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  1. https://www.discogs.com/release/253510-BT-10-Years-In-The-Life
  2. I do hope they include the long overdue full-length SFH mixes, it's about time!
  3. The Radio Edits + Calderone Dub and Micronauts Instrumental, and I think that's it
  4. I watched it on my TV and for some reason, it had that name: Not sure what happened there
  5. I'd rather use the file from the original 'Madonna' release on streaming, that's the proper master for the 12'' version. I think they replaced it with the remastered version now, but maybe someone still has a copy?
  6. Yes, the 12'' version is the same as that demo (just properly mastered for release). Just like Physical Attraction Single Edit is lifted from the Demo 11-23-1982, I believe.
  7. Actually Pt 1 and DAD have a cutoff line right above 15 kHz, so they are indeed lossy sourced/mastered. Proper lossless of the DAD mix looks like this:
  8. I believe they are identical to the original CD. Here are the specs:
  9. There's a slim chance it will appear on the 'Die Another Day' EP, but there are already many mixes to include... Even the dubs are unlikely to be there.
  10. I have a feeling they're no longer trying to make these EPs complete, something has been missing on them since "Borderline"... Hope to be proven wrong next week
  11. Keep It Together seems to be that album (just popped up on Qobuz): https://www.qobuz.com/nz-en/album/keep-it-together-madonna/gvbmtityailla So not the expected single...
  12. Yes, all of them are the same edit but from different transfers at different times, hence the very slight speed differences. I think the same issues happened with other older tracks too.
  13. Tracks 1, 3 and 5 are identical to the 2001 remasters indeed. The 7'' Edit is a tiny bit slower than the 1996 3'' CD when compared side by side, and the fade is like a second longer (you hear the last "ooh, yeah" more clearly. It's remastered. The PA 7'' Edit looks close to the 3'' CD too, but also a tiny bit slower, although the 1987 YCD promo version is even slower (in my software at least). Not really noticeable unless you play them side by side. Here are the 2023 version/1996 CD/1987 YCD versions of PA starting at the same time: And the ending of each track, no longer synchronized: It's a bit of a mess indeed!
  14. The LP Version and Extended aren't as loud as the 2001 CD so I'm not sure they are identical. Probably different masters too.
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