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  1. It will be their loss not ours. They're big corporation that needs money, we have our music on physical formats already.
  2. Your point of view is logical. But I feel being tested by them. It's like poking a hornets nest now.
  3. She's super cute here. Gotta buy that movie and watch. Anyway I like all the songs aside of Can't Stop... It's just not for me.
  4. May I ask you to solve that problem in DM, not here? Please, I don't wanna go through somebody's drama. Anyway, I also get 😄 reaction very often from certain user no matter what I post and don't care 'bout it. Just put on ignore.
  5. Whatever it will be please, no cardboard pockets. My Madame X int. deluxe is so damn scratched that I'm afraid to pull it out of its package. Glad Finally Enough Love was in a digipack with plastic CD trays. I hope the reissues will be the same.
  6. "Don't worry- I also went to store & bought a real copy of the CD" Source: trust me, I post messages on forums
  7. Madonna dared to be brave and people hated her for it. How to insult a woman? Just mock her for age. Kylie always been playing by "rules" so she's safe.
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