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  1. This song is about someone vulnerable. Maybe it's about Rocco and Madonna's vulnerable moments when she feels like a child and in need of guidance and help. It's a "time to grow up" kinda song. There's obstacles and a huge change is going to take place, even though it's acceptance hurts. Little off topic but this should've been a single from AL. The chorus is instant and the lyrics can be applicable to all things in life. It sounds like it was a hit back in the early 2000's but no, it's just an album track. It's mature and simple but also has that sweet chorus that is always popular in pop music. NF and the title track, although good songs in their own ways, should've never been singles. NF is too mature and a downer (plus those remixes SUCK), AL is, well, the reason the album flopped. Hollywood, NKM, Intervention, and LP should've been the only singles released.
  2. The video was fine, could have done with less of the violence and a little trimming, but once you separate it from the song, you are left with a dull, annoying quack sound draft song. She should have taken a risk and released the more folksy songs as singles, like Hollywood, Intervention, and Love Profusion to present the album. I think some people heard AL and were like "this electronic quackery again??!"
  3. If this was the case, AL should never have been the lead single. Hollywood would have been the lead instead. Then NKM as the 2nd single released during the summer for VMA's. Why did her label think it was a good idea to release AL??? I bet it was Madonna tho who wanted it released.
  4. As someone above said, I don't understand how the same label who refused to release "Impressive Instant" from the previous album heard the title track and said "yep, that's the one" to be the lead single! How they thought that was a good idea still blows my mind, it was just a recipe for disaster! A dull and annoying song that goes nowhere with overdone "quack" sounds and a "rap" sung by mid 40's white woman. I sometimes believe it was Madonna being stubborn and telling her label that it will "change the world" if it's released
  5. Intervention and Love Profusion definitely had hit potential, especially in the US. Maybe not huge hits but definitely top 30 and great radio fodder. Nothing Fails, as beautiful as it is, didn't have hit potential. It's more of an album track and should've stayed as a hidden gem. It's too "serious" and "mature" for radio. The other two are more instant and "pop". And the title track should've definitely NOT been released as the lead single. If it was up to me, this would have been the singles run (considering DAD was released before): 1. Hollywood (April 2003) 2. Nobody Knows Me (July 2003) 3. Intervention (with a slight remix, November 2003) 4. Love Profusion (February 2004) Of course, the promotion and the videos would be different too.
  6. Between casual and stan. To be honest I only care about her music and albums. It's so unique and that's why I consider myself a fan, but just of her music. Her movies, endeavors, etc I can care less about. Her personality (or at least public persona) I can barely stand and don't think I can get along with her lol! Her .music us where she knows how to express herself!
  7. Love Profusion. Deserved to be a hit, maybe a moderate one. Most who I have played it to liked it. Nothing Fails is also underrated but more of an album track, a great one, but doesn't have much appeal.
  8. I also have no idea how the singles should've gone either. I have like 3 variations on how the singles could have possibly been released, here's one: 1. Girl Gone Wild (October 2011) Album Release: November 2011 2. GMAYL(US Only)/ Masterpiece (WW) January 2012 3. Turn Up The Radio (April 2012) 4. Bang Bang (August 2012) I know the 1st single is generic af, but this is what the public was eating up back then. The 2nd single would be a double release with GMAYL for the States (and Superbowl) and Masterpiece for the rest of the world (with a video). TUTR was fine as the 3rd single, she should have promoted tho before the tour. It's a very likeable song, and one that was praised during album release. Release the 4th and final single during the tour and create controversy with the video, that would be Bang Bang. It's actually 5 singles total but her team should have known that GMAYL would have never performed that well outside the US.
  9. Beautiful Killer and Masterpiece are, well, MASTERPIECES! They are classic Madonna! GGW, GMAYL, and GB are fun! Madame X and Hard Candy don't have any of that, Rebel Heart begs to differ tho...
  10. Add Beautiful Killer and it be a perfect trio! 👌
  11. Hey everybody! This is my first topic here and hopefully I didn't post under wrong description. MDNA was the first music era I was exposed to (besides her 80's hits) from Madonna. It's a fact this is one of her worst albums but even then, there is this bittersweet story behind all the rubble. It's obvious it's a divorce album but hate that they promoted it as a "party" album. I like rearranging track lists to make some sort of story, and I did that with MDNA, whose track list I think is a mess. Here it is and I'll give description on "why it makes sense". 1. Girl Gone Wild 2. Bang Bang 3. I'm Addicted 4. Give Me All Your Luvin 5. Some Girls The first 5 tracks center around rebellion (GGW), anger (BB), euphoria (IA) , and superiority/ego(GMAYL, SG). Feelings often felt after a divorce. It's obviously trauma based and unhinged feelings and showing defiance at what had happened, tracklist continued... 6. Masterpiece 7. Love Spent 8. I Fucked Up This trio of ballads and vulnerability I actually got the idea from American Life. In this trio, she confesses intimately and reminiscence of the relationship she had, first love(M), then trouble( LS), and finally a confession and statement(IFU). She bares it all , the track list continues... 9. Superstar 10. Turn Up The Radio (with demo production plz) These "light" tracks are actually necessary after the serious part of the album, breaks up the tension. They're also escapist anthems, either in the form of a new lover (Superstar) or, in a classic Madonna move, in the form of Music (TUTR). These continue the post divorce story. Just when you thought the album ends, there is one more track and final confession... 11. Beautiful Killer She finally confesses she STILL loves her Beautiful Killer / Guy. So much so, it darkly (but oddly satisfying) ends the album, hence the gunshot at the end. A fun, dark, and beautiful ending! Let me know what you think of this tracklist rearrangement and analysis! Also, post your preffered MDNA tracklist!
  12. For Rebel Heart I would have done: 1. Ghosttown (December 2014) 2. Rebel Heart (Avicci version, March 2015) 3. Bitch I'm Madonna (June 2015) 4. Addicted (October 2015)
  13. For American Life I would have done: 1. Hollywood (April 2003) 2. Intervention (July 2003) 3. Love Profusion (October 2003) 4. Nobody Knows Me (remix)(February 2004) Why It Works: Hollywood would kick off this era as folksy, kinda punk, and edgy. The video should be the anti-war video from the original AL. The 2nd single, Intervention, would add vulnerability and another anti-war video about the reality of death and destruction that war causes. She plays "La Muerte" in it. Dark video for a lovely song. It's a lovely ballad that many would enjoy and she would be viewed as more mature and aware of the situation. LP as the 3rd single, half ballad, half upbeat, a crowd pleaser. Remixes can help for the club. The mv could be the same or different. Perfect for the holidays. The 4th and final single she comes back with a BANGER with NKM. This hypes up the tour and brings back the dance pop fans. The Stuart price remix from the tour becomes the single. The era ends with the documentary "Nobody Knows Me: A Life Recap" which is basically IGTTYAS.
  14. I remember I used to play Never Let You Go at my old job last year and some of the girls danced to it. I played the Marco Sartori remix and the demo version back to back. Back That Up (demo), Adiccted, Impressive Instant (Peter Rahauser remix), Hung Up, Beat Goes On, and La Isla Bonita got great responses also.
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