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    I love most pop music. Madonna (of course) and Mariah, Olivia, Cher, and Cyndi are my favorites.
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  1. IDK if you reacted to my 2016 post because you wanted the mix or not, but I updated the link if you wanted to hear it. 



    The Perfect Get Together


  2. https://www.thesun.ie/tvandshowbiz/bizarre/6790391/madonnas-biopic-writer-diablo-cody-quits/
  3. Nobody Knows Me, Hanky Panky , Vouge, Lament, and Mother and Father
  4. God shes getting slammed for allegedly photoshopping herself onto someone's body
  5. That's not true, shes always been sexual. The justify my love video, the crap film, the book, and the erotica album all happened at the same time and they all got lumped together. During this whole period people tired of her and she came across as desperate to shock, it basically got boring which is why people turned on her. And if you read her letter she wrote about Whitney Houston and Sharon Stone, you'll get a sense of how she was feeling
  6. I don't know where I stand with the sex book tbh. Some might disagree with my statement below but I welcome constructive criticism! I believe she was acting out, rebelling, angry. In time, even she would hint that she went overboard to the point that it became distraction to her music, and people's perception of it, and her. She could have told us all day about how she didn't care what people thought, but I think she did. She has always been a narcissist (in a self absorbed way) but it was clearly out of control during this time.
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