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  1. Yes it did. Release time killed Erotica sales. The album should've been released BEFORE Sex book and before The Body of Evidence.
  2. They kinda missed all opportunities because all Bedtime Stories singles are already on streaming. I don't know how would they put LDYG on streaming in a different way than Bedtime Stories remastered reissue that is definitely coming soon like any other reissue.
  3. Everything would turn out differently if Hollywood was the lead single instead of American Life.
  4. Slater's Filteretd mix rapes my ears. I don't undestand why Warner let it into the single.
  5. And unlike American Pie, Die Another Day fits the album it was slapped on. I hate American Pie on Music, really.
  6. My god, she's about to celebrate that single!! But why not with HD music video?
  7. Maybe she will do it better than Cher? We never know. Meltdowns gonna happen regardless of content included in reissues.
  8. Japan got that kind of release years ago.....in 90s. They limited every single to two tracks. Good for collectors, not much for listeners.
  9. I kinda agree. The font is almost unreadable especially the tracklist and production staff. Even though I like the photo used, Madonna looks like she's having a seizure on it.
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