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  1. Yes. @bertrandreally delivered last time plus we got to raise some extra money for a good cause as well.
  2. I don’t have to. Just like some people don’t have to like Ray of Light, which I think is a masterpiece. To each his own.
  3. Luckily, whether or not you’re a fan has nothing to do with how recently you’ve listened to Rebel Heart
  4. Sprk

    Either Tina’s fiancé cheated on her, Janet knew about it, and decided not to tell Tina. Or Janet’s husband was cheating on her (honestly, not an unlikely scenario), Tina knew about it, and decided not to tell Janet. The song “You ain’t right” is about this, and Janet sings that she was stabbed in the back.
  5. Sprk

    If it was, it was one hell of a time for Janet because during that same tribute she also danced with a woman who was her best friend and she had a huuuuge falling out with.
  6. Sprk

    Nothing pseudo about this feud. Janet really, really doesn’t like Madonna. Perhaps things are different now, but I know for a fact Janet didn’t even appreciate Madonna being discussed in the online fanclub chatroom she used to frequent incognito.
  7. It hasn't. I listen to "God Control" when it comes on, I usually don't skip "I Don't Search I Find" and "Bitch I'm Loca" will forever be my guilty pleasure. Other than that, none of the tracks on the album have found their way onto any of my playlists. Still better than Rebel Heart; I haven't listened to any track from that album in ages.
  8. Sprk

    In the case of the 'feud' (I wonder if Ryan Murphy would ever do a show on it) between Madonna and Janet I'd have to say Madonna is the one who started it. She tried to hit on Janet's boyfriend René backstage at an award show in the 80s.
  9. I like all of them, when I was a kid I had a huuuuuge crush on Salim. He still looks good.
  10. Sprk

    www.discogs.com is a great resource to find out what has been released, and in which country. It also has a marketplace where you can buy most of these releases. Enjoy!
  11. Sprk

    The first episode of Drag Race Holland was actually quite alright 😊
  12. Sprk

    It's the Extended Remix, so it's an annoying mistake 😊
  13. Sprk

    Me tooooo. I was supposed to go in May again, but even though my flight hasn't officially been canceled yet, I'm sure it will. Meh.
  14. Sprk

    I don't mind so much if the files are being spread around, that's what I posted them for. It's more about the direct links to my cloud service, and worrying about getting caught/sued 😊