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  1. Be patient, everyone's gonna have their favourite EP uploaded at some point. It's only the beginning.
  2. 'Has To Be' was the b-side to 'Ray Of Light' so there is still a chance
  3. Welp, looks like they changed their mind and are trying to be on track with the "Frozen" and "Bedtime Story" HD uploads... New EPs coming and replacing "Fever" and "LDLHA" for now: They're giving us ALL the mixes. Couldn't be happier
  4. Yeah, it really shows the different sources they used. Do we have too much OCD to care about these things when the majority won't?
  5. The Bass Dub has the same very faint hiss as the digital mp3 leaked years ago, so they must be the same. Actually the three dubs may be same, only a bit louder? Volume is all over the place on the release though. That echo on the 7'' Remix... no idea why it's there. Loving the HQ artwork
  6. I think most of the 90's singles + Holiday (possibly because of the megamix idea Warner had with the song?) got that treatment in late September 2001. Take a Bow, ROL (2 discs) and Don't Cry For Me Argentina as well. I have very LQ pics, sorry about that... Hopefully they keep releasing those big EPs, it's so worth it
  7. And it seems it's this Friday: The dubs are there!
  8. I know this because of that CD that's still on eBay. I can't copy the link from my phone but it's there if you look it up 🙂
  9. Yeah the tracks from the red vinyl have been re-transferred a few times already so they probably found them. I don't know about the UK mixes and dubs from cassette though. Funnily enough, Fever was part of the GHV2 tracklist before You'll see and Drowned World 🙂
  10. Fever has 8 CD tracks so not sure what the 2 last ones would be, hopefully the 'LP Version' is not one of them. LDLHA has the 5 mixes + the 2 Soulpower and maybe the Album Edit... It'd be nice if they put Mark Picchiotti's mix instead, but they wouldn't go that far.
  11. Some Rhino page I think, but I don't have access to it. Tracklists would be cool indeed
  12. New releases scheduled in March: Surely the Edit One is coming as well as some promo mixes of LDLHA, not bad for once!
  13. Someone contact Pop Activism and help them get ALL the mixes on streaming. It's time people who know what they're doing handle this.
  14. Well, the previous upload of 'Bedtime Story" was so pixelated than even a bad upscale will be better. The result is better than 'Material Girl' though. Are we even sure a professional team is behind this? Or is it still the same guy playing around... It's no secret that the source material for her Youtube channel is taken from the Internet.
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