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  1. The Celebration Tour Limited Edition Rosaries are available on the Madonna Store! 'Madonna had a high-end handmade rosary designed and produced using platted gold, silver or bronze, each variation being engraved with the name of each city the tour is to visit. Less than 25 rosaries were created for each city, Bob The Drag Queen throwing one of them in the crowd every night, right before Madonna hit the stage. Pick your favorite city and finish before it’s gone forever!' Go, go, go! And don't forget your discount codes! https://shop.madonna.com/products/the-celebration-tour-limited-edition-rosary PS. @Spanky1995, I know I still owe you photos of mine. I've been AWOL for a while after having my phone stolen
  2. Sure thing! I’m out this evening but I’ll snap some photos ASAP. Hope you have a good shift at work ☺️
  3. Sweet! My postie finally showed up just as I was heading out the door 🤪 Really impressed with the packaging! I think the silver’s my favourite 🥰 Out of interest, what pouches did both of yours come in (at the pop up and from the site)? My gold rosary came in a fairly nondescript black pouch, but my silver rosary’s in a really soft, pink/fuchsia velvet pouch (with what I assume is the name of/logo of the supplier on it in silver glitter).
  4. I feel like this is a hard one to answer because everyone is so different and has very different reasons for buying what they buy and collecting what they collect. Personally? I’d probably look to get them framed (archival framing) and displayed for three main reasons: 1. Two of those lithographs are from favourite shoots of mine and I love them. 2. I don’t look at anything I buy for myself as a monetary investment/in terms of potential or future ££££ value. I look at it as investment in my joy, and I personally get a lot of enjoyment out of using my “things” (whilst still taking good care of them) rather than squirrelling them away and keeping them absolutely pristine and untouched like I used to as a kid. 3. I’m very aware that my family and close friends don’t share my interest in / love of Madonna and just generally won’t want to be burdened with a lot of my belongings when I’m gone - they’ll want everything without sentimental value gone as quickly as possible with as little effort as possible (life is short and time is valuable). The Celebration Tour rosaries that are due to arrive today? They’ll likely end up being sold for 50p/£1 at a car boot sale. My Immaculate VIP Bomber Jacket? That’ll likely end up going for £5 at a car boot sale. My record collection? They’ll likely pick out any they have personal interest in and then call a local dealer or reseller in to bulk buy the rest and get them gone. And so on and so forth. But that’s me, and I’m not you. All I’d say is enjoy them. If enjoyment for you means getting them framed and displayed, that’s great. If it means keeping them sealed/absolutely pristine, that’s also great. You know? Life is short. Do what makes you happy.
  5. Oh how interesting - the beads almost look gunmetal! Thanks so much for sharing ☺️
  6. Oh, no way! So similar to the Like A Prayer rosary? I’m going to have to look it up ☺️
  7. I ended up going with the gold and silver (Lisbon) rosaries because I thought they were the best-looking colourways and I was trying to be responsible with my little remaining Madonna funds But I have a feeling I'm going to regret not having just put the bronze and bronze and black (London) rosaries on a credit card when I see them and see the resale prices (I'm interested to see how many from this drop go straight up for resale). Might have to fight for the New York versions if or when they go up on the site and suck up the shipping costs
  8. I'm so excited for mine to arrive tomorrow! Going to be waiting in for the postie like:
  9. Size L of the Blond Ambition Bomber Jacket is back in stock (at the time of writing this) if anyone still wants/needs it.
  10. She’s never sung this live before, right?! 🤯 What a treat! 😱
  11. The URL gave me a giggle when I saw it 🙈 Especially after having spent the day doing site audits at work. So easily overlooked by people if rushing or cloning pages rather than creating a new page from scratch with a template. I think you could be right about auditing and correcting the page, although it did only get removed/404’d a while after everything had sold out (which took a bit longer than expected)… so who knows!
  12. Hate that you probably paid way over the odds for them, but I love that you got them. Such a great set! And, honestly, same… need to pick up some freelance work to fund my Madonna habit 🙈
  13. Had to go with the gold and silver (they're just so classic), as much as I would have liked London for sentimental reasons! Happy to have nabbed them without paying the resellers £900+ I've been really wanting the lithographs from New York since they were shared here, but yikes at those resale prices, too!
  14. Nice! I spent a good few minutes going back and forth on whether to get the gold and silver Lisbon rosaries, or one of them with the bronze and black London rosary
  15. 59 beads in total. 54 on the main length of the rosary, and a further 5 just before the cross
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