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  1. ScottyX

    User name or real name ..either is fine
  2. S ecret C ausing A Commotion O ver And Over T his Used To Be My Playground T urn Up The Radio Y ou'll See X static Process
  3. ScottyX

    I still play cassettes. You can still buy cassette devices for copying to PC, they work as stand alone players. I even use a cassette Walkman sometimes.. I'm old lol
  4. ScottyX

    I know I am probably alone but i wish they would leave the religious mockery out. Jesus related themes seem to be the only religion targeted. You never will see her or the company mock so blatantly names from the Islamic faith. I've loved Madonna for most of my life, and even oddly enough Like a Prayer is my favorite tho the Christian in me isalso offended by it. She's made her religious statements and has tried to play God but after a while it is redundant.
  5. ScottyX

    if that is what it looks like for real, it isnt very pretty lol
  6. ScottyX
  7. ScottyX

    I wonder what ths flag is like
  8. ScottyX

    Once they ship its pretty quick. Or it has been for me
  9. You are right lol I just got email it was cancelled and they are refunding me today. blah
  10. ScottyX

    I'd rather do without insider info true or false because it takes the surprise and fun out of things. there is no point to it.
  11. the more i watch this performance the more i like it. why bother bitching and moaning, better if we all thank God we still have Madonna to watch. For real, the complaints and jabs = nothing.
  12. ScottyX

    They finally charged me for my pillows and bag. I guess it's on the way
  13. The comments are already redundant . We get it. It wasnt an awesome performance . But she was awesome
  14. I am tired of the monks tho. Theres been plenty of that from MDNA to now. Lol