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  1. Wow, I don't see the point of distorting her voice like a demon, but she's not the only artist that is following that trend... ok for Tiktokers I guess lol
  2. That album that people will buy is Finally Enough Love. Nothing more, nothing less.
  3. She's the only one who can promote a project that wasn't even started, non stop on insta and magazines, 24 h, 7 days per week. Oh well...
  4. If she follows Re-Invention Tour patern... she included one or 2 songs from her previous albums or eras, and 6 of the new album. She can do the same now, 14 or 15 old songs and that will give space for another 6 or 7 new tracks!
  5. Seriously? Do you really think that decades or Madonna sound better than Celebration wich is her most streamed album and means a celebration of her career aswell? Fans always complaining.
  6. I like it! Describes the most streamed compilation that she has, and it's a Celebration of her 40 years as an artist! In 2012 I thought that I would never see Celebration song performed anymore, but it was back for the last year's pride and I'm sure that it will come again on this tour!
  7. I listenned this album 3 million times since it's release, but I didn't for months. I'm alone in my office, with the volume loud and a lot of covid, and dark times come to my mind. Now, with perspective and time, I love it! Especially with all the shit that it's released in the last 5 years in the industry. This is like old good wine.
  8. Haha I know! But that's why Spotify has the amazing option of marking it with a heart, and then u choose wich version of the album goes to your library!
  9. Because people had 3 years since the last time...
  10. So that means the full 18 track version on Spotify + the guitar cover on streaming, right?
  11. I agree... but I guess the meltdown will be that no news at all on that day haha
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