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    "Nothing Really Matters" - Celebration tour Studio Mix will be out in a couple of minutes only on my X account!



    1. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      i am the night


    2. Frank


      Just WOW, u did an AMAZING job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    3. frozen78


      Why can't you share your stuff here? There are some people who don't have/don't want to have "X" account...


    1. RUADJAI


      I don't mean this as disrespect, but the vocal is in one key and the music in another. They are very close, but it's off. 

    2. Kosmmik


      tks for your feedback. but I have checked eeverything using a lot of tools. 
      everything is correct. 

  3. Oii? seria possivel usar o q-sound mix em algumas canções da Mariah? vi que fez um trabalho muito excelente com a discografia da Madge

  4. image.png.60bac08051202a33c06b8a8329a55495.png

    It's so sad that people here are so full of negativity.

    I am a producer. I have always used my musical and graphic skills to bring life stuff that us fans always wanted to have. 

    I had never shared anything in here claiming as "official" stuff. Why waste all my skills and talent and share as fucking official, without signing my name on it? That would be stupid! 

    If anyone else has shared anything from my channel here as "official file". I'm not the one to blame. 

    Please do not use the word FAKE before you actually know where something is from. The word "fake" carries so mush negativity and really brings us down!


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    2. Immaculate


      I love your work @Kosmmik =)

      Your YouTube channel is one of my favorites, thank you for everything you do <3

    3. Velvet Rope

      Velvet Rope

      I love all of the work you do to bring this amazing content out in the open. Keep up the great work! 

    4. Craigypants


      ignore the negative ones.

      I dont see them

      I dont hear them

      Ignore is best.

      You Do a fantastic job and share great things.

  5. 20081011 - New York (USA) - MQ

    Can someone help me having this audio from Sticky & Sweet Tour?

    By the way. I think something should help link restoring with all the concert audio thread....


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