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  1. nito84bcn

    September 2023
  2. nito84bcn

    Right click on the song, then 'information', then 'options' and u will see the audio balance. If u do the same process (right click on the full album cover) u can balance all the songs in general. I hope this helps you!
  3. Why? She had an amazing body for that age. Somebody stole those unreleased pics and leaked them years ago, so good that she's not ashamed of them. And she has a good Instagram, she's posting what she wants, not what is PR acceptable, that's very Madonna. I'm not ashamed of her, are you?
  4. nito84bcn

    Yes, but at least u couldn't get exclusive remixes buying Molly at the corner shop.
  5. nito84bcn

    At the same time that she was promoting a healthy way of life with Hard Candy Fitness gyms and DVD's, she partnered with an alcohol brand for the tour, knowing the costs and impact that alcohol has for a lot of people. I'm not talking about morality to be honest, but that move looked 'contradictory' for me.
  6. nito84bcn

    Don't forget the Smirnoff MDNA thing aswell...
  7. nito84bcn

    From MDNA till Rebel Heart era stared was only 2 years. And we are still having things from Madame X, like the I Don't Search I Find remixes. I'm sure the Madame X concert will come this year #soon.
  8. nito84bcn

    I was watching yesterday the MDNA Tour on dvd, and I had a really great time! Sometimes we are very rude with her work on the forums. It was entertaining, I liked that she focused on the current album at the time as always and the show was amazing. Celebration is still at the top of my list of her closing show performances. I agree that the audio is a little flat sometimes, but sounds much live than the S&S dvd. And I like that every tour of her is released, or documented. Madonna is making my quarantine WAAAY better. Love her.
  9. nito84bcn

    I hate streaming, specially if her records are miss labeled, tracks are mixed, records dissapear, and not all tracks and remixes are available. It sucks.
  10. nito84bcn

    There will be a point, where we will have to live again, and see our loved ones. I don't want to die alive, sorry. Paranoia and being a police about the actions that others do, is more dangerous than any virus. Let's not forget the stigma that HIV generated.
  11. nito84bcn

    Number 1 on Itunes Spain! Bedtime Stories album on num 3!
  12. nito84bcn

    Can we consider it now as the 4th official single, or are we still having doubts?
  13. nito84bcn

    Why 'Justice for Bedtime Stories'? Would be better 'Justice for Madame X or Rebel Heart'. But good she's back high on the charts with an old album.
  14. nito84bcn

    Amazing! First time that she’s still promoting her last album after the tour! What surprises me, is that she didn’t even make a post back in December when the first bunch of remixed were released!