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  1. it's the standard notice that by attending the shows you agree that your image, likeness, voice etc will be used in the recording
  2. I upscaled this image for you, I think it's good enough for the t-shirt print?
  3. if she doesn't own the copyright to those phrases, and I don't think she does because she didn't write them herself, it's not possible to make any profit from these products.
  4. I think her media presence is comparable to Madonna's... not for the same reasons and with the same narrative, but you literally can't escape her, there are reports about her every move... Just think of the whole story about her flight from Japan to the US for the Superbowl, even the Japanese embassy made a statement about it
  5. Apparently, in the video for Secret, the director Melodie McDaniel referenced Leigh in the movie Last Exit to Brooklyn as one of the inspirations
  6. Juliette Lewis just posted this amazing video! https://www.instagram.com/reel/C5CmKOULC-6/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  7. The irony is that the Taylor quote made headlines this time, not the Madonna quote. Taylor really IS the Madonna of today
  8. I was referring to duets and features, not producers.
  9. Collaborating with the flavor of the month has never worked for Madonna
  10. luckily, not too much confusion... except for the Barcelona hair
  11. I think so too! But I think the roots are colored or sprayed to be that dark, I doubt she has no greys
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