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  1. Just out of interest. Everyone who has been very critical of what she has done this year What songs from other artists that have come out this year have you loved????? It might be off topic. sorry but it also can put some perspective on it.
  2. I can bring myself to read all the comments but if M is completely irrelevant in 2022......... Then every single artist from the 1980s, 1990's and a lot from the 2000's are all irrelevant. Write them all off There is no other artist that started in those decades that creates so much buzz around releases, press, internet buzz, performances, award show performances, album chart placings etc. When you wrap that up all together she is still very viable in the music industry. Yes Madame X charted extremely strong compared to artists from her time. And yes so did the remix album Finally Enough Love. The general public don't know specifics of her projects but they certainly know shes still ticking along. Whether they like it or. You cant say that for many. For a artist who hasn't really had a hit single since 2008 on the charts, she's done a incredible job of still being seen and heard
  3. I remember seeing "Truth Or Dare' (In Bed with Madonna in Australia) and you could hear people in the cinema when she made the guys kiss. "whats wrong with her", "Shes disgusting" etc etc etc and I remember when Erotica came out and her running around in gay bath houses in harnesses etc. People were saying "Shes absolutely Lost it', "I like some of her songs but she is perverted" "Why does she hang around with gays" "Hope she catches aids and dies". Seriously. I'm not comparing the video to the Doco or Erotica but you could cut and paste the comments back then till now in 2022 and its almost the same. Madonna is still fighting the fight. And I'm still loving her work and getting so much joy out of it and provoking conversation and debate. "Each time they write a hateful word Dragging my soul into the dirt I wanna die I never admit it But it hurts"
  4. I mentioned that earlier and was told to wash my mouth out
  5. I think That's the whole point of it. She's using extreme imagery to illicit a response on the topic. This is the same thing she has done right through her career with topics close to her heart. Society is all accepting if you are 40+ to go out with friends of your own AGE. Have a few drinks, get pissy and dance to some old tunes you once loved together when you are young. What is confronting to people is seeing a woman of her age, dressed this way, partying like a teenager and remixing her song with a style and beat that is very current and not a nice easy listen. The latin wave with Bad Bunny etc is huge with the kids at the moment. Is she trying to bring the kids on board? Is it just where her heart is at and has always been exciting to whats happening on the street and youth? She does seem to listen to artists with a fresh sound as opposed to more heritage artists. It would absolutely exhausting to not be yourself 5 decades in and be so calculating just on whats going to sell. Or is it she's using extreme images that make people uncomfortable to think, question and debate on the topic of how a woman of her age and achievements should be presenting herself. Could it be all of the above ???? Who knows. One thing is certain. If she did a Cher (if I could turn back time) and put her Hung Up leotard on and perform the original version of hung Up it would be much more accepting and palatable for most people. Buts that never been Madonna. everyone can Tear apart my post but just trying to look at it objectively and yes I lovvvvvvveeeee the video. And no I havent loved every single thing she has down recently
  6. Totally agree with you. Elton is Elton and Madonna is Madonna. Elton hasnt been swapping spit with anyone even in his crazy days. The point i was making was that - she wasn't swapping any spit that I saw with Lil Nas X but its the same comments that we see after anything she does these days. Desperate, vulgar, lost it, deranged etc etc. The same stuff that is written about the video is the same that written next to this pic. She wasnt sawpping spit with Saucy, Sickick, 070 Shake, Fireboy DMl and the same comments were written. I totally respect if people don't like the video. But this stuff is hard for fans to constantly read even if shes just supporting a young artist.
  7. That was her last album and big official project (bar FEL comp) Sheesh Lets see what she comes up with her next big project.
  8. I saw some pics this morning of her with Lil Nas X. She is just supporting a young artists who is fighting for similiar rights she has and close to her heart. But the same comments are flooded like the video with Tokischa. Desperate, disgusting, crazy, mental, redundant, desperate etc etc etc Funny i never see these things written when Elton John gets a pic with Harry Styles, Mariah with Ariana etc
  9. One thing we can all agree on is that she still has us and people discussing, hating, loving and polarizing her work into her 5th decade. Not many artists can claim that. I still don't get the drama but there certainly a lot of passion. These experimenting with old tracks with underground artists aren't attached to any project. Its just her experimenting without the pressure of a big release. They are not going to get big budget videos. They arent trying to sell or promote anything! Its just her freedom to create. M has always soaked up the culture around her. The kids are older and she's back out there. You can see. She's all over NY nightlife. Soaking up the music, freedom to be fluid etc. Very different to when she last out there. If this song was a euro gay club track. People would love it no matter what the video was like. I don't see Mariah's fans jumping up and down about her Latto track. She hasn't ruined the original track in anyway and like Madonna isn't trying to beat it. She did these track in a live performance for Pride and shes sharing with us with a video. Would have been the same if she released the studio version of la Isla Bonita with Gogol Bordello at Live earth back in the day. Madonna isn't trying to compare this video to Erotica, We are. That was a huge project with a 3 big release punch of the album, book and movie. Once again it was her responding to her environment. she was coming off blond ambition and heavily into gay rights and the fight against aids. This has nothing to do with that. The people that say she has completely lost it etc, I wonder what they thought of Madame X? The music, the messages, the photography, the videos, the story, the persona, the glorious theatre experience. You may not like it but it was hardly a project coming from an artist washed up with nothing creatively to say.
  10. Totally agree. everything she has done is part of her story including whats shes doing now. Shes just came off a very serious album in Madame X which was getting her worries of the world off her chest. For the first time shes not in a big record contract, doesnt have the pressure of a big album, singles, promotion, tour to deliver or big budget videos Shes just having some fun working with some underground artists (no big name pressures) and experimenting with sounds and styles that inspire her. She always rebounds . erotica and then softer. American life and then the commercial Confessions etc etc etc
  11. I was late teens in the Erotica era and she was hated. It was not seen as revolutionary at all. This has only started later. The general public were loving Mariah and Whitney. So that's where their head was at musically. People and the media were venomous and predicting her being over once again. Funny how things change right
  12. Almost everything she has done since confessions has divided the community. I think its just part of being a Madonna Fan. Hard Candy and MDNA working with Justin, Pharrell, Nicki etc everyone says she was selling out mainstream. Funny shes now working with underground artists and everyone wishes she was with Big artists. Rebel Heart and Madame x was much less sexed up and thinking about the world. People wanted more fun. People wanted her to look back more often and use her back catalogue. etc 2022 , sexxed up, more fun, using her back catalogue. But she never does it in a way that it seems her fans want or imagined. The media and non fans are really positive but its some fans that seem to want her to stay in the era that they loved her most or were most happy and playful in their lives. When lots of gays hang up their leotards and finish up clubbing and partying they can get very judgey like they have never been trashy before. I dont know why. This video looks like one hell of a party to me. She looks like shes having a ball. Love it
  13. Its reminds me of David Chappelle's work with the color and gritty look. Which was his original vision for Hung up. But then M and him parted ways because she wanted a much more polished version. Which is what we got. This looks like the origiginal vsion just with the current latin spin on it
  14. Luving the new look. Feels like old times. A new video and completely new look. She looks hot and all the commotion about the iphone on set fan shots. Luv the scenes in the shipping container. I think we didnt get a Video with anitta or IDSIF was because all the budget had been used with all the other visuals. M was using bigger name directors. More expensive. Since going back to Warners hes experimenting with less known talent and therefore cheaper. I think next album we will be getting more videos
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