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  1. ohhh luv "Nobody Knows Me World Tour"....... very cool
  2. She would be well aware of no new music since MX (apart from some of her tracks re-done with some younger artists who inspire her). Guy and the team who would well aware of all the great press as well. They would have a plan in place. Stuart has been touring with her the whole time. His work was basically done at the start putting all the tracks together. I reckon he would have been working on tracks the whole time. It maybe sooner than we think
  3. Do you think we will get an official release??? Would absolutely love it if we did.
  4. I cant believe we have a copy of the show on the last night. Its like the old days. I remember getting home from school camp and watching Blond Ambition Tour Live. So cool
  5. cant wait to watch it. So very proud of her. they always right her off and she comes back again and again bigger and better.
  6. wowww I wud have loved videos for Angel, Nothing Fails, Impressive instant, Gang Bang, Superstar, Devil Pray and Faz.
  7. Awesome. I will check with him. Not sure if the paper wants a UK person cause its a UK paper. But will let you know,. Thanks again
  8. hey guys, If any super fans are travelling form the UK to see the concert , i have a mate who has scored to cover the Gig for the UK i-newpaper. All expenses paid. So lucky. he's lookimg to interview some super fans who are over to see the convert. If anyone is interested just pm me and i will share details.
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