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  1. Yes, but there is still that "T" in the background... Actually if you check the multitrack, esp. track LFL 51 M verse lead voc, you clearly hear that "T" and it's because that's how the vocal track was rendered. Whenever they use the acapella, it's there and that's what happened here. LFL 51 M verse lead voc.mp3
  2. Nah, it's definitely a vocal error, it's also present at 3:26 after the second verse. The album version has that "t" sound too, but it goes into "took me" so it flows.
  3. They seem to forget that the YCD version is NOT the Lucas version, it has never been released apart from that Edit. I don't think it's going to an edit of the full-length, just the one above that was included on the YCD promo.
  4. Is this an official edit? I think this will just be the album version (4:01). There is however an unreleased remix/edit that leaked in instrumental form, too bad they haven't used it:
  5. Are we sure that the Fever version is the 5:00 one from the picture 7'', or a mislabeled Edit One? That would be a nice surprise. Fnac is slow af and still hasn't put up the preorders.
  6. Is is really worth it though? Everything nowadays is produced in limited quantites to sell them quickly and make them collectible, but I think this is too much. The price margin is off the roof.
  7. The 4:25 is here (duration mislabeled on the cover): https://www.discogs.com/release/18853441-Various-Promo-Internacional The 4:06 I believe is the Video Edit, and the 7:34 version a mix from a VC CDR. Some info from the old remixology site: http://web-o-rama.net/madonnaremixology/americanpie.html
  8. Official means commissioned by the record company for potential release, which it was. It's just unreleased like many remixes from other eras.
  9. It is official and missed the deadline at the time, so it went unreleased. I believe the 256kbps mp3 around comes from the remixer himself. Haven't seen a lossless version yet.
  10. I think fans should stop making excuses for everything. Age does not explain all the negative reactions, it's just the poor taste of it all. Good for the people who like it, others will find better things to check out. Nobody said you can't remix your music after 40 years, it's ridiculous. It could be more inspired, but it's just 2022 Instagram Madonna. But she's being played on kids radio again so yay, I guess.
  11. This release is useless except to make quick money from Tiktok. I doubt it's going to do anything for her aside from streaming stats. This is even sadder when you compare it to the majestic mixes that were done at the time by people who really knew how to make a remix. If the Levitating remix had gone viral on Tiktok she would probably have agreed to appear in the video too.
  12. Qobuz and Deezer list it as 2022 so it varies depending on the platform. Not sure why though.
  13. It does seem to be real! Might be 5 tracks like True Blue and La Isla ?
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