win win 😂
  12. What were the differences please?
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