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  1. blondebenji

    hey guys, if anyone is going and they have one of these. could you please grab me one and I will pay for the patch and for your time to sent it to me. They were all sold out at my concert. Big thanks
  2. blondebenji

    I would die if she did rain in the setlist.......shes a big teaser
  3. blondebenji

    I really enjoyed the setlist but I really love the album. The only thing I would change in it would be moving Future closer to the first or second act, doing the whole versions of papa dont preach and express yourself. Start with the Rescue me interlude and go straight into singing the whole song. Rescue me, Frozen, Come alive, Crave, Like Prayer and I rise would be a killer final act
  4. blondebenji

    sounds great
  5. blondebenji

    I made a radio edit of the club mix. Its around 4.10. Focused on the vocal but keeping the club feel. Hope you like it Don't Search I Find (Honey Dijon Club Mix Edit) 1.mp3?dl=0
  6. blondebenji

    Do you know what was sent. havent received anything yet. Want the coffee table book so badly
  7. blondebenji

    I Rise for sure. It has grown for me to be one of my fav tracks on the album. Live was amazing. Luved the remixes. A true winner. If you put I Rise sounds so good put into the Celebration collection. Stands on its own with her other best singles in that tempo
  8. blondebenji

    hey guys, when I went to the concert in LA they were out of this patch. If anyone can grab me one at a concert when they go. that would be much appreciated. I will pay you extra for your time and postage ofcourse. Thanks again. Madonna infinitys are the best
  9. blondebenji

    future lovers and close second Girl Gone Wild
  10. blondebenji

    Luv the tour book as well. Such a beautiful piece
  11. blondebenji

    luv the cover as well. would soooo luv a video. wow
  12. blondebenji Heres some pics I found
  13. blondebenji

    Maybe a silly question but Is it the same as the program just in a envelope or different?
  14. blondebenji

    Im a bit late but just got back from LA to Australia seeing her on the 17 Nov. Had a little of partying to do also in west hollywood. . The show was everything. Absolutely Loved it. She was on fire. One of my friends who had never seen her before cried 3 times. She said she has seen so many artists live but now she gets why we rave so much. There were so many highlights for me. the timing and detail with the projections were next level. Fallen in love all over again with God Control. Such a strong opening. Human nature surprised me. I have seen that many times live but I think this would be the best version I have seen. I Dont search I find was so good with the whole spy thing. Batuka (not a fav on the album) was so damn powerful. Couldnt believe how much i luved it live. I really love how she sat down with her head down for a moment to give the ladies their time to shine. Crazy sounded just as great live and is totally single worthy. Come Alive was glorious. So much joy. Everyone absolutely luved crave. The disco version really stood out and I heard so many in the audience wanting to get a copy of this version. People were raving after. Like a prayer was everything it should be. Not too much tinkering with it. If you werent feeling it then I would say check your pulse. A true highlight. Which comes to my very 2 favs Frozen and I rise. Frozen left me breathless. Hands down one of the best things I have seen madonna do live. I rise was an absolute fav. So much beauty and inspiration. A true nod to her tribe that have supported her since the very beginning. Luved she sang the "I Will Rise" part through the audience. You can just hear it layered in the recorded song. But so powerful hearing her sing it loud. the only things i would probably would have liked better (and there are some for every tour) would be full versions of papa dont preach and express yourself. Also I would have put Future earlier in the set list and had a huge hit in there like Don't tell me maybe or the full version of Rescue me. More of an upbeat and well known song to start the momentum into the final. But i truly luved it. Feel so lucky to have seen it
  15. luv it. the smoky eyes. I want one