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  1. Maybe she could merge the two? “FINALLY ENOUGH LOVE, IT’S A CELEBRATION WORLD TOUR”
  2. We’re due another full on dance performance of it. Especially the Twilo remix, now that would be epic.
  3. RAY OF LIGHT would be an amazing closing song.
  4. IF and that’s a big IF, the announcement date does change, please don’t blame Matthew. He has always been a reliable source of information and this would be out of his control. Be kind. We know that M is planning to tour, so let’s look forward to it. Dates, venues etc will be announced when the time is right. We have some exciting things to look forward to this year! ❤️
  5. David Bowie’s estate have released a boxset relating to his “Hunky Dory” album. It’s basically a “lead up” to the album which chronicles the songwriting demos, performances and alternate takes of songs from the album. I really like this approach, as it’s like a look behind the curtain that shows how the album came to be. It’s a beautiful set that includes a stunning book and also a replica of his notebook with his writings of lyrics, ideas for the album etc. We know that M is a huge David Bowie fan, so I wonder if she will be influenced by his legacy releases.
  6. I agree. I’ll be honest, when I initially read the press release that she had signed the contract with Warners to curate these deluxe editions I thought to myself “yeah that will never happen”. Sadly it seems to be coming true. She has never been one to look back and celebrate her legacy and I wouldn't be surprised if she is being a pain in the ass behind the scenes regarding what’s included etc. I know we have had FEL and the little trinkets, but the main piece in the press release was regarding deluxe editions of her albums. It’s been fifteen months since the announcement and we still have nothing in terms of anything rare and unreleased (in terms of albums). It makes me wonder if everything is still going to plan. If M is really curating these items, we have had no insight to this. At least when FEL was in production she posted videos of her in the studio working on it - all we have had recently is random videos of her. And before anyone jumps on my post telling me to be patient and it’s a multi year deal, you don’t need to tell me that. I’m fully aware, but I think it’s ridiculous that this deal was announced so long ago and nothing of real importance has materialised. Erotica 30 would have been the perfect opportunity for the first release. Something tells me there has been a change behind the scenes.
  7. Also we all know M feels about demos and unfinished work. When the Rebel Heart demos were leaked she was devastated and made a point of saying how she never wanted those unfinished tracks out there, which leads me to believe that demos will not be a part of these reissues. Completed tracks may be included such as Love Won’t Wait, Shame, You Thrill Me, Goodbye to Innocence, Angels with Dirty Faces etc, but I can’t imagine her wanting “work in progress” songs out there. I imagine it’s an exercise of compiling all of the work from each album in one set. Album remastered, remixes, b sides, completed unreleased tracks and perhaps a DVD of the music videos/interviews and performances remastered from that album.
  8. Yes, but she is curating them, so it would appear that what is included on the sets is down to her, not Warner, which is probably the only reason that she agreed to these sets being released.
  9. I think it’s also telling that she hasn’t put anything on her social media about any upcoming reissues. Usually she documents everything she’s doing, sometimes things that should be kept as a secret for a bigger reveal (50 number ones) for example. I would have thought if she was starting work on the curation of these sets we would have had some sort of “tease”? Who knows at this point.
  10. I have to say that I agree that it doesn’t seem that Madonna’s heart is in these reissues. I would not be surprised one bit if behind the scenes there is some drama going on. We all know that she hates to look back and I can imagine that there is some conflict with her and Warner as to what exactly is included on these deluxe sets. Warner are probably pushing for demos and unreleased tracks and M is being stubborn and not wanting them as part of the sets. Surely an album reissue should have been announced by now. Erotica 30 would have been the perfect opportunity. Something doesn’t seem right.
  11. I’d be inclined to agree. Ray of Light is her favourite album and was massive for her, so it makes sense to release that one first. Erotica deluxe could still come next year whilst it’s still in its 30th year and then perhaps the debut in July.
  12. So while it’s fantastic news that we are getting the repress of the Erotica picture disc, are we to assume that there will be no album reissue to go with it?
  13. It seems odd that there hasn’t been an official announcement. I wonder if there will be one at some point over the next couple of days which will include the album reissue?
  14. Ah yes! Why did I presume they would released on the anniversaries?! It would make better sense to announce the preorders on the anniversaries!
  15. I’m starting to wonder if we are going to get physical media for the Everybody and Erotica anniversaries. I know her press release for Finally Enough Love stated to look out for surprises around the anniversary of her 40th year in music, but I think it’s a bit late now. Everybody’s anniversary is October 6th, which is four weeks away and Erotica is 20th October. I would have thought we would have had preorders up by now. ☹️
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