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  1. Would you mind if I borrowed your crystal ball? I could do with knowing this weeks lottery numbers! 🙄🙈
  2. It was reissued the following year because the original red and black 6LP set was limited and sold out very quickly. Lots of fans wanted to get a copy, so it made sense to reissue it in larger quantities.
  3. When you say that it was a compilation of stuff we already had, what exactly are you expecting of the upcoming reissues? I fear you are setting yourself up for disappointment if you are setting your heart on unreleased tracks or demos. No one knows if she will include them. And if she doesn’t, are you then going to complain that you already have the album, b sides and remixes?
  4. I think that when the album reissues come we can expect more than just the original track listing and a colour vinyl. In the press release it states that M will personally curate EXPANDED deluxe editions, so more content will be added, however in what form this will take, none of us know at this point. I think at the very least we can expect official b sides and official remixes to be added. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before we get some information on the 40th celebrations of Like a Virgin.
  5. I think calling what has been released so far messy, confusing and lazy is a bit of a stretch. For the first time in years we are getting brand new items related to her back catalog. After years of only getting the same albums released on a different colour vinyl we have items that have brand new artwork, brand new track-listings. Finally Enough Love is brand new. Yes it contains previously released songs, but a lot of the edits are rare and have never been put on a commercial release before. It was very well put together and is a nice companion to the “Celebration” compilation.
  6. Agreed, but predominantly it tends to be vinyl that is the format that has the big exclusives. Vinyl is a massive seller at the moment, so it makes sense for bigger artists such as M to have their RSD item pressed on vinyl. We have to remember that this is a business too and they want to make as much profit as they can. Vinyl will seal the deal much more than CD or Cassette.
  7. Who’s That Girl - Super Club Mix was a Record Store Day exclusive. Record Store Day items are vinyl exclusive. Erotica Picture Disc - Vinyl, for obvious reasons, plus a major release for M fans. Who would have thought we would get a repress of this mega rare item?! Everybody 12” Reissue - This again was a Record Store Day exclusive, so it would not be offered as a CD. Plus brand new artwork. And the two tracks remastered. American Life Mix-Show - Again a Record Store Day exclusive. A beautiful item with incredible remixes. The press release states. “2022 will mark the 40th anniversary of Madonna’s recording debut. This new deal heralds the launch next year of an extensive, multi-year series of catalog releases that will revisit the groundbreaking music that made her an international icon. For the first time, Madonna will personally curate expansive deluxe editions for many of her landmark albums, as well as introduce unique releases for special events, and much more. The series of releases will be overseen by Warner Music’s catalog team, led by Kevin Gore, President of Global Catalog, Recorded Music, with the first release to be announced soon.” Keywords here are “multi year catalog releases.” Plus “unique releases for special events”. So far the first MAJOR releases have been Finally Enough Love, released on all formats and the Erotica Picture Disc. Everything else has been the unique releases for special events, eg Record Store Day. I don’t understand the negative comments surrounding Finally Enough Love. It’s a fantastic way to collate some of her best remixes, plus most of them are rare edits which are only available on promo CD’s/vinyl that cost a pretty penny or have never appeared on CD before. I have no doubt that the deluxe albums are coming, and like most I am impatient, but we know they are in the works and I have every faith that they will be well worth the wait. On a side note, I see people mentioning that they’re unhappy that most of the releases have been on vinyl. I have to ask, what is the reason people don’t want to collect her stuff on vinyl? The artwork alone is amazing and the sound is awesome too. Vinyl players don’t cost the earth these days. My advice would be to invest. They’re well worth it. Just my two cents. I’m just happy that M is still with us and is giving us these items. We know that she doesn’t like to look back, so we are lucky that she has changed her mind in that regard. ❤️
  8. Finally Enough Love is a great compilation. She did a great job of selecting the best remixes and also adding some rare and unreleased mixes too.
  9. Exactly! Why is it so glaringly obvious that it is going to start with LAV? Ray of Light 25 could have been a great album to kick the reissues off. I do find on these forums that some people are quick to use the words “it’s coming this year, mark my words” without having anything substantial to back their “words” up. I’ve learnt to take everything with a pinch of salt these days. Anyone who actually had any legit information on these releases would never hint at them or as it tends to be the case, put other people down for not having a crystal ball and believing that LAV has been the album to kick off the reissues all along. I agree it would be a great starting point, but I can’t imagine LAV being an album that can be expanded as much as say Ray of Light for example. Ray of Light has many more remixes and (if she chooses) unreleased tracks to be added to a deluxe edition rather than Like a Virgin, which doesn’t have half as many remixes. Just my thoughts. I’m sure all will be revealed at some point.
  10. It sounds as though you already know exactly what is going to be included in these reissues, would you care to share?
  11. I think a lot of fans are frustrated because it’s taking so long for them to release one of these deluxe albums. Once we have had an announcement of the first one and we can see what is included, we can start to manage our expectations. I think it’s a crime that her live shows have never had a full remastered release. Especially Virgin Tour and Blond Ambition. Her back catalog has been very poorly handled in my opinion. Let’s hope it’s not too much longer until we get some sort of announcement.
  12. If that’s the case, what’s the point in releasing a “deluxe” set at all? Fans aren’t going to rush out and buy it if it’s kept close to the original release and there’s nothing new to entice fans to purchase it. Most artists these days are releasing deluxe editions of their albums which include demos, unreleased tracks, remixes etc. Warner have signed a deal with her to personally curate deluxe, expanded versions of her landmark albums. If it’s just going to be the album and a couple of remixes, they need not bother.
  13. Any new items added to the pop up shop?
  14. I ordered the Like a Prayer sweatshirt about three weeks ago. They took the money straight away and then added to the description on the website that it would be shipped from 17th November. I’ve had an email today to say there are ongoing production delays with the sweater and they will be in touch with further details in the coming weeks. I was hoping to wear it to one of the London shows. I’ve requested a refund instead. Her website really need to step up their game. They have been advertising that sweater since September.
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