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  1. Hello! I'm looking for someone from US, who can create an account on american Qobuz.com for me. I live in Poland and I can't buy some files there... :-( Regards. Kuba
  2. Last night in Warsaw, Poland.
  3. Hello, Madonna Fans! This is a very important message from the Polish LGBT+ community. We need your help! A campaign of hatred towards sexual minorities has been going on in Poland for a long time, inspired and fueled by the Catholic Church and the ruling party and largely ignored by most opposition parties. More than a year ago, an initiative misleadingly named “Stop Paedophilia” was launched. Under the disguise of protecting children, LGBT+ people were slandered with pseudoscientific nonsense and disgusting propaganda. In response to this, the “Stop Bzdurom” (“Stop The Bullshit”) collective was formed, which dealt with this hoax by performative actions in public space. At present, over a third of Poland's territory is so-called LGBT-free zones – established by the bills of local municipalities and counties. During the presidential campaign earlier this year, the topic of Queer people was exceptionally high-profile. We were called ideology, and our humanity was repeatedly questioned. The president, who was re-elected, was in the vanguard. His main opponent did not openly oppose this, targeting the far-right voters. The collectives “Stop Bzdurom”, “Gang Samzamęt” and “Poetka” organized an event-manifesto. In Warsaw, they spread their manifesto by covering statues with rainbow flags, bandanas with the “A”-sign, and the symbol of the transgender people. One of the monuments was a figure of Christ. This street-action has met a massive reaction from the politicians, the prosecutors, and the police. Prime Minister Morawiecki placed a candle by the statue and prayed. The Deputy Minister of Justice Sebastian Kaleta reported the matter to the prosecutor’s office as an insult to religious feelings and disrespecting of a monument. Four days ago (August 3), one of the “Stop Bzdurom” activists - Margot - was stopped by the police in the street, handcuffed and put into an unmarked police car. The police acted on the orders of the prosecutor’s office. This morning on August 4, the police came to one of the collective's allies, looking for another activist — Łania. They tracked her down as a result of surveillance and forcefully transferred her to a police station. No reasons were given, but we have later learned that hanging rainbow flags was the reason. The activists were detained for 48 hours - measures vastly disproportionate to the situation. The activists were not questioned for the whole day, even though they were ready to provide explanations and had legal help. No action was taken throughout the day, including the appointment of a police officer responsible for the case, which suggests it is one more form of repression to intimidate the LGBT activists. We need your solidarity. We need you to spread the word and talk about the situation of sexual minorities and feminist activists in Poland. As the repression escalates, we have fewer and fewer allies in our country. I'm Madonna fan since "True Blue" album. That's why I decided to write to you. Please, share this message on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. With love from Poland. Kuba Łuczak https://stopbzdurom.pl/help-us/
  4. I ordered this box in May and waiting for a delivery ;-) Now you can buy wav files here: https://www.qobuz.com/ie-en/album/the-complete-collection-nick-kamen/k78sow0vq8fvc
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