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  1. Makes sense after some weeks without re-releases on Spotify... New Zeland, Australia... any news? lol
  2. A teaser, cool! That means it will be released in 2025 👀
  3. It's not like if she's rehearsing 24 h / 7 days per week. At some point all of them need to rest. She always likes to visit Israel around touring times, maybe she's doing it before the final rehearsals.
  4. Oh why? I really like Padam Padam, and I thought that Madonna could do something more sophisticated like this, with her own music. I love Kylie, but from Kiss Me Once she's being more camp / tacky / Sitges act. Just watch her World Pride performance of this year and you will understand my description above. PD: Just enter on a Kylie forum, to know what her fans think about M, and then we can talk about who's insecure.
  5. Kylie was cool in 2012. Now she's a Sitges act, cool enough for rich white gay men, with drinking problems and straight women friends, but nothing more.
  6. Does she think that it was a disaster? 🤭
  7. Drowned World Tour, is her best show!
  8. I don't think that the 'Rebel Heart' tittle matches an advert of sanitary napkins. I never understood the standard edition / cover.
  9. Thanks! I mean... You don't need a degree to understand the meaning of that song, for me it was always pretty clear. I hope that one day she will explain the meaning of Autotune Baby aswell.
  10. Well it's only during the break / ending and she didn't know all the words of the rap haha. But cool, the remix did well on Spotify
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