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  1. Good for you. Unfortunately that doesn't work for a lot of people. And if suddenly everyone would switch to a plant-based diet I doubt it would be possible to produce the amount of food needed to feed everyone. But again, I think if people would eat less meat on a regular basis, they would be more inclined to make the adjustment, and it would already have a huge impact. I've gone from eating meat literally every single day, to only eating meat 5 days out of the week. Plus I'm choosing not to have any children, which is probably a bigger help than to stop eating meat.
  2. I don't think that would be sustainable either. But also: meat is just too tasty. I do think we could use a bit more moderation.
  3. Sprk

    It's the Extended Remix, so it's an annoying mistake 😊
  4. Sprk

    Me tooooo. I was supposed to go in May again, but even though my flight hasn't officially been canceled yet, I'm sure it will. Meh.
  5. Sprk

    I don't mind so much if the files are being spread around, that's what I posted them for. It's more about the direct links to my cloud service, and worrying about getting caught/sued 😊
  6. Sprk

    So I guess the ‘ethical’ thing would be to not hide links anymore if you’re posting links that expire? I’m not not posting for the ‘reputation’ anyway.
  7. Sprk

    Thanks! I love Jem, I still listen to a lot of Jem songs on my iPhone (though I usually skip the Jem songs and only listen to the Misfits songs, their songs are better) 😊 ...would anyone want me to post some mp3tjes of Jem songs in the Music Downloads section? 🤔
  8. Sprk

    I use a cloud service called Sync. It's an efficient (but costly) online backup of my files, a solution I chose after ANOTHER hard drive broke down and I lost a lot of files again. Sync offers 4TB of space (which most other service don't do, or at a much higher price) and I'm usually at 90% of my allowed storage space. The reason why I let my download links expire after 1-2 weeks is because I can see a lot of people download 'my' files (more than the amount of people that have 'liked' the post, and different IP addresses too), which I assume means my download links are being shared outside of this forum. Because I don't want Sync to shut down my account (and, perhaps, make me lose access to my files in the process), I try to keep some kind of control over how many people download these files. That's why I choose to expire them after 1-2 weeks. And then there's also the fear of 'the authorities' finding out about me sharing files that are not my intellectual property (I don't think a judge would think it's relevant that these are mostly TV broadcasts, out of print cd's and upscales of videos). The alternative, for me, would be to stop sharing files altogether. Which I'd prefer not to do, because I think this is a great place to share files and I want to contribute to that...
  9. Sprk

    Hi guys, I'm from The Netherlands. My brother definitely listened to a lot of Madonna when I was a kid (The First Album - Like A Prayer). I was born in 1980 so I grew up with her. I remember the WTG tour being aired on TV and wanting to watch it, but there was a storm so the quality was kind of bad? I kind of fell in love when I saw Truth or Dare, and definitely kept a close eye on her in the 90s when she was all over MTV during the Erotica and Bedtime Stories era. I played my Girlie Show VHS over and over again. The first time I saw her live was 2001, and I've seen her live 4 times since. To be honest, I'm not super into most she's done after COADF, but I'll always consider myself a Madonna fan, and I'm glad this forum exists 😊
  10. Sprk

  11. Sprk

    This is me 😊
  12. This is the practice where the expression 'change a word, take a third' comes from.
  13. Sprk

    Hi, is it possible to delete certain files (screenshots) I've uploaded to the forum? I mean the stuff that is listed here: https://madonna-infinity.net/forums/attachments/ I've reached my limit :(
  14. You can be negative all you want, but but this was never made up. In my case, the information that this was coming out (originally in the fall of 2019, then moved to April 2020) came directly from my contact at Warner (albeit one of the international offices). So it was never made up.