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  1. I've always defiantly saw Madonna more as a bad girl or goes at her own drum versus say a mean girl. I don't see her either as someone who would enjoy torturing someone at work or making them want to cry like that article eluded. But I can believe though that they didn't really get along and he was intimidated by her.
  2. Ray of Light. Only pretty slightly though. That was a tough one Leon in Like A Prayer or Christopher Walken in Bad Girl?
  3. I actually kind of recall this. It's definitely funny looking back 25 years later When she said they are both very dramatic people I think she was hinting it was a stressful shoot. I have the feeling Matt was too afraid to say how he really felt about Madonna there. Especially if she disliked him so much! I mean I don't know enough about Matt to know if he was naive.
  4. I have the feeling perhaps only old school Madonna fans really know Sandra well? Even me approaching middle age the only other thing I associate her with besides her Madonna "friendship" is playing a crazy stalker of Jerry Lewis in The King of Comedy.
  5. Knew she worked with him but did not know she thought that fondly of him. I think Dallas is the inspiration for Christina’s Fighter song. Kind of ruined my image of him.
  6. I know M can be a bitch when she has too and has a sense of humor that could rub people the wrong way…. But making someone cry on the set? Never really at all thought of her as the mean girl type At any rate beautiful video in terms of scenery and Madonnas looks. The power of goodbye that is
  7. Either way it shows Madonna had a lot of street smarts/savvy that isn't taught in colleges and books smarts aren't everything. It looked like Camille had the more traditional background for someone with her position: master's degrees in Marketing and I think years of experience before Madonna. Madonna didn't exactly have the traditional background for a singer. But the rest is history.
  8. Yeah that's my impression. I mean she did help Madonna with living expenses back then I think too. I mean even me just as a regular employee/worker had a hard time when an ex co worker ghosted me I liked a lot after she left the company. I mean I think she is my friend but I guess in the end it's just business. Although yeah the 1st time that happened to me it did hurt but after a while I moved on. That's why me thinks she was in love with Madonna. Or is a real controlling type person as well.
  9. Bottom line to me she tried real hard to be something she sort of isn't with Guy R. So some of that behavior afterwards can be attributed to burnout. I think with this tour though she is sort of back in her element and doing what she loves... working hard and performing.
  10. I'm aware a little of their history. It just seems Madonna is always made to be a very vapid cunning person in that relationship if you will. I don't recall a thread being devoted to this on this site. Just bits about Camille which weren't positive.. and I can't blame M fans. I mean as I see it as someone trying to be neutral if one doesn't like the direction their managers or company is going in they'll just leave. It's just business kind of thing and way of the world. But maybe back in the early 80's this wasn't viewed as socially acceptable?
  11. Hollywood Camille Barbone or Guy Oseary ?
  12. Yeah I remember seeing a Madame X CD at Target and a record for Finally Enough Love at Target a few years back. That's about it as well for me. My mom brought me to Sam Goody and CD stores as a kid. I wasn't really interested in Madonna yet though. But yeah that being said I miss those stores.
  13. Perhaps even as recent as 10 years ago I would have laughed my ass off at all this stuff coming out about Diddy.  There was just always something about him I never liked and rubbed me wrong dating back to the 90s.  

    But at the same time I'm old enough to know now I'm sure there may have been many innocent people hurt by this guy.  So yeah it's not really a story I'm enjoying reading about.    

  14. It might just be me but I always thought Holiday was inspired by this song
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