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    I love most pop music. Madonna (of course) and Mariah, Olivia, Cher, and Cyndi are my favorites.
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  1. Team Madonna

    Anyone up for a game of MOE OR ROE? She's so funny here. Everytime a contestant won a CD player she would be like "Oh look a new CD player to play my new record on!" I love her
  2. Team Madonna

    Did she make any albums with them?
  3. Team Madonna

    She deserved those razzies! Every single one of them!! -Miss Patti LuPone, drinking while reading this thread
  4. Team Madonna

    Thank God she was busy! She would've ruined the movie 🤮 -Miss Patti LuPone, Tony winner
  5. Team Madonna

    My mama told me when I was young We were born superstars....oh wait WRONG SONG! Express yourself!
  6. Team Madonna

    Why yes. Yes it is! I am the ORIGNAL Evita extraordinar!
  7. Team Madonna

    NO! She's a movie killer. She's dead behind the eyes! Now she's a wonderful performer but she cant act her way out of a paper bag!
  8. Team Madonna

    Thank you! I understand your point completely.
  9. Team Madonna

    I dont want to ruin this thread with a negative question but is Madonna really a narcissist? I know it's not uncommon for most celebrities but knowing if she is or not wont make me love her less. Does she really have npd or just the traits of one??
  10. Team Madonna

    Hi Madge!
  11. Team Madonna

    Let's see... I'm a perfectionist I'm bitchy Im driven I love what I do I work hard at what I do I dont give a shit about negative opinions I hate Guy Ritchie ... Just like Madonna
  12. This post was from 55 minutes ago: "#Erotica28= -28% Till 11:59PM PST 2NIGHT. xx Dita"
  13. Team Madonna

    I love Miriwas! This interview was stellar not gonna lie.
  14. Team Madonna

    This is her most underrated peformance ever! I liked it better than ROL
  15. Team Madonna

    Hmmmm somethings coming over Hmmmm somethings coming over me... (Finish it)