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  1. so was Harvey Weinstein and yet Madonna was friends with him when he was supporting her movie career. Then we were justifying her by saying "she didn't know", and then when she said she knew, we flipped the story around
  2. well, to be honest, trans women were also vogueing, and they are "the girls" too.
  3. well, if the plot continues all the way into the 2020s....
  4. I love how some fans here modify their opinions based on what Madonna does or says...
  5. has there been any genuine controversy over this, or are M fans, as usual, trying to overblow the whole thing to make it seem like Madonna is as relevant as she was in the 90's?
  6. 1998 VMAs was the first time I was genuinely shocked by her vocals
  7. Definitely, Live To Tell sounds really dramatic... Blond Ambition is very Madonna in the best way possible, and it's a phrase that's always been associated with her, but hasn't been overused like Material Girl
  8. I hope so, the movie needs a memorable, albeit expected title... Not something sappy like Live to Tell
  9. I think the old mixes are completely reasonable, it needs to be something the general public will enjoy, not just die hard fans.... can you imagine buying an album by an artist you like but don't really know in the most detailed way, and out turns out to be 50 mixes that are completely different from the hits you know and expect...? I think this is a very reasonable track list.
  10. ROL, Music and Confessions most certainly had the strongest promos and campaigns. It is difficult to judge how the promo was handled in the 80's because Madonna did so few performances and interviews then, but I guess she didn't need more with the hype of MTV as a promo outlet at that time.
  11. so in that case, she can play the part of Carlos Leon
  12. that's what I was wondering too, in the last few years... her whole body has changed drastically, but the neck has completely disappeared.
  13. it does sound like it, but it could also just be another Gaultier look on somebody else, teasing the MET Gala in general
  14. what if she is the person that God is continuously using to hurt people until they become strong enough to let her go?
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