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  1. So the EP is out there: https://www.qobuz.com/nz-en/album/ill-remember-madonna/txq68glxva0sc The volume is uneven, so the vinyl mixes may be more recent transfers (LAP has the same particularity). I think the volume boost also enhances the hiss.
  2. It's coming, let's finally rejoice (from Popjustice):
  3. I think those were bertrand's rips of the 2001 CDRs, but I don't think the IR mixes were ever found on a CD. Hopefully they get their stuff together for the release or it would be a huge miss.
  4. What are you teasing with those emojis? I'm sure you want to tell us something
  5. Sounds more like AI on top of a sped up instrumental to me
  6. This sounds made up, she doesn't sound like that in the show and she doesn't do the high note in "changed" and "wins".
  7. May I ask members to not post tour spoilers on the main page? That'd be great for those who intentionally don't visit the tour section. Thanks! :)

  8. https://www.discogs.com/release/253510-BT-10-Years-In-The-Life
  9. I do hope they include the long overdue full-length SFH mixes, it's about time!
  10. The Radio Edits + Calderone Dub and Micronauts Instrumental, and I think that's it
  11. I watched it on my TV and for some reason, it had that name: Not sure what happened there
  12. I'd rather use the file from the original 'Madonna' release on streaming, that's the proper master for the 12'' version. I think they replaced it with the remastered version now, but maybe someone still has a copy?
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