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  1. blondebenji

    damn. thanks anyway
  2. Hey guys, Anyone got a spare Rebel Heart Tour Mug, confessions tour mug or MDNA phone case to sell Regards
  3. blondebenji

    no 2 in australia as well. but so happy about usa
  4. blondebenji

    she seemed to have a big start on Australia and was No 1 all over the weekend and Monday on itunes but Bruce took over yesterday and still is over her. Who knows how many presales she has compared to him. She on Denton tonight so that could give it a mid week boost. But yes its going to be a close race. She need at least a no 2 in the uk. I dont think she has had a no 3 debut there
  5. blondebenji

    i agree. we cant hide it. its happening all the time.. art has always been a way of making a stand and sending a message. im sure it will be tasteful. but im also sure she will cop flack for it. On a day in pop when Taylor swift releases a video of her and katy perry making friends finally dressed as a hamburger and fries (no shade I luv the song and the video) I wouldnt have my Madonna any other way
  6. blondebenji

    OMGOSH I cant wait! This is going to be epic. It seems very controversial. Shes a brave girl.
  7. blondebenji

    mine is crazy and God control. I luv the The pure pop hooks of crazy and the absolutely bonkers God Control. I rise and I dont search I find are huge highlights as well
  8. woke up here in australia to have it there in my itunes. Going out to get my physical copies. listened twice. Wowwwww! its everything I want from here. Sounds nothing like anything else out there. So many great sounds melded all togther. Crazy has to be a single. I sooooo want a video to God control. Very proud of her. She has broken all the pop rules again. So creative
  9. blondebenji

    luv the video and shes taking such huge risks but i saw the pics of her footage. Wonder why they didnt use them? maybe we will get another edit or part 2 fingers crossed
  10. no way. luv how she is drip feeding tracks at her pace. building the excitement. when you listen to the 4 tracks together they r so different but there is something that also connects them to make them sound cohesive. luv the 4 tracks. totally on repeat
  11. blondebenji

    geez i hope theres a clockwork orange inspired video as well. could be epic. we did a clockwork orange to the white party last year. looked great
  12. blondebenji

    its a home run for me as well. Luv the song and now the visuals. Simple and beautiful and she looks amazing
  13. blondebenji

    agreed it defintely made it stand out between all the other performances. I luved it. It was far from boring. they are just trying to grab onto anything. Geez they are even criticizing the costume. She looked amazing. I dont want to see her in a ball gown. I dont get all the hate at all
  14. its been a hard week to be a madonna fan and see her ripped to shreds. but i luved the performance and we have been here before with all the hate. all artists fix live vocals on their youtube, videos, convert dvd and broadcasts etc. have you seen beyonce Cochella. Amazing but vocals all corrected and she sings with a backing track. Who ever thinks that fixing the vocal is fraud and that all artists are totally live. You are deluded. Sorry
  15. blondebenji

    luved he musical theatre of it, costumes, imagery, all the gas masks with dancers in white smocks and flowers in their hair. so much messaging. would luv a proper music video of this. but it looks like she chose the wrong forum. people wanted camp eurovision. maybe she could have started with the bleak future and still had the wake up fall and then rise from the ashes on a turn table and did a joyous version of music makes the people come together and have all the dancers in world flags dancing in joy together! finding the light in the dark. i think she would have copped less flack. its been a hard week to be a madonna fan and see her ripped to shreds. but i luved the performance and we have been here before