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  1. I absolutely love it @Fighterand welcome to the team @RUADJAI 😀 @Ekans@Askeroff Dark themes are everything ❤❤❤
  2. 🤣 lmao at this, would love her to blow that ass up so much more and see this happen...genuinelly!!!
  3. The holidays are coming and i'm dreaming of a big fat diamond. Open your heart stems and b roll :Madonna014: Santa make my dreams come true :angel:

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    2. char


      wishing you a wonderful christmas & happy new year hugs C:hug:

    3. ScottyX
    4. somethingscomingover


      :heart: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope your wishes come true!

  4. @RUADJAI thank you so much for giving us this audio @Fighter thank you so much too for remastering it

    so much :heart: for this...it's all about the team work :Madonna014: :luv:

    1. stfan97


      This forum is the best! :hearteyes:

    2. RUADJAI


      Yes thank you @FighterHaving separate tracks is amazing.  and so fast!

       And also the person on here who gave me the idea to keep my recorder on in my Yonder. 


  5. messages coming winners way, stay tuned peeps
  6. we really are. i know i haven't been on too much but i genuinelly love this place
  7. 2 more winners to come....it's nail bitting, i can hear the drum roll in my head
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