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  1. I absolutely luv kylie and have been a fan right from the start. Shes a national treasure here in Australia. Padam Padam is amazing and deserves all the chart success. although the media has jumped on the kylie bandwagon and she hasnt cracked the top 20 yet in australia and Uk. But its is her biggest charting single in years. These next few weeks will be interesting for M in terms of Charts, as she really hasnt collaborated with an artist of these big selling numbers since Justin and Nicki. The Weeknd and Sam smith are huge. It will create an enormous amount of interest. Vulgar lloks like it will have all the shock value and Popular has huge buzz around it with "The Idol". We really could have some chart action around the world
  2. I would absolutely love having him working on the tour but getting back after all this time and no new tracks would kill me
  3. wowwwwww that is awesome news. I absolutely love his arrangements but please cut some new music with him. He helped give Dua lipa one of her biggest hits of her career in the last couple of years. Max Martin and stuart price is like a big pop album dream
  4. I would love all the re-release deluxe versions but for me its new music I'm always super excited about. I would take a new album over any deluxe version any day
  5. One this is certain its not like her to sit on something for so long till the tour is finished. She usually takes a break after the tour not gear up for a big album promo. So we are getting an album, EP or a new Greatest Hits with new tracks thats for sure. Would love it to be simply called ICON
  6. Im hoping for an album. EP's just dont have any longevity. Imagine if she shocked us all and dropped an album day 1 of the tour. It certainly has been a long time since MX
  7. OMG i have been waiting for this for years. Hios work with P!nk, Taylor, Britney, ariana just to name a few. This is going to be totally a next level pop album
  8. Sorry not true. there are 30 yr olds all over social media with lips bigger than Australia and butts to match.. Just look at every reality program. And no one says a thing. It most certainly is about age. So much more acceptable for a 30 something to have work done. than a 60 something. Its seen as desperate and trying to hold onto to youth.
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