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  1. I am over the moon that infinity is going to continue, thanks to @Jackie and @Fighter for ensuring this happened. This is as far as i'm concerned the best forum there is and can't imagine being anywhere else. I do also wish nothing but the best for @Fighter, he has put so much effort and time into this place over the years while dealing with personal issues. Hats off to you @Fighter
  2. ? lmao at this, would love her to blow that ass up so much more and see this happen...genuinelly!!!
  3. The holidays are coming and i'm dreaming of a big fat diamond. Open your heart stems and b roll :Madonna014: Santa make my dreams come true :angel:

  4. @RUADJAI thank you so much for giving us this audio @Fighter thank you so much too for remastering it

    so much :heart: for this...it's all about the team work :Madonna014: :luv:

    1. stfan97


      This forum is the best! :hearteyes:

    2. RUADJAI


      Yes thank you @FighterHaving separate tracks is amazing.  and so fast!

       And also the person on here who gave me the idea to keep my recorder on in my Yonder. 


  5. we're almost there peeps, tick tock tick tock tick tock. i'm almost biting my nails
  6. ^^ yeah, winning names will be posted in here and through statuses, good luck everyone. won't be too long xx
  7. so it's finally here, time to find the prize draw winner..winners announced on wednesday, gl everyone entered xx

  8. so she likes to start fires eh, a bit suspicious http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/entertainment/music/music-news/watch-madonna-evacuated-glasgow-nightclub-7049230
  9. when the lights came on a lot of people around me started leaving and i kept saying it's not done she's still got holiday to do. my daughter was with me and she kept calmly trying to explain to me that it was in fact over, well i was honestly about to start throwing all my toys out the pram and then she came back on. everyone was that surprised and yes i was like it's ok, honeslty no appologies needed people, it's all good.
  10. the show was absolutely amazing. here's another clip of holiday from youtube.
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