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  1. It’s not that rare it appears it’s being mass produced they will have it available at the venues as well.
  2. My picture disc arrived it's beautiful, just listening to it now and the quality is so good. I'll get the black vinyl at a later date
  3. I’ve ordered the blond ambition Tee will buy other Tees at the venue.
  4. I hope it’s pure dance pop and no rappers or duets.
  5. I'm getting so excited now I've had my Madonna playlist on whilst I'm working, certain songs are taking me back to my childhood as well i'm sure the live experience is going to be so emotional.
  6. Stop putting negativity out into the universe, Madame X was a completely different scenario that was her hip. As stated many times before she has knee supports since RIT, top athlete's wear them as well.
  7. I'm so glad there hasn't been any announcement I want all my coins to go into tour merch, hopefully they hold out until after the tour
  8. I really hope we get a little teaser before opening night.
  9. I hope the headset makes a come back, ICONIC!!!!
  10. The chair could be for Open your Heart and not Keep it together, I hope we are getting OYH
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