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  1. Yes received mine about a week ago from the UK store
  2. Yes it does I never bought them as like you say 50 dor some rubber bands no thanks
  3. I'm going on the 5th and 6th December if you still need them then private message me and I will pick some up for you
  4. Girlie Show Drowned World Re-Invention Confessions Sticky and Sweet 08 Sticky and Sweet 09 MDNA Rebel Heart Madame X Celebration Sorry they are in order couldn't really do a rank but Girlie will always hold a special place in my heart
  5. And you all called the UK at least you BITCHES have heard it just saying welcome to the European 🇪🇺 tight lot enjoy
  6. If anyone gets a spare one of these at the VIP area money waiting for you PM me
  7. Why am I being linked in this I stated my opinion on Lorraine......
  8. Lorraine is a C*unt just saying slagging M off for years and her she is....so now a two faced c*unt
  9. It's very normal lol I try to do several dates per tour didn't manage it for Madame X tour though only one show for me that time
  10. They only came to the pop up store when most of the other merch sold out
  11. No it Greenwich Kitchen (GK) bar and grill.... I'm going to be there from about 4pm until the doors open at the o2
  12. So not AO arena Manchester this was two hours ago
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