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  1. I remember that. still have the video. the guys cock was magnificent lol
  2. And don't forget Real Media files. Those were shitty. For the longest time, that's the only type of audio and videos people shared. And you could only play them in RealMedia software. Then came Napster.
  3. did you really need to add that bit of info at the start of your comment?
  4. can i be the god parent, and have access to your physical collection @Artlover
  5. But a billion dollar deal is A billion dollar deal. If it were true.
  6. The guy I forget his name, who goes to every single Madonna show won't be able to afford 5 years of 4 nights a week .. I'm dead.
  7. you might find the whole Book of Revelation interesting then as Madonna mashes up selected verses that do not all go together lol
  8. you are right, I hate the Q word. It brings up a lot of trauma for me from my youth. People say to me, reclaim the word. Easy said.
  9. Lots of people have vaginas. Lots like to play with them. Not just Madonna.
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