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  1. 150 years of fans asking for a different kind of GH and a good remixes compilation, and now that she's working on it, some of them call it 'random'.
  2. It was the first time that I knew that she had a remix of Vogue, so I can't tell you when she remixed it... but it was great, similar vibe as the I Don't Search I Find one (wich she didn't play), full lyrics, and the crowd went wild!
  3. Not the best quality, but I was working with Honey Dijon in November, as a dancer for her set in Barcelona, Apolo. She was amazing and I knew her work in general and what she did for Madonna and Gaga. She played an awesome remix of Vogue and the crowd went wild (mostly of them young kids). If she's there with Madonna, i guess it's to make a full dj session of her remixes, like the Confessions on a dance floor or You can dance.
  4. Why not streaming and physical at the same time? 🙃 Sometimes I can't understand Madonna's fans... It's like they are always negative or angry. 😂
  5. If Kylie can release 2440594 physical editions of all her material, Madonna should do it aswell. Digital is ok, but never forget physical! And this project if it's done well, it will be something that the fans were demanding for ages!
  6. Does this mean that Impressive Instant remix will be released on digital too? 😱😍
  7. Stunning, better than the retouched pics of her instagram!
  8. Madame X videos were weird tough. I think she did them thinking as backdrops for the theatre show, that why she recorded them in advance and the single I don't search I find, didn't have a video. Also I Rise, was on a digital newspaper but not on Youtube? WTF? Crave probably came on the last minute, but is still beautiful and didn't feel forced. Also I love her chemistry with Maluma in Medellin!
  9. I never understood the matador look for Rebel Heart. Nothing related to the concept, artwork of the album, or single, plus the same S&S look that she had forever back in the day. But is still a better video than Love profusion, Jump or Give it 2 me (somehow I like the Get together one, so I never mention it as a bad example of her videos) The MDNA ones were good. At least cohesive with the look, era etc. Madame X, the same... the manifesto could be explored better on the videos, but they were cohesive with the album.
  10. Turn up the radio and Living for love are better than Jump, Give it 2 me or Celebration, though...
  11. We all agree that the Interscope decade, wasn't the best one on the promo side of the deal... but is not fair to say that she had bad videos with them. I think all of them are superior to some of the last Warner ones. What do you think??
  12. The first released version, has almost 8 million streams on Spotify only!
  13. For me MDNA, Rebel Heart and Madame X are very dark eras, despite we had some bits of fun on them. Dark albums, for dark times. Madame X seems a prediction of all what came after the release. We live in a hopeless time, and she's just moving forward like everyone do. It will be better if she reduces a little what she posts, to be honest I'm already tired of Insta and the feeling that u need to know what all your contacts are doing ALWAYS 24 / 7. I've deleted my app, for a time, and I don't miss it, and I don't miss to see every day of Madonna's posts (as I don't miss posting anything or watching what my friends, other business do). BUT, I can't live one day without her music or her videos. For me that's the only important thing, and the only thing that will remain after all. Facebook is not popular anymore and one day it will dissapear, as Instagram will do. But art can't be deleted.
  14. This forum lately is a dicussion about how bad is her instagram, but when she releases new material like the Madame Xtra, Frozen remix, or the BBC UK special, nobody cares. It's sad actually, Elton John fans are really happy that he's charting with Dua Lipa and everyone praise him on his forums. Basically people here are waiting for: Confessions 2, Greatest hits tour, Ray of light 2, Like a prayer remastered. Nothing more.
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