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  1. I think they appear on the MDNA Tour and Rebel Heart Tour dvd's? At some point Madonna talked about her 'friends' coming to see all her shows during an interview... was she talking about them?
  2. I think it was one of the tours that she loved the most. It was obvious on her face, and the extension of it, and the energy she had.
  3. The era lacked of good visuals, especially videos (only 2) and Give it 2 me, was a bad one. The record still sounds fresh and I like it. Funny, happy, danceable... The tour was amazing, I enjoyed every detail about it, the dvd, the energy... the atmosphere in Barcelona was incredible.
  4. They are still trying to remember where is the Justify My Love VOB file on a 2005 Windows PC. Like A Prayer will be the next one.
  5. Last year and this one they mentioned MDNA... But I think the most common celebrations are always dedicated to Virgin, True Blue, Prayer + Vogue + Blond, Erotica sometimes and that's it. This is one of the reasons that makes people think that she retired after Confessions. And yes, on the American Life anniversary, the mentioned Like A Prayer again.
  6. Nothing fails deserved a good video. I never understood the bad treatment to that single release... and the artwork is horrible! Good album, good memories. After Ray of light and Music it wasn't my favourite one, but I loved the Re-Invention Tour and all the promo around the album release. And her voice: mature, and beautiful. On point! The autotune was an obvious artistic decision and not used to hide insecurities.
  7. Yep, What It Feels Like For A Girl was going to be the 2nd single. But I think they changed their mind because of the cowgirl theme, more appealing for Don't Tell Me. Also the song was really well recieved on promo tour, and she was performing it live with her new guitar skills, so Don't Tell Me was an obvious (and on point) choice after all. I always found What It Feels, bland, despite the good lyrics. She didn't like the album version at all I think.
  8. How many times does she have to show it to her friends?
  9. Los Javis created 'Veneno' series, wich was successful everywhere. It was about the life of the trans diva Cristina 'La Veneno' who was incredibly famous in Spain during the 90's. The series is full of flashbacks about the present and the past, really well done, I think they could do an amazing job for Madonna .
  10. She can have a new greatest hits for sure, with less 80's and more 90's, 2000's and of course Give me all your luvin, Girl gone wild, Ghosttown, Bitch I'm Madonna, Medellin and Crave on it. Kylie released a cool and successful collection, Step Back In Time, that did wonders for her streaming numbers.
  11. Impressive Instant Impressive Instant and then, Impressive Instant
  12. It's weird that we can see Cher touring forever, but if we think about Madonna, a lot of us can't imagine her touring anymore. I used to think that Madonna was the strongest of all the divas. What changed?
  13. Nothing lasts forever, probably we have Queen for another decade or even more. But at some point she will have to say good-bye. How we do imagine the last moments / schedule of her official career? Record, greatest hits, tour, movie...?
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