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  1. I hope they will come eventualy and not hide like the Justify My Love HD video...
  2. She saw all the good comments about the Dark Ballet director's cut, and now she's reshooting all the scenes that she removed from the Madame X Tour during the endless 2020 and deleted from her hard drive. She regrets of doing that, hence the reshoot. #venconmigoletsdelete #idontsearchidelete #ciaofiles #lookingformkv
  3. For sure it's all about close ups, expressions, hair etc... I'm not worried about the reshoot. I'm more worried about the following 13 months of editing after that...
  4. Some of the batukadeiras are 103 years old now. Are they going to reshoot it too? #itsalongway
  5. Sky Fits Heaven has a CD glitch at the end of the song. Papa Don't Preach, Dress You Up, Holiday, Borderline etc are wrong versions on their respective albums. I'm going to tell you a secret is gone, and Confessions is the separate version album and not the full disco session one that everyone loved and praised back then. It's a real mess, and I agree that Celebration tracks are the ones that are having all the attention, but that's not bad at all.
  6. It was too good to be true, that her team was doing things on a correct way... Sorry single is on streaming sites for AGES. What's the point to release it as a 2 track release??
  7. In the same cupboard as Impressive Instand and God Control singles.
  8. Everytime that someone says that 'I can't understand what she's singing because it's Spanish or Portuguese' as an example of a bad thing, in the era of Google Translator on a world that is more interconnected than ever, I roll my eyes. How a Madonna fan can say that? lol #laislabonita #who'sthatgirl #veras #paradisenotforme #loquesientelamujer #italianroots #latinroots #shelivedinportugal #shelovesspanishlanguage #20182020yearsoflatinmusiceverywhere
  9. Is that important? I don't care about the 'gang'.
  10. Nope, they are waiting for them to leak, and they will upload an amateur video on Youtube of one of the remixes in 2041. All fine.
  11. Ok, now we can relax. And wait 9 months more.
  12. I don't know at this point what is worst.
  13. Before that she will rehearse for 506060 time Falling Free and Rescue Me, but she will drop them 2 days before the show.
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