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  1. I am always excited for anything new that Madonna releases to the fans - but am a little bit bummed that it is not NEW music and it just being another - "Greatest Hits Collection" being released! Same music, same songs, same "they all sound alike" remixes..... Don't get me wrong, I am excited for this but just wish it was something fresh and new!
  2. This is FANTASTIC news!!! YAY! Thank you so much to all that have made this possible!
  3. I think the only complaint that I would have about it IS - It is just too short...I wish the song/remix was longer....other than that, I LOVE IT!!!
  4. Wow. This is AWESOME!!!!! Ray Of Light is my Absolute Favorite Era!! I would want these.
  5. Ummmm okay? Why are you such a hateful B*tch in this channel? Oh your one of those b*tchy, anal-retentive queens arent you ? Another gay Karen??? Gays like you are why we are given a bad rap!! Go hate somewhere else please!
  6. She is Madonna! She can do whatever she wants to do! It doesnt matter the reasons behind her actions~! In my world, she will always be relevant! There will never be anyone like her again! We are lucky enough to have been born and grow up in this day and age and have Madonna's style, influence and message to the world! Although I do miss the old days and how she use to be, especially her "Ray of Light" era! I hope she continues to make music and piss people off until the day she dies! She has conquered the world and much more! Let her go down/out with a BANG!!!!!! lol
  7. Does anyone know where to find or buy this issue at? I am in Pennsylvania, USA - and I looked everywhere around my town and cannot find it...
  8. I know, I just saw the teaser also - Sooo cant wait to see it!! Madame X
  9. That ass though!!!!! You Go Girl!!! It may have been short and brief but at least she made herself known and is still here!!
  10. I want another - Ray Of Light - like album! That would be amazing!!! I wish she would work with William Orbit again.
  11. OMG who cares what she posted or what she "believes"!! I dont understand why people have to freak out over it or attack her.....People have every right to express their views or opinions about things. God, I am so sick of judgmental people! Nobody is perfect!! Nobody is better than she is!! I do not agree with what she said but it doesn't matter to me because she is a human being like all of us. We all have crazy beliefs and views on things in this world. Those that are judging her and criticizing her for what she said, you are no better either. You are expressing your views and beliefs by saying you do not agree with her and calling her crazy and mental when she would turn around and probably say the same thing about you!! It is the same theory about cancer, AIDS, etc,,,,that has been out there since day one,,,,"there is a cure but being held for financial gain or control" (whether or not I believe that, remains unsaid) She is just speaking her mind and what she believes (if this is truly what she believes)! At least let the woman respond first before everyone wants to go off the deep end on her!! Geezus!!!!!
  12. All Hail our one true and only "Satanic" Goddess, Madonna!!! That is so HOT!!! LOL I'm not religious But I feel so moved Makes me wanna pray Pray you'll always be here I'm not religious But I feel such love Makes me want to pray
  13. You always do AMAZING work! Thank you so much for sharing with us! It is truly appreciated!

  14. OhMyMadonna!!! I LOVE THIS!!! How many parts are there so far? Just what is showing on the Youtube channcel? or is there more?
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