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  1. It's the "better" version of Celebration with the album versions replacing most because they are unavailable to Spotify so it links back to those and it sounds better for me lol
  2. Anyways here is Sorry with the comprehensive work done!
  3. I'm right now playlisting the Digital Maxi's into their separate forms like by regions or releases to have a full and comprehensive personal library, I have made like 20 compilations in 1 month because thats how I like my music
  4. Papa Don't Preach and Dress You Up and some more I think if we don't count the ones with missing remixes that could be further have their mixes put on reissues or new packs?
  5. I was checking her Apple Music and she is so organized in there, can we get the interns attention that we want all the remixes with the same tags? No more "Remixes" "The Remixes" or just the songs or single name, I want a definitive one for all and the singles in correct dates and places, maybe Steady can understand me on this and everyone else
  6. Me too! But hopefully when all singles come to streaming we will have all the Versions in better quality (FLAC..)!
  7. If I'm not wrong the you can dance Remixes mixed on any format are slower or faster (some I think) and the unmixed and single edits are the pure original intented speed and mixing I think, homever on digital Physical Attraction on the album is unmixed and while it just cuts a chunk of the intro when compared to the original it is still a error
  8. I know that you are trolling but it's not a good idea to tease the mods so much like this..
  9. You Can Dance and no Physical Attraction correction? By the way thanks for all the info!
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