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  1. forbiddenlove1

    Takes before you get your orders from live nation , its been a month
  2. forbiddenlove1

    Yes , and i registered for london , sadly i'm on the pre code waiting list , as the demand was to high 🤔 , hopefully i got better luck for Paris
  3. forbiddenlove1

    Me if i get a code
  4. forbiddenlove1

  5. i remember the guy who wrote encyclopedia saying madonna its hard to find a publisher for book release . people only buy trash books , a book about a celebrity who took every record in the book , and still is massive in many differend markets and is still an inspiration and is still an influance to loads of people isnt a miljon seller . People need the drama , the lies , the falls and the fails . that is a seller . People need to stop faking stories about her fading sucses or lack of humans showing interest in her work or her achivements . she is still huge . and no people don't complain about m playing to less hits , if you go to other artists concerts they play their latest albums too . isnt that why they tour ?
  6. whoop whoop good luck everyone
  7. forbiddenlove1

  8. forbiddenlove1

    hear hear
  9. forbiddenlove1

    ah ok , i just picked up my immaculate coloured lp and the guy from the record store told me , didn't read it
  10. forbiddenlove1

    will be re - released