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  1. It's a shame the entire MDNA album wasn't movie music, right?
  2. Never heard this information anywhere? And even if this were true, Oscar is awarded to the song as it appears in the movie, not subsequent versions. I do remember that Madonna wanted to make changes to the lyrics but Time Rice wouldn't have it.
  3. Why would she get a writing credit for not participating in the songwriting process? With established songwriters like Sondheim and Lloyd Webber she couldn't make adjustments to the songs.
  4. mostly some lead single choices. Some better choices really could have changed the course of Madonna history.
  5. androiduser

    Lady Gaga

    well, she must be the most powerful woman in Hollywood then
  6. androiduser

    Lady Gaga

    Well then, opinions of a person who is willing to write fake reviews shouldn't matter anyway
  7. androiduser

    Lady Gaga

    I don't because it sounds like a comment on Paws Down
  8. androiduser

    Lady Gaga

    the overall consensus is that the movie is mediocre but Gaga is great in it. The critics agree, the audience agrees, the only people who disagree are stans of other pop divas.
  9. androiduser

    Lady Gaga

    Do you have any proof for the claims?
  10. interestingly, in 1983, Siouxsie and the Banshees released a song called Tattoo which shaped the development of trip hop ten years later
  11. Well, not at all... "trip hop" didn't really appear with that name until 1994... unless, OF COURSE, Madonna invented trip hop
  12. I've been hearing La Isla Bonita A LOT recently (I live in Europe).... on the radio, in bars, in clubs.... and it sounds like a slightly fresher mix, almost like it has an additional beat. Has the song been remixed recently?
  13. I find these comparisons ridiculous. Madonna fans always think that Madonna is on the level of high art icons like David Bowie, but when we need to justify average songs, then it's time to compare her to Janet.
  14. they MUST start the re-issue campaign with a well known album that the general public knows and loves.... Ideally Like a Prayer or Ray of Light. Like a Prayer is one of Madonna's most popular songs, if not the most popular song, so the album would be best choice because it shares the name with an absolutely iconic song. It wouldn't make much sense to start with something that is less known, or just a fan favorite.
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