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  1. cant wait till this is released. i do wish though she had cranked out one new track with Honey Dijjon or someone. She could have used the Beeple video for it. That received alot of attention. Would have given the whole set a big kick in promotion
  2. I'm not sure why some people are shocked there is more than one remix to the project??? Any other remix single, there have been multiple remixes and in most cases a lot more than 3. Its just she has given them a staggered release rather than dropping the whole thing at once and made videos for each. Which we whinge we don't get enough videos. Sheesh Mariah fans are luving her on the Big energy remix and would kill for her to do a video. We get 2 and there is still whinging. I'm looking forward to the third one in the trilogy. Where the party!!!! I want to free my soul ha.
  3. . that is so awesome. Biggest thanks for the help
  4. quick question when you hit the website you get a black screen with the words "Madonna X Beeple Mother Of Creation" on a black screen for a few seconds. then the video starts. Anyone know how to screen shot that black title. Im not quick enough. Wanted it for my video. https://motherofcreation.xyz/
  5. wow she even cries. You dont see that very often
  6. is another video coming? does she know its already out? Luving all the experimenting shes doing. This and the frozen remixes and videos. Add in the new compilation and its not bad for a off cycle year
  7. It seems most are over the frozen remix. I really like how we have got it in 3 parts. Something very different and would be really hard to do with a brand new song. Would most have preferred it just come in one piece????
  8. Luv Kossmiks work. Was this performance released with these effects or has it been added later?
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