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  1. nito84bcn

    On Hung Up, Madonna is interecating with the dancers, she's at the street too, at the disco, at the video-game place...
  2. I wonder how many Madonna fans listen to her music on streaming. She has a big catalog and not all the material is on those platforms, I think I prefer to buy everything and not being surprised if one day I enter on Spotify and the record that I like is not there anymore (like I'm Going To Tell You A Secret).
  3. nito84bcn

    Looks great! Remastered videos and old singles being released on Spotify are making me happy during pandemic times!
  4. nito84bcn

    Pink hair is amazing. A real reinvention that suits her. I agree with the rest though!
  5. nito84bcn

    I love the album as it is. Best album of her in 2010's. I don't understand why we have to change something that she wanted that way...
  6. nito84bcn

    Not unbelievable at all... that energy was 10 times more the Confessions Tour one... I'm still amazed that she did THAT on her 50's.
  7. nito84bcn

    Ok, that means that we just started the official 3 years of: #soon
  8. nito84bcn

    I know people that didn't buy the Rebel Heart Tour DVD, because they thought it was too late for that and all the hype was one...
  9. I think almost everyone suffered Madame X era more than enjoyed it... Eurovision, cancellations, a mess with the remixes EP and the official videos, what was a single and what not, horrible grandma looks, the promo started with a happy song like Medellin when the tone of the album is darker... a mix of things that I think influenced on how I see this album today: weird and hard to enjoy. Maybe with the time I will change my mind in general... PD: As difficult as it is, and weird promo that it had... the lyrics, and subjects on it were ahead of it's time and what is happening now in the world. That's a good thing that this album has for sure.
  10. nito84bcn

    It seems that the pandemic is only afecting her, because other people (Kylie - but actually a lot of other artists), could do a full record, 2 videoclips, and a excelent concert online of her new songs, edited and promoted in less than 2 months. The Madame X Tour was recorded in JANUARY for f*ck sake. That's why the Queen Of Pop isn't considered like that anymore, because her team is a mess, the long gaps between projects are constant, and she's more entertained with grillz and toilets than how to present her art and projects to the world. The last time that the general public knew about her was the horrible Eurovision thing, and not being in the Levitating video. I know I'm being extra-negative lately in this forum, but this is how I feel, and I feel really angry with her lately.
  11. nito84bcn

    Read well. Incomplete albums, wrong mixes instead of the actual album versions, Immaculate Collection fucked up, etc etc...
  12. nito84bcn

    Not only that... let's face that she's more inmature now at 62 than when she was 40 and released Ray of light... Just watch the interviews. I can imagine an interesting Instagram from 1992 till 2012 in case it existed and managed by Warner. She was focusing on art, nice ideas, speeches, points of view... now everything is about bitches, gangs, grillz, toilets bathrooms, Aldo Diaz and really devaluated. It doesn't help neither that her f*cking Spotify is a mess, with wrong edits of CLASSIC AND MASTERPIECE ALBUMS like True blue, or Like a virgin. Seriously, I reached a point that I'm sick of her. If she doesn't care, I'm not going to care anymore and I can revisit the golden days on my collection when I want, and share experiences and opinions here with the fans, till the day that we will don't have anything more to comment...
  13. nito84bcn

    I just unfollowed all her social media. I can't stand her anymore.
  14. nito84bcn

    Fake news like the 'Mixtape droping next week' and today 'Madonna History' + Grillz = Unfollow. Bye bye Madonna.
  15. nito84bcn

    Let's not forget that Britney and Xtina were HUGE on that time, and as always, they were called the new 'MADONNAs'. Madonna, Britney and Xtina fanbases were in peace and happy, and it was the way that Madonna said: I'm still being the queen, I can play with the newcomers as I want, I'm still here and I'm going to make my banned album / singles worldwide again. I agree that Hollywood suffered a little and became smaller after the kiss, but hey... they included it in her extended compilation Celebration because of this performance.