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  1. Bless. She's had a lot of "tough love" the last few years and she seems genuinely humbled by the reaction.
  2. amen . Madonna bullying in the LGBTGI+ community hurts my heart. We dont speak that badly of our enemies. We could count on one hand the public figures supporting us back then. It was a career move. It was career suicide to be associated with us then. I just dont get it. You may not like her or what is is doing but sheesh show some respect.
  3. has anyone got a link to the interview translated in english by any chance
  4. Still so creative and still excites me with what she comes up with . After all this time
  5. wowwwwwwwwwwww this is stunning. I luv her work with Luigi&Iango Hope this comes in hard copy
  6. wowwwwwww! I absolutely love her work with Luigi&Iango. This is so cool. Does this come in hard copy > I want
  7. For some. A large majority of us absolutely loved "Finally Enough Love". I really don't know may other artists that go back and give a compilation of this extent to fans. Usually just a rehash of previous GT hits with a few singles from their latest albums. A huge part of her career has been on the dancefloor so it was amazing for her to give this the nod it finally deserved and us able to get all these remixes in one spot. the DJ list alone looks like a walk through club culture from the 80's. The extras with Everybody and Erotica pic disc have been something she has never done before. There has always been a lot of whinging that she never celebrates or looks back. This is just the beginning.......
  8. maybe she has had to do a Taylor Swift and re-record it. Warners wouldnt have the rights to it yet I dont think being a Rebel Heart Demo
  9. I luv Back That up. All for it. It doesn't sound dated at all but I really hope it doesn't feature King David. I luv David but not a huge fan of when artists release tracks feat. their children. I'm fully on board for performances and singing back up vocals and stuff like that but not a full feature on a track.
  10. I luved it. I did a edit of the 3 versions together that runs about 4.38 mins. Its perfect
  11. She look incredible and luv her humping all around the party. Glad she got to celebrate. She took a beating when she released this. bet she never thought she would be celebrating 30 yrs later
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