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  1. I'm reading through this thread... while I'm not into comparing different artists and what not at all it just makes me think Taylor Swift is pretty boring now as a colossally huge pop star these days.
  2. There elements of your post and the post you responded to of why I think she likes younger guys Guy and Sean seemed to have real strong personalities. Which after a while can wear anyone down. I mean not that she doesn’t either. But yeah the younger guy there’s probably less sort of that to deal
  3. I know she doesn’t crap from people, but that I have a hard time believing deep down she’d go that far
  4. Sasha Cohen was always another "friend" I think she may have cut off. The Music video where he was Ali G was his first introduction I think to the American world, and I know I think she introduced him at a comedy awards show back when. Pretty sure they were friends. But I do recall in one of Sasha's movies there was a joke about Madonna's adoptions. I think Bruno. It seemed the friendship kind of dissolved after that. Yeah Madonna strikes me as a person if you cross her or she thinks you did it's probably a done deal so to speak.
  5. That pic definitely feels weird. Its still hard to imagine her eating all that grease!
  6. Or something sort of resembling that? I looked a little in the tour part of the site and didnt see it being discussed. Forgive me if the question was asked. That always very much impressed me how disciplined and what not she was with her health. I know she followed the diet for a long time. It kept her so healthy. She's a little of a fitness role model to me. Seems she is still into health but not as rigid as she used to be
  7. Great post. But I think in general these days people are pretty loud and brash. Im assuming Truth or Dare is considered the height of her bitchiness pre Kabbalah. Perhaps because I “know her” watching how she was then I don’t think she’s any more rude than the average person today.
  8. Toss up between Madonna and Like A Virgin. Even though it’s been several years since I listened to them both in full. I’ve only listened to Madame X in full twice I think.
  9. Didnt know the center had legal issues but cant say I'm surprised. More power to her if she still gets meaning out if/it helps her. Or really anyone else for religion for that matter. But yeah it did used to seem a bit overkill for a while there.
  10. I mean people's belief systems are what they are to me. It just seemed for a while there the Kaballah played a very strong role in Madonna's identity. She was the first person I ever heard of Kaballah from. I thought it sounded real cool at first she found something like that she liked and found meaning out of and what not. But it got to be overkill after a while imo. Especially when Kaballah was trendy there for a while. Paris Hilton, Ashton Kutcher, Britney Spears, etc.. all being followers at one time. Or she still practices/likes it it just is more in the background these days?
  11. Nontheless I thought VH1 back in the day was a good station: Behind The Music, Storytellers, Women first, Pop Up Video, celebrity rock and roll Jeopardy, etc.. I dont even know what's on it today
  12. I remember a special for American Life Carson Daly hosted when it came out. VH1 I recall in the late 90s had blocks of new videos and shows with timelines of Madonna events as well. I remember the lead up to her Behind The Music on it 1998. Before then I think on that show most of the artists they showed were either dead or way past their fame. But like MTV VH1 pretty much sucks now as well. Lol
  13. Perhaps you remember it but around March or April or sometime in the Spring of 1998 MTV had Kurt Loder hosted a special all weekend with a timeline of her career, all her videos, interviews, etc... That was the genesis of me being a fan and where I started to get interested in her. I remember on TRL she usually wasn't in the top videos on the show but she got shown enough to still have a presence on it. But MTV has been dead for a while now.
  14. Back then though there was no social media. So even though she was as famous as she was there was still sort of a sense of mystery about her and what was going on IMO. I think that's what made that list so surprising of longest time in between albums. I mean with fan forums, social media, playlists and what not you still see and hear what goes on with her even if it's been that long between albums.
  15. When I still watched MTV as a kid I remember the Frozen video got showed quite a bit. I think it was the first video off Ray of Light. Most of the VJ's then were like wow very cool and good to see her again. And that was only 1216 days between albums. That list is hard to believe
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