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  1. Didn't she also have a verrrrry difficult delivery with Rocco? Like really difficult?
  2. JPC.DE also has a listing for it: https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/Madonna-Mdna-Hq/hnum/2492893 Looks very legit.
  3. Come back after the tour and hope all the download links haven't expired 😉
  4. Just wanted to add that the 'center' and 'LFE' channel do contain information. Both channels just need to be normalized in sound editing software, because they're very very quiet. For instance, on 'Material Girl' the center channel has the male background vocals and guitar, a bit more dry than on the surround channels. Even on the tracks that aren't true surround (like Borderline) the LFE channel has subwoofer into.
  5. I got a watermarked stream of the Christine & the Queens album today. Of course I checked Madonna's tracks first: she doesn't sing on any of them, unfortunately. Interestingly, on 'I met an angel' one of the lyrics Chris sings repeatedly is 'open your heart' 😊
  6. Can you imagine a SECOND Truth or Dare with only unreleased footage and other songs from Bercy? That would be amazing.
  7. I think every show was recorded and the leaks probably have little to do with HBO.
  8. I mean, if you opened the link from your phone, then probably, yeah ??‍♂️
  9. You can access Discord through any web browser, but you can also install it as a separate app, on your computer as well as your phone. So lots of options ?
  10. Annoying isn't it, when people don't post the download links you want them to post?
  11. There’s no Janet remix either, which is odd, and a really weird selection from Five Star. Pretty weird compilation tbh.
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