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  1. @Enrico I confirm the unexpected in life can happen also for singer male or female when it is cancelled concert tour on mini tour also for work bad weather and health problems , being angry about it doesn't solve anything , must have to wait Madonna is fine , you can do the concertfor those who want to go and see for she
  2. Hello dear  @MadonnaLove     I dumped it all night,  I always see pixels on Madonnas face :scary:@MadonnaLove do you know how to remove pixels on video? if I wanted to get this result how @DanKi had read that he had written that he had modified   


    1. MadonnaLove


      I have no idea 

  3. ciao  everybody , I would like to know if this thing is true or false for Forums  "Madonna-Infinity" and is closing, and what is why for Forums is closing ?

    1. Sprk


      It's closing. You can join the Discord server instead.

    2. spice1997


      dear @Sprk Then this is the reason that closes for Forums "Madonna-Infinity" for  Discord 

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