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  1. There was a Dita look at the new Dolce & Gabbana show today. There were also some looks inspired by Aaliyah.
  2. what an impressive career in the world of music and cinema! so many cult classics with Madonna and other artists
  3. The Sex book backlash was a huge part of her career and the first major threat to her career and success, so I expect it to be depicted in the film. I think Erotica will probably be used as the soundtrack to the scenes depicting the Sex Book era.... I don't think all albums will get equal time in the movie, some will probably be skipped altogether. I'd expect the recording sessions of the first demos and the first album to be shown in the movie, not the rest.
  4. if the roles were reversed, there would be payback on the forum, believe me
  5. I highlighted the difference for you... and you know full well that Elton is not swapping spit with Harry Styles in any of the photos. Not saying there would be anything wrong if they decided to do that, but the comparison is ridiculous, no reason to bring Elton into this. The only reason some fans are now mentioning him all of a sudden is because he has a few successful remix collaborations of his older hits doing what he does - singing and playing the piano.
  6. I would love a tour with references to old looks and concepts, like the MDNA version of Vogue with the corset
  7. I really liked Truth or Dare, but it was too heavy for me, I got a bottle for my mom, who was 70 at that time and she absolutely loved it. It's definitely a perfume for an older lady and it matched my mom's taste perfectly. I was impressed with how strong it was and it lasted forever, you could smell it on the skin even after a shower and it stayed on the clothes for days, one of the most long lasting perfumes I know. I'd say that the concept (white flowers only, nothing else) and the strength matched that of high quality expensive niche perfumes. Definitely not a typical sweet floral celebrity scent that disappears after a few hours, but too old fashioned to be a commercial success.
  8. the main issue here is that Madonna was ahead of that time, she's not ahead of this time
  9. His work for Madonna and All Saints is regarded as his best work because back then it was still a fresh sound... later on it became same old same old.. the same way his newer work with Madonna is not regarded as innovative or amazing, it's just okay.
  10. I don't think Lola has M's eyes at all, they look like Carlos Leon's eyes, dark and going downwards on the sides, Madonna's eyes are tilted slightly upwards Rocco also has his father's eyes, not M's. Rocco's and Guy's eyes have heavy upper eyelids, partly covering the eyes, M's eyes are much more open
  11. he literally looks exactly like his father, zero Madonna except for the (lack of) height
  12. you could say the same about any producer that has worked with any major star. It was a collaboration... Madonna got their sound (that existed in the same form it did before she ever got involved) and they got recognition from the mainstream audience.
  13. in this case, fans will say Madonna didn't sample or copy RHCP, but Rina samples/copied Madonna....
  14. yes, in 2022 mentioning an unreleased Madonna song will make it to the cover of Time magazine and be breaking news on CNN.
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