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  1. While I agree she pretty much navigates in uncharted territory at 64, I'm not sure the (over)reaction from fans can be linked to age everytime. It could have been a solo video by Tokischa and it would still be considered trashy, whether you're 26 or 64 does not make it more or less powerful. The younger generation probably sees wall humping, twerking and drug sniffing as "owning it" and "being free", while others may see it as an embarrassing attitude. I don't think you need all that to own it or show you're sexually free. Especially coming from Madonna who showed how to do it in a different way for years. Too bad this is dividing the community so much.
  2. These days you know that something is bad when the only positive comment there is to say is 'silly and fun". Shows how there isn't much more to say than that...I said this on another subject, but people should stop waving the ageism card. This has nothing to do with age but with the poor taste and trashiness of it all. It's OK if you think it's pushing buttons, but it's also OK if you think this is very below her standards. Also mentioning SEX and this in the same sentence is a stretch... Two opposite worlds where one is pretty to look at and one is not. Anyway, I think the mix is not that bad. This whole TiKTok campaign seems very marketed for an American audience though, which may be why it's not clicking outside of that.
  3. Which bootleg CD are you referring to? We have rips of at least 3 of the CDs and all digital mixes except Drowned World Dub Pt. 2 (7:24). The UK CDR at the very least is a proper rip (even though track 1 is faulty) as well as the one with Remix #1 and #2 (also faulty with a missing beat). Most of them were even in the thread you mentioned. I know they appeared at various times through the years so it's hard to keep track, but we have visual proof that they all are from genuine CDs. What's missing is a rip of the OZ CD or that one with the Club mix that's not glitched: https://www.discogs.com/release/7028003-Madonna-Impressive-Instant-Remixes I haven't checked which versions were in the remixology thread though.
  4. Maybe you've had vinyl rips all this time, but CD rips have been available for years, except for one version I think. There are a few official promos to get them on, even though they are very expensive.
  5. A few interesting notes from the CD booklet: - Turn Up The Radio (Offer Nissim Remix Edit) has been created for the release - Love Profusion (Ralphi Rosario House Vocal Edit) has been recreated based on the remix video - Nothing Fails (Tracy Young's Underground Radio Edit) is apparently an unreleased edit - American Life (Felix Da Housecat's Devin Dazzle Edit) has been reassembled in the studio for its commercial debut. Not sure if that means it was recreated too?
  6. I also received an email from FedEx saying they cleared customs for me and I owe them 50 euros. 33 of those are for VAT since the boxset is expensive... There's no way to get it cheaper unfortunately. Don't know why these companies stay in the bloody UK.
  7. Yes, it's a bit of an exclusive so I'm not complaining. Anyone knows if the Nothing Fails & LP edits are unreleased or just made for the compilation? Too bad the video mixes of DTM and BIM are lossy masters, not sure why they chose those. What a ride this is though, I'm having a blast!
  8. So far I can say that "Fever" is the proper Radio Edit from the 7'' and promo 12'', spot on!
  9. I bought the 6LP from DIG store and it has also shipped today
  10. What about letting everyone express their views? I know it gets repetitive, but you can't really ignore the fact that the bar is very low with this for Madonna's standards. As long as it's fun these days, it gets a pass. TikTok music at its finest. The Hung Up mix at least sounds better.
  11. Possibly due to budget constraints, who knows? Also for V2.0 there were right issues which delayed the remix EP and prevented them from putting out any unreleased content. I think the boxsets we got are cool, gutted I didn't catch the first one at the time.
  12. Clearly a fan made mix with the album version added at the beginning. It also sounds like it's from a vinyl? Maybe a bootleg release
  13. The article mentions Discoring, which I guess would be this one:
  14. Actually it's been there since 2016 but we just didn't notice
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