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  1. I have a feeling they're no longer trying to make these EPs complete, something has been missing on them since "Borderline"... Hope to be proven wrong next week
  2. Keep It Together seems to be that album (just popped up on Qobuz): https://www.qobuz.com/nz-en/album/keep-it-together-madonna/gvbmtityailla So not the expected single...
  3. Yes, all of them are the same edit but from different transfers at different times, hence the very slight speed differences. I think the same issues happened with other older tracks too.
  4. Tracks 1, 3 and 5 are identical to the 2001 remasters indeed. The 7'' Edit is a tiny bit slower than the 1996 3'' CD when compared side by side, and the fade is like a second longer (you hear the last "ooh, yeah" more clearly. It's remastered. The PA 7'' Edit looks close to the 3'' CD too, but also a tiny bit slower, although the 1987 YCD promo version is even slower (in my software at least). Not really noticeable unless you play them side by side. Here are the 2023 version/1996 CD/1987 YCD versions of PA starting at the same time: And the ending of each track, no longer synchronized: It's a bit of a mess indeed!
  5. Early mix Vocal + Dub (Archi Gram CDR) Final Mix Vocal + Instrumental with fade (Archigram CDR) - the ICON version Final Mix Vocal + Instrumental without fade (Bertrand's share) - the "Myspace" version I think from the old leaks, there is still an unmastered mp3 of the fade mix, but that's a minor addition to the already complete list
  6. Thank you I've always found this mix to be excellent, too bad it wasn't on the maxi. Archigram haven't done much as remixers, but their work is pretty solid.
  7. The LP Version and Extended aren't as loud as the 2001 CD so I'm not sure they are identical. Probably different masters too.
  8. It's available in Brazil, so you might be downloading from an account in that country.
  9. There is still hope for the 7'' Remix of Open Your Heart if they also release it as a single, fingers crossed
  10. I didn't say "fanmade" but "home made", i.e done internally by someone other than the producer of the mix for a specific release. Tour versions are obviously a different case, and IC is completely remixed, not edited down from the original versions so that does not count. "Celebration" has home made edits, and this RSD release will do too. Nothing wrong with that though, it's just a matter of preference.
  11. Most of these edits were not produced by the remixers for the original singles, so I consider them home-made for this release. Pretty much like some of the edits they did on FEL.
  12. This place is on fire, thank you @bertrandand everyone for your dedication Will happily contribute when I come back home tomorrow!
  13. What we need to do is ask them somehow to release digital versions of the WTG EP and the upcoming American Life one. It feels incomplete to not have them when they have great content while the rest is being released.
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