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  1. I havent listened to this in a long time. 1st album I bought of hers back in 84 (yes I'm that old). It holds up as a picture of the 80's. But SBD is not the great. The rest......Angel, Pretender, Stay (love that that was a song that was even before the 1st album and she brought it back). Such a shame she's a hot mess now. (and before you all start on me.......I was there from the start and have seen this go from my 1st view of her when I was 12 to my now nearly 50 year old self).
  2. Supposedly as she was so beaten up and tortured, she apparently came out with the upper hand, but Abel cut all of the scenes and left her looking like a victim
  3. Still one of the best things she ever did, shame that she trashed it because the way it turned out never suited her. Given that Maverick produced it, that footage must be out there somewhere. Abel Fererra never forgave her, so no chance of a directors cut, but I'd love to see the ending and the footage of how she wanted it to be.
  4. https://superdeluxeedition.com/news/arthur-baker-presents-dance-masters-shep-pettibone-the-classic-master-mixes/ We all know Madonna hates her tracks being used on compilations, but to have no Madonna tracks on this upcoming release is just tragic. This would have been an ideal opportunity on bringing some of her best work to a new audience who may not have appeciated their collaboraton. A new interview on the release with Arthur Baker for classic pop mag, he even makes light of the work Shep did with her (and we know Arthur has history with M too) Another wasted missed opportunity by her pathetic team.
  5. I could go for an HQ version of her Dont tell me performance on Letterman. That was class.
  6. ok, i forgot how good that song was. and the vid. but one more chance......
  7. side note...I remember loving the pop shit when I was that horny teen, sitting in my dads car with him driving me and my brothers to the library and hearing a song on the radio that I had never heard before and liking it. Nice ballad. DJ announced thats the new song by Madonna. Blew my mind. (Didnt stop we wanking tho )
  8. Being a madge fan since 1984, I've never researched why she decided to leave Warner after hard candy (sorry if this has been discussed before) ?? Seymour clearly knew a good thing when he saw it (bless u sir), and the fact they signed her to an "indie" offshoot that had the Ramones, Talking Heads, The Smiths (some of my favs as well) The MTV generation clearly got on board and they brought in the big guns (Nile) then it went stratospheric True blue (happy 35!), then Like a Prayer cementing her place in History as the "creamy smooth pop goddess" she is Vogue (no words required) Warners giving her the Maverick Deal, and one of the highest royalty rates in the biz, didnt end well (Although it didn't stop Jagged Little Pill earning them both a little little coin) Releasing Erotica and Sex fucking the world off (one of her best) Probably convincing to let her her tone it down with Bedtime Stories And Those fucking awful songs with David Foster Coming back and setting the world on fire with Ray of Light and Music....... ......and then again pissing them off again with American Life (another career highlight even though she was married to that git) Coming back again with Hung Up (number one everywhere )and Confessions and the tour cementing her place in history OK hard candy wasnt the best....but it had a few good tunes, but for that to go to interscope and basically come to EPIC FAIL. (Just as context, I am a 49 year old straight man who had heard Holiday and Lucky Star on the radio when he was 12 years old and thought they were cool. Then saw the like a Virgin video on TV in Nov 1994 and basically woke up and got my sexual awakening and wanked myself silly over her and loved her ever since ;))
  9. Why dont people take the comment for what it was. We all know madonna has a saracastic, piss taking sense of humour.
  10. Straight...and not closeted about my love for M at all. Most of my other musical tastes are more towards the indie rock spectrum, but nevery tried to hide my Madge obsession. Been a fan since 1983 at the start, and no plans to change. But true what you say, back in the early days.....everyone was into her.
  11. COAD is a great album. (apart from push which I hate). It's consistent and all killer no filler (apart from push). Although I think Ray of Light is a groundbreaking masterpiece, the end of the album I don't like (power, to have, little star... I do like mer girl tho). But what do I know..... I'm the straight man who fell in love with a hot bitch seeing like a virgin on TV when he was 12 and think that Erotica and American Life are by far her best work.
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