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  1. i remember in interviews she was right into the book Memoirs of a geisha and it was inspired by being immersed in that
  2. thank you for updating. Luving all of them except Secret
  3. OMG i luv the stuff!!!! My skin looked amazing from the time i got it. Wud love it even if it wasnt madonnas
  4. that is incredible. I wish she could see this. You really did an amazing job. The attention to detail.
  5. Luving all these slowly dropping. cant wait for some of the ones that were really rough to start with Lucky star, Like a virgin, Oh father, La isla Bonita, etc
  6. yes she did. but not used to the greatest effect like madonna did or as polished. it kinda just blended into the performance. it was very obvious in madonna it was the last supper.
  7. I know I'm going to get killed for saying this but i actually luv how the last tours were edited. Each song actually felt almost like a music video. I never get bored watching a Madonna Concert. There is so much happening all the time with the way its edited. It has a real cinematic feel to me. I watched Ariana's concert last night on Netflix. It was a more traditional film. I luv her but I got bored
  8. So good to have people discovering her. i was very young about 12 yrs old when she started and she was super controversial from the beginning. Some kids werent allowed to listen to Like a virgin at all. It probably seems very tame now but there was no one taking such a control of their sexual presence other than male artsits like Prince The MTV awards performance Of Like A Virgin was splashed all over the papers and she has even mentioned in later interviews that her manager said to her after that performance that she was over! career is finished. How wrong they were.
  9. i listened the other day and i thought its aged very well. geez listen to some of the other pop divas albums and they dont hold up after 5 years, particularly give it 2 me. miles away, beat goes on, devil, candy shop still sound good to me
  10. everyone to their opinion but i dont think shes changed at all. i have absolutely luved the last eras. superbowl was definitely not cheesy to me. Stars just arent on a pedestal like they used to be. fame can be achieved with a tik tok video. She has done things in the 80s. 90s, 2000's as well that didnt go over too well. Its just they fade with time. She always stays true to herself whether people like it or not.
  11. shes seems to luv kid cudi atm. im expecting her to lean towards that sound
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