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  1. Spanky1995

    I was on the floor too and they were all definitely standing throughout the my show
  2. Spanky1995

    Everyone around me was stood in my London show but Like A Prayer did get the best reaction
  3. Spanky1995

    At least we will get it....let's all be happy about that
  4. Spanky1995

    It's a good price is it in the box and which box?
  5. Spanky1995

    Its reposted and uncensored
  6. I'm in but will have to be after new year
  7. Spanky1995

    Yeah keep posting please
  8. Spanky1995

    Yeah me too stuffed have no clue about
  9. Spanky1995

    Can't wait to see this and take no notice of the nay sayers
  10. Spanky1995

    Well I think it's a good sign
  11. Love it. . You have covid antibodies go to anywhere on the board
  12. Spanky1995

    I wouldn't do it but it's your choice.....I'm also at the age where I get easily confused so mine would be all over the place....having said that I do take hype stickers off and place them on the cover cd case ect...
  13. Spanky1995

    Hope this is true
  14. Spanky1995

    She who I wont name had her hip done and seems to have jumped right back to the same (questionable) level of dance