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  1. Yes, this is basically the HBO cut with the 5.1 audio mix. If they re-release the show at some point, I hope it will be standard mix. I do have a feeling though that they might not know exactly what they are sourcing from the vaults, I'm inclined to think that they used the broadcast version by accident. Though it's cool to have it remastered.
  2. It seems to be the original HBO cut judging by some shots and not the DVD version? They show more Madonna and less audience in some parts, like the beginning of D&D (Can You Feel It?...) I like it!
  3. I can't help but think that this account is a forum bot or something. Comparing this to the one posted 22 hours ago and many more, it makes no sense. Sorry, I had to say it cause I just find it weird.
  4. Oh, something's coming this month... The singles are back on track!
  5. His description reads Dominican-bred, Brooklyn-based DJ and Sound-bender. Creating musical portals for aural seekers of mixed genres and cultures. Featured on Rolling Stone Magazine. It was probably made for the mag and is made with real parts. Otherwise they wouldn't use it?
  6. I don't think they are sourcing from CDs to be honest. The vinyl stuff shows it. They're (or Emily's) just not good at doing a cohesive mixing.
  7. They have never released vinyl rips so far, I'm sure they have sourced the original 12'' masters and that's why we are missing OYH and LIB single mixes. Someone said they were new transfers, they don't sound bad to me. The chopped intros are annoying though, can't see why this is happening.
  8. IDSIF is actually the Honey Dijon mix from the Insta clips
  9. I didn't need any IP change to see the BS release, you can actually browse every store by changing the language in the URL. At least it works for me, even though I used to have Error 404 type of page by doing that.
  10. Oh yes, it's Thursday! Sadly no new release showing up on Qobuz...
  11. The original version is the one you hear in the multitrack, i.e a 7-minute mix of the "Single Version". So it's pretty clear that's indeed the original version they recorded before remixing the intro. This CD has the instrumental mix of it: https://www.discogs.com/Madonna-Misc-Instrumentals-TV-Mixes/release/6110132
  12. That'd be great, he probably provided the masters for them as he posted an 'updated' mix on soundcloud. Let it come
  13. At least they seem to have used an original 'master' with original audio and not the Celebration edit.
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