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  1. I will play it safe, I don't want her to go crazy and show up right on time for my show
  2. I definitely think Madonna will be punctual this time.... they will probably wait for everyone to be in their seats, which takes some time, so the show can start. I don't expect the shows to be more than 30 minutes "late", which is perfectly normal for big productions.
  3. absolutely love the Erotica mixes, and this one in particular!!
  4. people will definitely line up... but because the floor is split up in different sections, there will be separate lines for each section, and it will be more likely to get a decent spot. I have the GA ticket for Paris, and I plan on being there approximately an hour and a half before the show... people will push forward when the show starts so even the middle part of the GA will be close enough.
  5. a new song would make perfect sense, the tour can be promo for the song, and the song can be additional promo for the tour
  6. I think this is the best strategy... iconic albums would generate the most interest, I don't think fan favorites have a wide appeal
  7. Hopefully, there is a major release of her most iconic studio albums. I think a few of the best known studio albums could be treated as a major event.
  8. Not really, Confessions is certified with sales of around 1,7 million in the US, while Hard Candy did around 750k... they were both #1 albums but, overall, Confessions did better in the US. 4 Minutes did better in the charts than Hung Up, and Give it 2 Me did almost the same as Sorry. But in terms of overall success and sales, Confessions was still more successful as a whole, even in the US.
  9. Do we think there will be major reissues of albums soon, or sometime next year?
  10. it's literally that scene from "The Comeback" where Valerie Cherish gives a brilliant dramatic performance and she's watching the footage appalled, saying they can't use any of it because the lighting is not flattering
  11. movies are directed by directors, not actresses, and what the director says goes. Nobody has any "right" to be pissed off. Especially since he directed her best dramatic performance.
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