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  1. Depending on how it's done this time I will
  2. Some people don't need to sell a kidney
  3. Glad im a Lifetime Legacy Platinum Icon Member hopefully the pre sale will be painless 











    1. The Ghost

      The Ghost

      Lets hope they do that again.

  4. I have a good job I just want to be comfortable it a very shot term loan just so I can get the best tickets I can 45 minutes ago, Shoful said:  oh honey what are you doing
  5. OK so the stress has left I got loan so I know I'm now comfortable ( I don't endorse this for eveyone) but now it's just the waiting for the stress to return come ticket sale day
  6. I'm hearing mid month 5 minutes ago, Shoful said: Hopefully we get the announcements next week cause I cannot wait any longer 
  7. yeah about 5 and half hours away 19 minutes ago, Sillynate said: So if the Friday rumor is true, that means we’re 6 hours away from release in New Zealand, right?
  8. Dan k is in Portugal its only early hours Christmas mmornings anything could happen
  9. The item/s have been bought so I guess its up @club78boyif he want to share and make a target to hit if even would consider it in the first place
  10. Always wished to get in on this trader's list not that I fave anything to trade lol
  11. Congrats on getting this treasure @club78boy
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