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  1. thanks so much for that. luved looking through the decades
  2. thank you so much. Luv it
  3. they look amazing ! any chance of getting a copy of your IDSIF atrtwork
  4. blondebenji

    maybe shes holding back because clubs arent open atm and thats the chart she would be aiming for???? Hope we get offer nissims
  5. blondebenji

    that is awesome
  6. blondebenji

    they so should. your work is amazing.
  7. blondebenji

    the trailer looks amazing
  8. blondebenji

    i luv a few of them but living for love could very well be in my top ten madonnas songs ever
  9. thats really hard. So Good to see IDSIF rating Living For Love Girl Gone wild Crave Ghosstown I Rise
  10. blondebenji

    Yassssssssssss such good news and love the song and the remixes. wish we had an official video of IDSIF. I think her next GT Hits if thats whats next, should be a dance compilation celebrating this. She should head into the studio and do 2 new tracks with Offer Nissim for it
  11. blondebenji

    everyone has their opinion. But I wouldn't change MDNA, Rebel Heart and Madame X for anything. Those albums have been a huge part of the soundtrack to my life for the last decade or more. So many songs on them have become favs. Some not. But I dont luv every song on Madonnas albums in her imperial period either. As much as everyone says here her commercial days are over. If you look at her contemporaries, at 61 no one creates buzz like she does for a album. I bet janet Jackson new black diamond wont have a hit single and will hit the charts high and fall quickly. Yes the 2010's werent like they were in the 80/90/2000s. But no other artists has sustained that. Madonna high selling commercial period actually lasted longer than most do. Look at the artists struggling now only a decade in now. I dont know why we expect her to be actually keep having hits. No matter what the quality is she is delivering that aint going to happen. As for Madame X, creatively, the songs, being innovative, the visuals, the whole persona etc she created is still way above what any female artists is doing in music now. No one can say what Billie, Lizzo, Ariana etc are creating are better and above this. they are just new and young and this excites the public. I absolutely luved the performance and kick off with the Billboard awards. That performance did not hurt her legacy at all. the general public were all commenting how great Madonna was and not much about Taylor. But I agree Eurovision was a huge blip on her radar and I wish never happened. People are always ready to put the boot into Madonna and her vocals on Like a prayer gave them the cause. Selenas Gomez vocals and last awards performance was way worse but not much was said and the track still rose the week after on the billboard charts. I actually really liked Future but she needed to finish with something more joyous. It was Eurovision. I understand she wanted to make a statement but maybe rise from the ashes and finish with Music. Would have been a anthem and call to action. But everyone has their own adventure with Madonna. Shes so polarising. That's the fun with her I guess.
  12. blondebenji

    Its the only chart that I like the music in these days ha. madonna, P!nk, Celine, mariah, carly rae and others with awesome albums all make a dent in this chart. Luv the dance chart
  13. blondebenji

    cmon Number 1 next week!! fingers crossed. Who the hell is no 1???
  14. blondebenji

    they wont give it to Janet again. Too big a deal was made of that. I reckon Taylor is up next.