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  1. Unapologetic bitch Hold Tight (RH) or Hold Tight (Demo)
  2. Open your heart all the way One more chance or hey you ...... Personally neither 🙉
  3. voices 4 minutes (rebirth remix) or Die Another Day (Dirty Vegas Main Mix)
  4. Deeper & Deeper Illuminati (album) or Illuminati (Demo)
  5. Prob one of the 1st and best. If you were gimme a Holla, I was pretty famous on there )
  6. I'm sure y'all will have some memorable stories to tell, but whats your favourite past memories from the last 38 years of her touring ? It's hard to pick for me Re-invention (2004) : Saw it 4 times (Manchester, Earls Court x 2, Dublin). Slane Castle was amazing (Iggy!), but had Golden Circle Access at the front (not the pit on stage), but after spending most of the afternoon with it pissing with rain and during the show, was pretty close to the stage, and she smiled at me during Crazy for You (although my buddy who was with me denies this - it was me motherf**ker, she caught that I'm the straight one ) Sticky & Sweet(2008) - seen it in Las Vegas, I dunno why everyone hates on this this Tour so much. She seemed to be really having fun on this tour, and the crowd was amazing.! Most expensive ticket I have ever bought for a concert $375 face value price. , even that long ago. Worth every cent. Rebel Heart (2015) - Glasgow. Man did she come on late. Sunday Night. Trains stop before 11pm. But giving the middle finger to the venue when they turned the lights on, and coming out to sing Holiday acapella and not giving a rats a**e. Bet the fine was massive. And Madge, gimme the £40 back that it cost me to get home coz the last train had gone )
  7. Wow. I like this movie a lot, says Abel. Wasn't expecting that. The 4 hour cut could be interesting 🤔
  8. Having watched Swept Away last night (too much red wine ) , but I want to talk about Dangerous Game. Its the one film where you are looking at an actress and not "madonna". The biggest problem was most of the movies she was in after DSS, was you were looking at the persona and the famous icon of her. Madonna on the screen, not a character. But in this film, she showed her acting chops. I'm just gutted that she dissed it. Given Maverick produced it, will the true story ever see the light of day.??. They cut the best stuff (according to M) and a better ending? I'd love to see the outtakes......just sayin.
  9. Both films are not great. But I do love Madonna's beauty in Shanghai Surprise. The problem with Swept Away is that the set up until they end of the island is too choppy (no pun intended) and badly edited. Its just a bunch of 30 sec clips edited together and has no fluidity. It's a shame, because the second half redeemed itself.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e20s64jEn50 Mirwais did a great track with Richard Ashcroft from the Verve
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