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  1. This is our "baby" girl, Daisy. Today is her 7 year anniversary with us. She is one of the four dogs we've adopted since 2008. She's 14 years old and weighs 4lbs. Sadly on the morning of Feb 25 we lost our little girl to inoperable cancerous tumors on her lungs. She had already had surgery on Dec 4, 2019 to remove tumors from her ''breasts'' and were told that she had tumors on her lungs. Both vets we took her to see afterwards would not do any surgeries, we were told she would not survive another surgery because of her age. We were told to take her home, make her comfortable and wait for her to die. She fought right up til the end, her last days were filled with ''bitty byes" as we called 'em (she loved to ride in the car) belly rubs and love. We'll never forget you, baby girl! Your daddies, your brothers Mr Foo aka Chewie (a stray, bout 1 year old), Cupid (gonna be taken to the shelter at 1 yr old) and Harley Dude (going to abandoned or ''stomped to death'' as his owner's bf said, 6 months old) miss you. Rest in peace angel, you will always be loved, there'll never be another like you! Your sister Nina the Evil Cat gave me a dirty look cuz I didn't mention her (photo is not enhanced in any way execpt being cropped) , cuz you were both abandoned by the same group of evil humans, along with Fluffy the cat (RIP) who moved in next door with the neighbors Black Lab mix. These people deserve everything they get, IMO, anyone who would just move off and abandon any animal should be dragged out, drawn and quartered publicly.
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