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  1. he says she had a "musical note" how to make the change... so, they didn't reshoot anything....
  2. it would make absolutely no sense to organize an additional shoot for the entire team and reshoot the scene to incorporate a few ideas, just to use a song.... re-shoots cost millions.... they are talking about the trailer, and taking advice from Madonna about the scenes used with the song.
  3. As person that know nothing about Random Lady universe I made a mistake & correct. Your joke about Random Lady is not funny & smart as you may think
  4. next thing you know, Marylin Monroe's movies are going to be inspired by Madonna
  5. Yes, Sex Siren is one of the categories on the ballroom scene
  6. she might decide to portray him negatively... every story of rise to fame needs a few villains
  7. sounds like this is beyond just ordinary dislike for the guy... could it be something more sinister?
  8. Eartha didn't like "crotch grabbers", as she called them
  9. I assume the sample was used without permission because it's a traditional song, so the music and lyrics are not under copyright and don't need to be credited (just like using classical music, for example), but using a specific recording of the song is not permitted without permission. But I am surprised that nobody at the record label warned them about it.
  10. why would an accomplished, popular actor be interested in this role?
  11. I doubt he will have a big scene, probably just a few lines in passing...
  12. Could be, M and her team probably secured the sample for future use. It sounds GREAT and it fits Erotica and the later tracks perfectly
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