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  1. It very well could be a personal project of his!
  2. Watch it have nothing to do with Madonna lol
  3. did this hot dj confirm it tho? he posts on twitter, lots of shirtless pics
  4. Well we already knew based on the missing ISRC codes for FEL, that Angel and CAC were supposed to be on there, but replaced by YCD tracks instead.
  5. this is the best one: https://www.instagram.com/p/CwApCTlrBVU/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link&igsh=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  6. When did he say this? I find this hard to believe when around the time of this video she was saying that she couldnt picture herself jumping in front and behind the camera.
  7. What I don’t understand is, if she had such a bad experience with Matthew in the past, multiple times mind you, then why did she work with him for POG? She was at the top of her game during that era, working with fresh and innovative directors, but why him? If she didn’t want a video that looked like a L’Oréal commercial, then why work with a director who specializes in that lol What was it that inspired her to hire him. Janet’s Everytime video? That one ALSO looks like a beauty product commercial lol At the end of the day, drama aside, POG is one of her most gorgeous videos. A top 20 M video.
  8. Rhino Dolby Atmos physical releases https://x.com/rhino_records/status/1773472425210220829?s=46&t=w137tvHHJQVlhd120YNtQg would be cool!!!
  9. Why include a question about the dancers? Who do you think we are? Who actually knows each one? The only name who i could put a face to was Kupono Aweau. He was giving such parTy n play energy, and i love that.
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