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  1. I think 'White Heart' was also updated. It was low and not good quality before, and now it sounds better! Edit: not true, is still the same shitty file as before. It's clear with earphones.
  2. They arranged Papa Don't Preach, but destroyed Where's The Party and Love Makes the World Go Round first seconds from True Blue album. The First Album is still a mess. Any p2p pirate site have better Madonna discography, than the official channels. Good that they merged the streams at least...
  3. I like the album and the era, even if it wasn't perfect. I didn't attend the concert, but for me the trailer is more of the same thing of the past 10 years: detectives (Beautiful Killer, 2012 Dolce & Gabanna sunglasses etc), gas masks (Impressive Instant, Best Friend MDNA), Like a Prayer is a recycled thing from Met Gala 2018 and Eurovision... the heavy editing and filters etc... I mean, she was the queen of the reinventions, or at least always taking a new trend or risk...
  4. Well she was spitting champagne on the bar the day of the pride. That's what she thinks about this moderna discussion. And it's ok.
  5. I know, but 6 mins of 'mmm' 'mmm' maybe are too much...
  6. Love it when I bought the record... but now it's too long and repetitive, and also don't fit the thematic of the album at all (only if u know all the IGTTYAS stuff etc).
  7. But u didn't answer. Is that important at all? Lol We are reaching points of discrimination, or 'who did the correct thing or who didn't' because of the vaccination. Who is a pro citizen and who is not. That kind of questions are not necesarry at all. She's human, she owns her body, she does what she wants, like u, or like me. Medication or health status should be private, like the HIV serostatus. We are talking about Moderna, Pfizer or Astra like if we are talking about Nike, Mc Donald's or Nintendo. Is sick. Stop talking about covid vaccines like if they are a free pass for the VIP Area of the concert.
  8. Is that important? #hysteria #crazyworld
  9. Will be legit to upload torrents to our beloved forum section?
  10. Agree with everything that u said... but... Why so much effort from her side if only 10% of the viewers can access to that platform? Makes no sense. Since Hard Candy every move seems wasted opportunity, with a few exceptions. That's why we are angry.
  11. She loves THIS. She likes to play. Why she has to drop anything? Love her.
  12. I'm happy that she's experimenting with new colours, even if they are wigs. The golden curls were predictable as f*ck on the last 10 years.
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