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  1. So we have La Isla Bonita EP released this Friday, I wonder if it will contain the 7" remix?
  2. I can't wait for tour rehearsals to start so that we can finally get away from talking about her face all the time
  3. I thought we were going to stop the face talk hence why the Grammys thread was locked?
  4. I've just seen a new article on front page Daily Fail comparing her face now to 1987 Madonna, I refuse to read it and give them the click bait but comparing someone's looks against a 30 year former self is just plain stupid and idiotic
  5. There is no denying she has had work done but comparing a photo of a 30 year old against a 60 year old Madonna is a little unfair, everyone's appearance and skin changes with age. Her weight as well is completely different, no one is saying she hasn't had work done but to say a 60 year Madonna looks nothing like a 30 year is just absurd and very unfair
  6. I still see Madonna and without being rude I see plump face not all from surgery but from age or weight gain? Her skin is flawless and so what if she's had surgery/procedures I think the hashness of the general public is either jealousy because if we could all afford to change something about ourselves that we didn't like we would do it, also the fact that Madonna refuses to go away and it terrifies them. In many years to come and possibly when she's not around anymore she will be applauded for pushing the boundaries and defying what is expecting of 60+ female artist in the public eye and this will be the complete norm
  7. I thought she was going to use it as a sacrifice
  8. But how do you know she can't physically handle it?? unless you're her doctor or within her inner circle you can only speculate The scary realisation is that ageism exist in her fan base as well as outside of it
  9. I think people are always going to be critical how she looks because when you end up seeing her on TV or in reality she is nothing like on her social media which maybe she has set a rod for her own back. In reality does she look bad? NO She looks like a 60 something woman who has had work done, her face her body. She needs a new make up artist and hair stylist because every public engagement is drawing attention the the face.
  10. Outfit looks good the only issue the hair and the grillz She can hardly speak hopefully the Grillz are gone for the tour
  11. It won’t be Madonna she needs ages to rehearse and she can’t keep it a secret we would have teasers on instagram last Grammys time 2022 #soon
  12. What’s with the bandages around her stomach? Has she had surgery?
  13. I'm glad Into the groove has peaked, The masked Singer last weekend helped
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