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  1. mrsciccone

    I only ordered lav right now with that cheap price 😀
  2. Omg lav transparent pre order vinyl now dropped to € 8,25 get it right now. The others are € 25 at a minimum
  3. mrsciccone

    Haha found some new babys at Media Markt had to bring them home with bike 25 km 😅
  4. Everythings better in hq
  5. I Rise/ I Rise Instrumental
  6. Yes you can. Don‘t need to credit me🥳
  7. Apple music as the files are mastered for iTunes and I prefer this Quality over deezer or spotify
  8. Omg my limited boxset arrived. My boyfriend just sent a pic 😍
  9. mrsciccone

    Yes the mirwais esque part mercy is the best with god control very m from rol with strings meets depeche mode looooove it classical m
  10. mrsciccone

    Body shop meets greatest showman and michael jackson
  11. mrsciccone

    God Control, IDSIF, Mercy are the best tracks in my oppinion, have not heared Batuca/I'm Loca/Extreme Occ yet