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  1. Isn't that Confessions Horse stick thing? I remember they were selling those.
  2. I'm not sure, but I've only seen like 5 people wearing them and one with Immaculate Collection VIP bomber in Berlin. And that's not only me, my boyfriend have seen too a few people. At merch stand most of fans were buying t-shirts and hoodies, didn't see anyone running away from the crowd with a jacket and that's weird cause those are packed in Alpha Industries plastic wrap and thus they're noticeable. Anyway I didn't consider an important factor in all of this - it was November and Berlin was cold and snowy. A bomber jacket is not suitable for that kind of weather.
  3. Of course they're not selling for this ridiculous price.
  4. For now they're for London. But I doubt they will put them online.
  5. They're milking London like crazy hah Nobody knows. There's no tag attached to it.
  6. Not really. Like a Virgin anniversary is about to come. I'm kinda glad they skipped the first album. Not a big fan of it. The faster they get to 90s albums the better for me.
  7. Honestly, I would like to have tour recordings (audio and video) instead of demos added to reissues.
  8. Me. I'm in 0.005% active listeners. Whatever that means. I wonder how swifties compare to this.
  9. I wonder, do they brotcast live recordings on TV like they did in the past?
  10. I was in a mood for that song because I felt really lonely in that time of listening. Oh yeah P!nk is my second favorite artist next to Madonna. I might be one of a few people whose Try This is favorite album of hers. U+Ur Hand is my absolutely no. 1 P!nk single.
  11. I'm sure merch was better in old days meh.
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