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  1. If you don't mind something that is not in English:
  2. Thank you for explaining the internet to me.
  3. I truly don't understand what you're doing in a thread about Janet and the auctioning of her 'ugly' (lol) costumes if you think she's so crap? But hey, enjoy 👍🏻
  4. Ugly stage outfits? Perhaps you're thinking of Destiny's Child with designs by the House of Dereon™. Janet's stage outfits are far from ugly.
  5. Sprk


    The Paradiso show is an audience recording, so I think HQ isn’t really a good way to describe it.
  6. Sprk


    Mine arrived last week! The posted had some weird black marks on the back, though.
  7. No one is going to sue you for having one album pressed for your own personal use. They might sue if you have multiple copies pressed and sell them to people.
  8. Sprk


    I emailed them to tell them I hadn't received a shipping notification for my Seventh Tree order yet, that I placed in December. They replied with a shipping date, so it should arrive soon. Might take a bit more time for stuff from the UK to arrive, because of the whole Brexit thing.
  9. The analogy was actually super strong. I don’t see what’s questionable about it. By putting your name all over those upscales, you’re marking your territory. But whatever.
  10. Sprk


    I haven't even received a shipping notification, even though I ordered from Mute in December.
  11. I don't like the branding. Yes, it might prevent some assholes from 'stealing' your upscale (I mean, it's not like this was your intellectual property in the first place, even though this upscale obviously took some days work). But I just don't see the need to 'mark your territory' in such a visible way, like you're some kind of male dog 🤷🏼‍♂️
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