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  1. I just hope when it eventually comes to Open your Heart we get the proper single remix and they don’t try and pass the immaculate collection version as the single edit like they did with borderline
  2. Exactly the hypocrisy you could say a 63 year old male dressing up as woman wearing loads of padding and make up to look like a younger woman is embarrassing for tv
  3. It would be nice if RuPaul was to be judge I really hope he’s at one of the LA shows
  4. It's getting better but maybe they should just turn her mic down more for this number and let the backing track dominate, but we know anyway if this makes it to the concert film it will be dubbed to f*ck anyway.
  5. Anyone else notice they have changed the intro to Take a bow? it's extended and not beat.
  6. It's up there with BAT for me, these 2 tours are like sisters
  7. I'm wondering if the change up in outfits means they have captured all the footage they need for the film release now?
  8. Funny enough i was looking at the single edition last night and thought what a pointless release they should have released 2 disc as standard and 3 disc as deluxe. I would say the best songs were chosen on your list
  9. I wondering with all these instructions she has in ear piece, where to stand what lyric is coming next maybe somehow hinders her more than helps, she appears to be concentrating more on them and then how she sounds?
  10. I thought she sound Ok on RHT it wasn't perfect but it nothing as bad as it is on this tour she literally sounds likes shes not singing in tune.
  11. Yeah I seen a post on TikTok I would say its the worst so far
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