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  1. coolaideonfire

    OPEN SEA (Ascend Edit) - alternate version produced solo by ionnalee. I was wrong before, it's the original version that is co-produced with Claes her iamamiwhoami collaborator.
  2. coolaideonfire

    She's releasing a second version of OPEN SEA on Friday with contributions from Claes her iamamiwhoami collaborator.
  3. coolaideonfire

    I'd love to hear a studio version of that song. I guess there's a chance she might do something with it as since BLUE she's included old tracks reworked (Shadowshow, Like Hell, and Gone) so at the very least I think she must be aware of how much we love them.
  4. coolaideonfire

    Open Sea! I love it, and the handcrafted set design reminds me so much of bounty and kin, when the sets and props were created from every day items a lot of the time.
  5. coolaideonfire

    The video for Open Sea will be premiering on tomorrow! Great to see some mainstream interest for a change.
  6. coolaideonfire and the promo code you need is: RTF Meet and Greet upgrades here:
  7. coolaideonfire

  8. coolaideonfire

    New single "Open Sea" out Friday!
  9. A Greatest Hits featuring all her singles from 2007-2013 would've been cool as a companion to "Greatest Hits: My Prerogative". Not necessarily in this order, but I would've included all the singles from Blackout onwards except 3 (since it was exclusive to it's own compilation), Ooh La La, and SMS (Bangerz) since it's Miley's song really. I would include Scream & Shout as at the time it would've been Britney's most recent hit despite it being's song. From Britney Jean I would save Work Bitch, Perfume, Don't Cry and Hold On Tight. Work Bitch because it's a banger and what people would want from a new Britney song, and the three ballads because it's mostly agreed these songs are the ones Britney features on most. Greatest Hits: Piece Of Me (2013) Gimme More Piece Of Me Break The Ice Womanizer Circus If U Seek Amy Radar Hold It Against Me Till The World Ends I Wanna Go Criminal Scream & Shout (with Work Bitch Perfume Don't Cry Hold On Tight
  10. coolaideonfire

    I'm excited to see what happens, and where this all goes. I think a UK and Europe tour is the very least I expect, but I think a four-piece returning with new music (an album, please!) would be amazing.
  11. coolaideonfire

    Really like his music, and the new EP is fantastic. I'm seeing him live for the first time next weekend.
  12. coolaideonfire

    How was it? :D
  13. coolaideonfire

    Glad to hear it :D Hope you and your friends have a great night!
  14. coolaideonfire

    Are you a member of the Roots facebook group? There was someone on there with a spare ticket last week. Not sure if it's still available but might be worth looking.
  15. coolaideonfire

    She's coming back to London in December! The Oval Space, December 10 Tickets: I think the remaining dates for Oslo, Paris, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Barcelona, Mexico City and Santiago will probably take place during the first half of 2019 unless they've managed to book them in during November and December.