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  1. Spanky1995

    do you have Spotify?
  2. Spanky1995

    Just over 7hrs to go......its going to be a long day
  3. Spanky1995

    Im pretty sure you will have download link within an hour......not the same has watching live I know. luckily I live in the UK ( good to say that for change)
  4. they did that with me so i messaged them they said order is not ready for dispatch and they will take the money again once it is ready
  5. Spanky1995

    paradise ( not for me)
  6. Spanky1995

    ray of light
  7. Spanky1995

    Finally watched it i liked it has documentary...also love getting too hear the snippets of songs we never even knew lets hope they let them out on a soundtrack
  8. Spanky1995

    so what snippets do we get to hear (im in the UK and cant get my hands on it yet)
  9. Spanky1995

    let them sell them it just means we will get them
  10. Spanky1995

    will get it now for you
  11. Spanky1995

    Email Johann he reinstated my membership level to legacy lifetime member in a matter of hours
  12. Spanky1995

  13. Spanky1995

    Correct your turn
  14. Spanky1995

  15. Spanky1995

    this was posted a few hours ago could it be from the set?