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  1. I didn't need any IP change to see the BS release, you can actually browse every store by changing the language in the URL. At least it works for me, even though I used to have Error 404 type of page by doing that.
  2. The original version is the one you hear in the multitrack, i.e a 7-minute mix of the "Single Version". So it's pretty clear that's indeed the original version they recorded before remixing the intro. This CD has the instrumental mix of it: https://www.discogs.com/Madonna-Misc-Instrumentals-TV-Mixes/release/6110132
  3. That'd be great, he probably provided the masters for them as he posted an 'updated' mix on soundcloud. Let it come
  4. At least they seem to have used an original 'master' with original audio and not the Celebration edit.
  5. The best tool at the moment is youtube-dl: https://github.com/MrS0m30n3/youtube-dl-gui This is the GUI version, i.e with a graphical interface, so easier to use.
  6. I read that for contractual reasons, because of limited amount of new content you can put on a second CD without it counting as a second album, they had to cut it short and add remixes instead (that don't count as new content if of an existing song). Maybe it was M's attempt at finishing her contract sooner at the time, who knows
  7. Those were different times with different markets, it looks a bit useless today because the industry has changed so much and today you can just upload big EPs and albums without worrying about chart rules. This era has also made songs and remixes much shorter because when you count plays it has to switch faster to the next one... Sad times, even though not all artists have fallen for it. This is why we got old school
  8. This is an official release already, as is Live 8: https://music.apple.com/us/album/live-aid-live-13th-july-1985/1435152414 https://music.apple.com/us/album/live-8-live-july-2005/1466093631
  9. Here's an explanation from @Candy Perfume Boy about the 'George Best' mix:
  10. Bertrand and Candy Perfume Boy already explained the story and why it's possibly named that way, have a look in the Audio section, it should still be there somewhere.
  11. Love the Saturday Night Mix, glad they did a complete set once again.
  12. Great that they are doing this in the middle of European lockdowns, I would have liked to see this in the late summer... Herb Ritts is must see 🙂
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