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  1. That never-ending "Satin Sheets" from Dress You Up to Express Yourself
  2. It's always a sad feeling when you see someone you know they could possibly be a good friend  but died later on.


    Rest in peace. I wish we met before. 🕊️

    1. dave2290


      so sorry for that......

    2. dave2290


      all the best!!!!

    3. Andymad


      I believe our connection or lack of connection with someone is something really big.  Like you feel a strong longing but it didn't manifest. I feel like that's no mistake. As a fairly spiritual person, I'm sure you will connect again ❤️

  3. I love Taylor but I was skeptical when Midnights won an Album of The Year. I would accept if that's Reputation or Lover but damn, some tracks from the album sounds like demos rejected from the previous two pop albums she made. I don't get it, maybe they just riding too much on the hype. I was expecting that was either Miley or Lana for AOTY.
  4. Not in a fuck moment but I remember how Madge stuttered at her words in BAT New Jersey like "You know, people make a dig b.. big deal..." "Get off while I'll show how to do... how to crotch the grab..."
  5. I go with Hung up. Time goes by so slowly.... Then the beat starts 😆 (But right now I'm using A Question of Time (Single Remix) by Depeche Mode) 😂
  6. Idk but listening to Whitney's Higher Love (Original Version) reminds me of Like A Prayer. 💙

    1. dave2290


      Both 2 amazing songs and singers!!!!

  7. I think it's time for you gayz to blast some Finally Enough Love-related megamixes shared here for New Year's Eve. It was fun!!!


    Happy New Year! 🥳🎉🎇🎆🍻💖🔊




  8. So last week, I was trying to declutter some files from my laptop and I didn't noticed that I also clicked the Audacity folder where I exported most of my Madonna audios... Sadly. I even used the Shift + Delete function which will delete the files permanently 😭

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. dave2290


      fingers crossed for you and your archive

    3. dave2290


      have a good day.... and a good new year!

    4. Rocco Comelon

      Rocco Comelon

      Same to you. Have a great new year! 🎇🎆

  9. I think it would be better if "you thrill me..." part was a bridge of that song or another layered lyrics.
  10. Me reading this thread just to get jealous of everybody getting to The Celebration Tour 😭 I'm loving the Bad Girl, Open Your Heart, and Live To Tell performance as I've seen them from Youtube 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩💖💖💖💖💖💖
  11. 風邪ひくと嫌ですよね 😷

    1. MartineX



  12. Recently (maybe because of Madonna 40th Anniversary effect), I've been listening to her debut album over and over again. Well in my opinion, that album is perfect for studio pictorial/photoshoot. It just gives me a confidence boost whenever I listen to that album.
  13. Celebration tracklisting as well as GHV2 is so jumbled like spaghetti. I go for Immaculate Collection, You Can Dance, and Something To Remember.
  14. "You've got style..." that's what all the girls say...

  15. Like A Prayer Frozen Express Yourself Rescue Me Take A Bow Shit this is hard.
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