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  1. Praying that M goes to the met gala even tho there’s no reason for me to believe that

    1. proxy


      I think she's to busy

  2. Hey! I’m seeing M in NYC in august twice and I literally have no clue how to make a good bootleg (video/audio). I have a camera with an alright zoom, the audio quality ain’t it tho. Should I bring an audio recorder? Any recommendations? I rlly wanna capture this concert so any recommendations will help

  3. I’m on vacation, however when i come back I’ll post a FULL sticky & sweet tour blu ray upscale :)

    1. stickersweeter


      I'm crying but it's not sadness! Hahaha

      Thank you so much!

    2. stickersweeter
    3. stickersweeter
  4. In LOVE with the front and back cover. AMAZING SO EXCITED
  5. Currently writing a manifesto about Madge for school and god, I have so much to say. 

    1. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      'i liked her songs and the way she sung them'
      how many is that ?

    2. mdnnaaa


      More like speaking about her impact and why she’s the queen of pop, about 5000 words

    1. Glassy24


      ... no lol. that user doesn't have any real madame x demos - they're probably trying to act like they do so they can scam someone out of files.

  6. I actually loved Madame X, i dont really dislike any of her albums, but one that bores me a bit is bedtime stories
  7. who wants these diplo exports?


    Bitch I_m Madonna (Trappy Ruff 06-13-14).mp3

    living for love poppin fuck.wav

  8. What i posted originally is apparently against the rules 

    1. Glassy24


      Read Rule #4:


    2. mdnnaaa


      Oh oops lmao

  9. merry christmas to us!!! we are being FEDDD 

    (give us all u got) THANK UUUU

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