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  1. It's a good mix, more raw than the original and dirrrty! Love them both, and they have good chemistry together!
  2. This forum is full of vocal coaches, psychologists, and counsellors latelly... Wow #gomadonna
  3. Because they took 12 hours. Loosing streamings and the good moment of the recent release. They had like 2 years to check it, literally. Always the same.
  4. The live album is on Spotify, Spain, but I can't play it. Maybe they are correcting the order... loosing streamings every minute, bullshit, as always.
  5. I'm listening to it (at work, with 3.000 calls every minute etc), but I think it sounds great. Definetly more live feeling than MDNA and Rebel Heart. About the autotune: DWT had a lot, even RIT and we are still loving them. What's the problem now?
  6. On the MTV Spain schedule, through the streamming services Fubo app... they posted the wrong info and poster for it. Only 2 days before the show, and I'm still not knowing if I will be able to watch it like the rest of the humans.
  7. What a surprise! So excited for this!
  8. Si, from 20 h till 22 h is Madame X.
  9. Confirmed on MTV Spain, on Friday at 20 h!
  10. Yep, the Madame X medley that she had prepared for the MTV awards (cough, cough)
  11. Also no news from MTV in Spain... #likeatorrent
  12. Rebel Heart Tour only had Ghosttown at some cities and not included on the dvd, and Crave is out from the official footage. Both 2nd singles... not really smart at all.
  13. Well, let's not act like if we weren't waiting FOREVER for this. We have like 240 pages of nothing literally. lol
  14. That's the thing, yes. I agree
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