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  1. Well it certainly wasn't enough for him to learn his lesson, since he's kept on selling media files hacked from Madonna's servers since his release from "prison".
  2. It's not a question of "stealing". It's about people (inc. people on this forum) taking videos of the kind off YouTube and selling them as DVD/BluRays on Ebay and on specialized Madonna websites, as well as reuse such videos on their own accounts. And mind you, as you said, such remasters take work and time, and I'm not working to help these people's finances. Hence the sporadic visual tag. If that's a problem for anyone, make your own upscale/remaster, or go and complain to the people in question who have no netiquette. It's not my problem. And next time, keep your very questionable dog/pee a
  3. It may be shit music, but at least the press-release is worth a good chuckle. "The voice of a rising generation, artist @Ahla_malik is releasing his new track “West Side” on 7 March on all major streaming platforms"
  4. @#BelieveVictims Just because 90% of modern pop is automated void doesn't mean it defines the genre. This is, imho, generic crap. But to each their own. If someone finds this to be great music, good for them, the album will drop and flop very soon.
  5. Absolutely amazing, such raw talent and originality. A diamond in the rough. Watch out, K-Fed!
  6. DanK

    Dr. Seuss

    Did she, when ?
  7. DanK

    Dr. Seuss

    ... until the long-rumored 2008 "Black Madonna" shoot surfaces (if it even exists in the first place).... Imagine the damage...
  8. DanK

    Dr. Seuss

    Absolutely.... and to post a link leading to a nazi-friendly website.
  9. Much ado about nothing then...
  10. That's actually the original real tint and constrast of the video, cf. the master.
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