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  1. Not gonna happen, no matter how much people hate Gomes's work. Madonna is pleased with the results and that will stay this way.
  2. I'm 23, do I pass as a youngling? I'm sooo into 90s and early 00s aesthetics.
  3. Well, she will choose her producer according to the theme she's interested in then.
  4. You talk about Vanity Fair one? C'mon, it was great. I totally had vision it as album/compilation cover. She had colthes from the Polish designer on that photoshoot. I'm proud of that!
  5. It might be. It fades quicker than the album version.
  6. I slighty chuckled on that, not immediately but still.
  7. What a shame Madonna didn't and probably won't go to Australia. I'm not from there, aussies deserve their own tour leg though.
  8. Yeah... except everything you said already happened and Madonna does not repeat herself. I wouldn't look deep into that
  9. My mom loves Medelin. Not my thing though.
  10. I didn't know Run comes from Gone. Edit: Nevermind that. I'm blind and can't read.
  11. Meh. It's called "The Amorous Hits" I wouldn't call Erotica an amorous or romantic song. Rather a sexy, dark and undergound.
  12. My boyfriend told me Liquid Love is a "liquid" by music genere but adapted to sound more like pop. Liquid Love is dope but discarded by stupid reason.
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