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  1. The American Life "controversy" is completely overblown by Madonna herself and the fans.... you'd struggle to find any relevant articles discussing the topic. There were a few loud opinions because we were already well into the Internet era, and everyone had an opinion about everything, but it was nowhere as big as Madonna and the fans would like to think. The biggest controversy was that it was arguably Madonna's weakest lead single.
  2. Not really... the Best Picture, Best Musical, Best Drama award etc is always awarded to the producers. And producing a successful movie or a successful show is both a business talent and a creative talent. Madonna has the money, but she produced Agent Cody Banks 2. Nobody stopped her from producing a timeless classic.
  3. he is one of the Pit Crew guys on the current season of Ru Paul's Drag Race.
  4. I meant a producer in therms of financing the musical and partaking in the creative direction, not working on the music. Either way, I don't see this for her, I don't think she sees herself in musical theater.
  5. Producers of shows also win in the Best Musical category... so she could win as a producer, but she's not really in the theater business so it's not very likely. Unless she some day produces a show based on her music.
  6. to be honest, the Golden Globes are much more open to awarding big names and major celebrities in order to attract them to the live show... the Globes are the least serious award in the awards circuit, they are well known because of the show they put on with so many major celebs attending. M wasn't nominated for any other relevant acting award for Evita. I think the only other nominations she got were the MTV Award and the Blockbuster award.
  7. I think an Oscar is possible in the Best Song category. M was snubbed so many times in the past, but many new members might be more respectful to M's music, it's still a possibility. I don't think it's likely she'd get a nomination for Best Picture as one of the producers. I feel that M's understanding of the movie business is so poor that she just wouldn't even pick the right project as a producer. I mean, her portfolio as a movie producer consists of disasters like 30 Days Until I'm Famous, Agent Cody Banks, Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London. I think Madonna fundamentally doesn't understand that the movie industry, and how different it is from the music industry, and can't fathom that her status in the music business just doesn't apply to the movie business. Tony might be more challenging, because Madonna didn't express much interest in producing a show, and a musical based on her music is her best shot. She could get a Tony for producing the show without directing it, or starring in it, so I think that's her best shot for a Tony. I didn't know she was never nominated for an Emmy. But with so many categories, some TV special could easily get an award for something - Outstanding Variety Special (Live) or Outstanding Variety Special (Pre-Recorded). There is also a Best Song category for TV shows (Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics) but most of the nominees and winners are funny songs from comedy skits, only occasionally serious songs. With all this being said, Madonna was never into awards anyway, as much as she loves being on top, I don't think she ever took awards seriously. But I genuinely believe she thought she was an Oscar caliber actress and desired an acting award. I remember a red carpet interview the year titanic was nominated, she said in that the night she wins, it will be a bigger and better ceremony. And I don't think she was being sarcastic or ironic.
  8. if it's a classic Madonna pop dance track, she won't be accused of chasing trends... if it's, again, a mess with "hip" "young" rappers, well.... then it won't be a hit, because this has never worked for her, and it's time to give up chasing trends
  9. fans need to get over the fact that 20 year olds not relating to a 65 year old woman is perfectly normal. Madonna became a massive star in her 20s, as well, when there were no 65 year old hit makers. It's perfectly normal, there is no conspiracy
  10. I remember all of this... Ein Sof.... Mindtrappa... My Ejector... so many of the titles sound like fan fiction
  11. I think this was just the fans' assumption because the title implies a more electronic sound, similar to Impressive Instant. Same with Intervention. And Maverick seemed to be a sinking ship at that time, and every party involved wanted to get rid of their share for too much money.
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