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  1. http://is5.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/Music115/v4/2b/10/a4/2b10a456-81ef-ee0b-549a-b983cc13b5da/source/100000x100000-999.jpg
  2. Download my version in the video forum I think it looks fantastic in 720p and I‘m sure they are going to ruin it
  3. my subtitles for it https://mega.nz/file/NMklVIJS#KIcvg27ls2-2XojXT1RiKRuc0BINmFIv2VEIVQg2yuw
  4. well, I am happy they do this but I don't like it when the skin looks like plastic, because the film grain is gone. I am sure when you add film grain on top it's better.
  5. https://mega.nz/file/NMklVIJS#KIcvg27ls2-2XojXT1RiKRuc0BINmFIv2VEIVQg2yuw Here are my own subtitles if somebody is interested the quality is sadly as expected
  6. Of course upscaled but upscaled are the once on her youtube channel as well. Yes no film scans but she doesn‘t look like plastic as in the ai upscales
  7. https://vimeo.com/user129871567 I just found this channel on vimeo mentioning to be her official channel started in Dec 2020 with these 3 videos in HD. To me they don't look like Fanmade AI upscales as the filmgrain is not gone. Does anyone know if this channel is really official? I would be happy to have all the videos in these quality:
  8. I always used 4kdownloader but there are many videos it couldn't grab in 4k. the webm versions are many times by far better when it comes to grainy files. I have McAfee Antivirus and there is no problem
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