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  1. Because she worships mariah. What's the big deal. I dont even hear vogue in it. A replicated beat.
  2. ive heard that she is going to do a blues album all in the key of E minor.
  3. I was talking to Emily this morning. She is adding an acoustic version of Jimmy Jimmy to the rest of the shows .
  4. I never did stop collecting records, tapes, or cds. The resurgence just helped feed my addiction. Hi my name is Scott and I am a merchandise whore.
  5. I would say a good lot of us will buy whatever is cooked up. Then half that lot will complain about it all while the other half rejoices over the fact that we got anything at all. I don't expect anything that we don't have already, and really they know fans will buy regardless. These imaginary pieces of info people have are really entertaining.
  6. Whatever it is called, it is a money racket
  7. No, only cash (and I am not even sure about cash, I didn't see any being handled) or the usual credit cards. They have the handheld machines.
  8. My fav is the boxing outfit with the Jessica Lange wig. It really is "neat" how our likes and dislikes vary. I love the mirror one-piece suit. Not strange looking to me at all. I would probably wear one if I were 2 persons smaller. But since I would look like the Goodyear Blimp, I will skip that from my wardrobe. I am never a fan of the cowboy hats on her, on stage. However, I did like the use of the hats back during the Music era. But, it is Madonna's head, I am glad she is alive to wear it.
  9. Lana did not want to go up there. It was so uncomfortable. Taylor has this way of just rubbing it in people's faces. I don't know if it is intentional or what but it is not the first time.
  10. The way Taylor didn't even acknowledge Celine. I dunno, something about that girl never sits right with me. I was happiest for Miley Cyrus tonight.
  11. I am so happy to read of your experience. I hadn't seen her since 1990 so it was like the first time for me too. A true treasure. We are blessed.
  12. I don't want them now after seeing this.
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