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  1. https://open.spotify.com/album/1di7tPP1dcol4HLJos1gTC I'm shocked with the lyrics...
  2. Kosmmik

    ionnalee & Claes Bjorklund (creators of iamamiwhoami) have to produce her next album. I'm sure she would be totally doing the right thing and they would never say no to Madonna!
  3. Kosmmik

    no way I would buy this. I love my money!
  4. demucs - I quit!!!

    Ultimate Vocal Remover - I quit!! 

    Python, Anaconda, Googlecolabs...

    All way too complicated and slow.

    Comparing results with Spleeter it is not that better.

    1. jross


      Lots of people here love you and you have shared some of the best stuff on this forum! We can't help advances in technology. Keep doing what you love 😍 And keep sharing  it with us ❤😘

    2. Steffmad


      it works but it's not better than PhonicMind or others.

  5. BTW upscaling Britney Spears Live from Las Vegas would be a bop!!


  6. Could any of the upscaling masters do your magic with my Re Invention edition?
    I wish I could do that, but my pc isnt powerful enough. :(

    1. anton5000


      I'd love to see your edit in HD, I guess re-edit it again using the new source is way too much work :(

  7. "Bitch, R u Loca?" I'm sorry, But the song is nothing but terrible. ahhaha
  8. Kosmmik

    Yeah me too!!.. Too bad it is shaky and the big tag makes me wanna die HERE'S THE RECORDING: https://mega.nz/folder/wwlySIDR#cvuom7UNL2TYSC_CHAr6YA
  9. Kosmmik

    thank you
  10. You always do AMAZING work! Thank you so much for sharing with us! It is truly appreciated!

  11. I'm gonna post the full concert on my YT just to tease them !!!!
  12. there'ss an old DVD on "concert masterthread" the is way better than this
  13. worst video ever!! and the sound mix ... unbelievable!!!
  14. Kosmmik

    I will make all that is posible to. Some intros and interludes are imposible to recreate.