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  1. I have never seen these..... they are in silver and gold. They look great. Are they at the pop up store???
  2. Some say she may not have liked the results with max martin and dumped it. Just maybe she luved the results so much shes saving for the next albu,. You never know
  3. Maybe the program was printed and they had to ditch due to the date changes being printed ! Let’s hope! A true collectors item
  4. Anyone got a better pic of the key ring ?
  5. I hope so. Luv how Taylor dropped hers in the middle of the tour and didnt have to wait for a few years after. That would be the best end of tour present eva
  6. hey guys, anyone going that can grab me a set of these? I will extra for your trouble and postage. big thanks
  7. Maybe the session was so good . Shes saving for the album and more work with max. Cant imagine a Max martin track hitting the bin
  8. thank you. Luv the little polaroids. If anyone is going and cud grab me a set. I could pay a little extra for their trouble. Just PM me
  9. Thanks so much for the pic. Wondering what this is???
  10. thank you so much for scouting for us xxxxx
  11. the ring is part of the dancetera VIp package
  12. I aw these. Not sure if they are part of the show or for sale
  13. Thank you. that would be amazing
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