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  1. Medellín, Batuka, God Control, Bitch I'm Madonna, Give me all your luvin'... those videos pee on Love profusion, Jump, Celebration, Give it 2 me and Miles Away. And I just said some of the good ones of 2010's... Superbowl pees on all Live Earth show and Live 8. MDNA pees on Re-Invention Tour. I can continue on and on. Let's not pretend that she wasn't good on her 50-60's
  2. What part of 'live broadcast from Rio' we don't understand?
  3. Sexual repression and never having success on any gay sauna, can make those kind of childish desires... The sad thing is this person doesn't know what Grindr is, and has to come to a Madonna forum to vomit this bullshit everyday from 5 different profiles at least, like if it is an echo chamber. And also talking about the brazilians boys like sexual objects, wich is also very unrespectful. It was funny at the beginning with the 'truly' thing, but actions are coming a little late (wich I can't understand, tbh). Now it's out of control. I don't know who is talking here with a real opinion or talking shit anymore.
  4. The same person with different accounts and obsessed with gay brazilian sex is ruling the forum lately. It's sad at this point.
  5. When you stop doing something that u like, even if it is for some kind of 'safety', you are changing yourself. #nofear I understand you, but nobody cares why you have an M on your back. Assholes don't even know what a 'Blond Ambition' means or what is related for. They just see an alpha bomber, wich strangely enough, attracts the attention from straight boys that consider it so cool. At least this is my experience, and despite Barcelona is an international LGTBI place, it's full of people from other parts of the world that are not so tolerant. Only gay guys know what is it related for and they consider it so cool too. lol I'm proud of Madonna and her career, and what 40 years means as a celebration, and I like to have that huge M on my back and very visible. Nothing to hide.
  6. I wear the Blond Ambition bomber all the time and I just recieve praising and good comments. I live in Barcelona. Don't let anyone change what you want to wear or be.
  7. But that was still a reissue project. The exceptions were Popular and Vulgar...
  8. I think that no new record till they finish with the old singles campaing... And this is taking forever
  9. Well, brazilians are very hot in general, but some of you are talking like u never saw a cock or didn't step into any european gay sauna where u can meet guys from everywhere. This mixed with the bananas comments and other bad taste jokes... 😓 Calm down. Anyway... Different subject: About the broadcast I hope we will have some mirrors / links whatever to wach this live without complicates vpn, servers or registrations 😘
  10. That supossed DVD would be 300 different concerts on different cities with 30 different skirts and guests on each second. Let's be happy that we have a good ending of the 40 years career celebration with a LIVE broadcast!
  11. You know... English speakers from USA and UK, are the center of the universe 🤭 Latinos, Mexico, Spain, Italy and Portugal are somehow a big blob alltogether for them and some kinf of an exotic thing. They don't even know how to write 'Tokischa' after 2 years... 😏 Maluma can be from Colombia, Portugal or catalan, it doesn't matter for them after all 🤭 #naughty
  12. I have Live Earth feelings, when she was at the top of her game with the Confessions Tour and everyone expected a big show. This time is a lot bigger than that! But I'm not affraid like when she did Eurovision or the last Maluma live collab etc! Really happy tbh!
  13. Newspaper Folha de S. Paulo is reporting that an agreement with Globo is made for broadcasting the event
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