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  1. Does anyone know what this is with Rusty Egan? Does it mean we won’t be getting the Everybody UK edit? 😭
  2. I’m surprised Shep and M haven’t had a writing or production credit?
  3. I hope it's not true I can see the comments now on DM and from all fandoms, Madonna is only trying to do it to stay relevant Plus Me Against the music was awful
  4. On Apple Music it’s gone from 40 to 26 on her top songs since yesterday.
  5. Exactly we have 2 new Madonna tracks/remixes to tide us over to FEL which is fast approaching
  6. Does it matter?? I think Madonna fans dissect every thing and then act like petulant children when they think her 'crown' is being taken or threatened - it's childish!! A fan is always going to think the artist they follow is the Queen or the best etc, it doesn't matter at the end of the day no one cares, why do we have to get so insecure?? Madonna is getting played at the moment and sorry it may be because of Beyoncé but just enjoy it, Vogue is back out there and it means the younger generation are discovering it and the GP are remembering it. We all know Madonna has ruined her GP appeal and every little helps to get her back out there and respected/appreciated I'm sure the same people would be moaning here if Beyoncé had released the Track with Gaga or Mariah claiming she disrespected Madonna
  7. Do you know what the stats are for break my soul vogue please?
  8. Sorry if it’s already mentioned but it’s number 1 on UK iTunes amazing seeing our M at number 1
  9. But it will get people to discover her, it should encourage people to start investigating her as an artist and her back catalogue
  10. I've just bought, let's get Madonna in the charts again it helps with her back catalogue
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