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  1. deathproof

    That’s too Clown-esque tbqh
  2. deathproof

    Nah. There would have been 7 colored photos of the same Madonna image with sparkles and random photoshop filters
  3. deathproof

    Buy what you want
  4. deathproof

    I can’t find this anywhere. If this was still sold out, it would still be listed, no?
  5. deathproof

    Where did you read this?
  6. deathproof

    Who previously said there was 2 disco tracks? Lies!
  7. deathproof

    If that’s the case then every album of hers is a concept album
  8. deathproof

    We still need more albums!!
  9. deathproof

    Yes where are the receipts?
  10. deathproof

    I don’t know why you took my post as being “rude” when it was far from it. There was an article on Billboard with the Maverick exec that described in length about the albums promo and singles. Want me to send you a link?
  11. deathproof

    Prince = 39 albums Kylie = 14 albums Madonna = 14 albums Be a fan and just give her that extra number. It’s not going to hurt you. She deserves it. We deserve it. There’s gonna be other artists that will surpass her in the album department. For a 30+ career, she’s had so little albums. Who cares if her label doesn’t “count it.” Just call it a fucking album already! look at the keywords. “Album.” “LP.” no “soundtrack” in sight
  12. deathproof

    Why are people so confused? Was there this much confusion when Hold Tight, Joan of Arc, and Iconic were release after the Grammys? It was mentioned in the press release that a few songs would get released as pre-order instant grat tracks for promo. Those songs were : I Rise, Crave, Future, and Dark Ballet. The dates for these releases were well known after the pre-order release. And it was clearly announced by a Maverick management exec that Crave would be the official 2nd single. It gets sent to US radio officially tomorrow.
  13. deathproof

    I’m not talking about Eurovision. I’m talking about the song on the album. You said all of Lindberg’s info was lifted from ATRL. So please direct me to the post on ATRL that Lindberg “stole” about the lengthy description of Dark Ballet. Lindberg just recently posted it in another thread. I’m waiting for receipts...
  14. deathproof

    They want to spend this week pushing Crave to radio and release the video??