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  1. Spanky1995

    check your email they have sent them out this evening check your spam too
  2. Spanky1995

    what they sent you a new email saying you are on the waiting list today?
  3. Spanky1995

    yes just regular tickets
  4. Spanky1995

    the prices here are with the fees
  5. Spanky1995

    make sure you check your spam people are saying it going into that file xx
  6. Spanky1995

    Yep it should be if the legacy member one is anyrhing to go by
  7. Spanky1995

    for the London dates i have just waiting for the finalized versions of the tickets
  8. Spanky1995

    Got my email too now the stress is even more real lol
  9. Spanky1995

    Just registered for the London shows the stress is real
  10. It's growing on me......they always do
  11. Spanky1995

    oh right forgot that silly me 🤣🇬🇧
  12. Spanky1995

    It's not on the UK store
  13. Spanky1995

    I just wanna say a big THANK YOU to @Fighterand @meeshellwhat an amazing Forum M certainly makes the people come together ❌❤❌❤❌
  14. Spanky1995

    OMG thank you so much im just running around my living room loony ❌❌❌
  15. Spanky1995

    Good luck and fingers crossed lol