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  1. wowwwwww its almost like the official single mix. Im a happy boy
  2. so much excitement this weekend. Keeping me from going crazy in lockdown. The media has really turned around for her now shes back at Warners. It was brutal all through the last 3 albums
  3. is it midnight there now? So much M stuff! Concert Movie, Concert CD, Fallon, Rolling stone cover, V mag cover, and now a surprise performance . this is the best
  4. so awesome. So much detail That you missed in person. IDSIF is cinematic, Batuka breathtaking, Crazy So much joy (You can tell she luvs singing It), Medellin just fun, Frozen absolute highlight, Future So now, LAP Always a highlight and I rise chills. I do wish she kept Crave though. But Im sure we will get it in some shape or form
  5. She was rumoured to do the single as well. Like Prince did with the first one
  6. is se rehearsing crazy for fallon???? i will die. One of my favs
  7. wow that is beautiful. Would love a dvd cover like that also
  8. She just posted the Ciao Bella trailer on her insta. have we got a HD rip of it yet? Looks so awesome
  9. i reckon it will be her on the show and the performance will be one of the songs taken from the concert film and shown in full. Thats what she is promoting so it makes sense. like when they showed CAC from WTG Tour at the MTV awards
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