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  1. Next time when we complain to Rhinoceros about how Nothing Really Matters is uncomplete,they will say 'Nothing really matters"
  2. Someone please hype my head off I'm so happy,if anyone has a link for the nothing really matters single tagged i would kill for it
  3. Don't it taste like low quality mp3 file Like fake WAV file Don't it taste like a YouTube rip ''Emily likes my YouTube mp3s best'' Ladies with the WAVS Don't just stand there give it to me i don't have no real WAVS Intro to Holy MP3 I can't give you a correct single release Get off my torrent files Get off my torrent files But there's a web you gotta use before you can take it all It's like a downloader it should be illegal Maybe you should upload a 96 kbps Open Your HEART Remix Edit Use it,Use it better YouTube mp3 converter Use it,use it better
  4. I made it through the 96 kbps audio Somehow i made through the mp3 32 kbps downloads Didn't know how FLAC was Until i found you I was damaged,recompressed I've been reposted,sad and mp3 Yeah,but you made me feel Yeah you made me feel Like a 96 kbps file upscale Yes! Like A 96 kbps file Remastered for the very first time Like a 96 kbps file When you upload me as a Spotify single next to the others
  5. Emily is not going to release the single on streaming because the ai couldn't upscale the cover!
  6. Is anyone gonna ignore how Secret could be released again in 2023 in Miley Cyrus album or Ariana's and no one would notice it,i confused it for a modern song the first time
  7. alternate holiday cover


    1. jross


      Great colorizing job! Can you do the same colors to this one from the Gary Heery session? 


  8. You aren't the first person talking about this it's just that there's a dedicated thread for this already
  9. The album version is ok,the start flute is very annoying in my opinion The soul power mix i love it and the remix edit and all mixes too
  10. Everything except American life,I'm going bananas screams like a prayer instrumentally
  11. They are insecure that the TikTok children might get angry at the length of the full remixes so they put the radio edits
  12. Another horrible ai upscale.The logo and her face is now very plastic looking,the logo is still lq
  13. Where did you get the image from?Was it real and planned to be released digitally
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