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  1. I don't know why fans are always so stressed. She always talked about performing...
  2. I'm streaming the 'Madonna Top Tracks' that they updated!
  3. I think you can only combine them if they are the exact same track. Like a prayer on Celebration is slower, and Material girl has the stereo reversed compared to the album version. I don't think that they can combine them...
  4. It hurts me (lol) when people and even Madonna prefer the sterile and noisy remix of Celebration, rather than the beautiful, melancholic but energic album version.
  5. Yes... maybe Deeper and deeper remix is doing it well and they want to wait a little till the next release.
  6. Seems that she's rehearsing or recordings something in the studio...
  7. In the past I was really excited everytime that a performance was announced... Now I don't know what to think. I liked the Pride 2021 one, it was raw but really energetic and cool look, but after the Maluma one... I'm afrraid I guess.
  8. I don't think that she has enough stamina for both... but she's a box of surprises, so maybe I'm wrong
  9. I'm not familiar with a lot of the remixes of the 80's and 90s, so for me this is like a new release and I love it, even if it's the same version from the Girlie Show performance! The mastering sounds good on earphones!
  10. During Drowned World Tour and Swept Away she looked older than what she was. Probably because too much work, stress, wedding and giving birth to Rocco. Also I think she was having some kind of supplements for having more muscles, and she looked more 'manly' maybe? Annyway I love her around that time, but it was obvious that after the tour and the movie she started to have surgery here and there, looking amazing and fresh during American life and Confessions Tour, and less muscled and more flexible. From 2008 till 2017, she had ups and downs, but good in general, sometimes puffy, but in retrospective, it was good in general, specially Super Bowl, MDNA and Rebel Heart Tour. Nothing bad about comenting this I think, she used always her body and looks to present her eras, so if it comes from respect, I don't see anything bad about commenting how she evolved.
  11. Yep I liked the vibe, her energy... she was on fire, despite it was cheap. Much better than the 2019 Madame X one, bad setlist and same tone as Eurovision...
  12. I think that the main intention is to use the 98 vocals as a back sampler, and the new vocals are louder, because they are part of the current song. I don't know if I explained it well at all haha, but that was my thought listenning to it
  13. Seems that they are editing her face with one GB less than before. It's improving...
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