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  1. Because Gavin Martin criticized it and she second guessed herself?
  2. There was a time when both were on the tracklist. At the end of the day, she decided to use Did You Do It instead.
  3. So then you agree lol, she liked it enough to keep it around from Dec 1991 till late August 1992.
  4. Psychedelics. But also connecting to a higher level, or power; practically a state of enlightenment. Meaning, once a person's individual desires and suffering has gone away, they become Free.
  5. That’s based on your own assumptions. She must have liked it enough to keep the song around for 10 months before moving it into the house direction.
  6. Sorry, but context is everything. And we have the audios to back up the narrative. Just because someone said "something isnt working" doesn't mean they "hate" it. If Madonna hated GTI, then she wouldn't have kept it on the tracklist for so long until late August, and dropping it in favor for Did You Do It. Let alone, release it commercially a few yrs later. If your'e going by that logic, then Madonna hates Erotica, Rain, Thief of Hearts, and Deeper and Deeper lol.
  7. There’s nothing in the erotica diaries that state Madonna hated the early versions of GTI lol
  8. Yes, it is odd. But one thing we've learned over the yrs is that Shep is a stubborn and petty guy. He could just be ignoring it for his own ego & benefit. The supposed backstory about this song is that she recorded it in 1991 before she worked with Shep. BUT, that has never been confirmed. I believe that first came from Bruce Baron, but never stated or described anything more than that. I know it was also listed on Junior's old website under his discography.
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