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  1. Hey. There's no need to be rude. We Madonna fans must stick together, and be nice to each other. This world is harsh enough as it is. I must have misunderstood something here. I drop the subject.
  2. With this in mind, I'm surprised that Ricardo of all people slipped up.
  3. I see that many fans are excited about this, and I'm certainly one of them, and I hate to be a party poober, but didn't Madonna ask us via Rhino to not leak these things before she was ready to announce them? I think it was a week ago... I do think it's okay to do it here, in this closed setting, but many on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are announcing the release as if they have Madonna's permission to do so, and I don't think they do. #RespectTheQueen
  4. Yes! That's the kinda stuff I want. And it's got something for most fans. Super Deluxe Box, cd-only and vinyl only. Download for those whp perfer that. Perfect. Madonna's would probably be a bit more expensive, but still.
  5. Causing A Commotion, Vogue (Strike-A-Pose Dub), Love Profusion (Ralphi Rosario Big Room Dub) Are some of my favorite dubs. Speaking of dubs: When they shot the disco scenes for Deeper And Deeper, the DJ played old disco hits from the 70's, but there's also a mysterious version of Deeper And Deeper mentioned in Grant Shaffer's story. (Published in an issue of Icon) Could it be David's Deeper Dub he's talking about? It fits the description...
  6. I have some unplayed vinyl too, but have started to realize that I'm not immortal, so I've started to listen to them. I have no plans to sell them so what's the point of just having them. One evening I'll take a deep breath and listen to FEL, the vinyl box!
  7. I grew up with vinyl and love them. I listen to music on vinyl, not every day, but every week. I can't wait to buy the remasters on vinyl. Regarding the RSD special. I'm sure some kind soul will upload the new edits to the forum.
  8. Why not have both? I have zero interest in digital releases. I want something physical that I can hold in my hands, and play on my stereo. You prefer digital releases. Good for you. I have absolutely nothing against that.
  9. Wouldn't it be wonderful if Madonna did this too? For the early albums, the 7"es would be nostalgic, and from Bedtime Stories it would be a real kick to have the singles on 7". Secet was released, but very limited, and the rest wern't so...
  10. Maybe it'll be reissued next year! You know, landmark albums getting the star treatment and all that jazz... ;) No.
  11. I don't know. He just mentioned a few years ago that he had so much to do in the coming year, and remastering LaV was one of the thibngs he mentioned.
  12. I think they are. Anything else is crazy. Personal feelings can not get in the way of something as big and important as a reissue. I know that Madonna's moved on after a project is finished, and sometimes burn bridges, but I hope that people still can contribute to the SDEs, for the fans. It has to be as good as it can, cause this is it.
  13. Niles remastered Like A Virgin a couple of years ago, so he must have known that Madonna had plans for the album. Bray talked about demos, but I'm sure Madonna has access to them, and can get them wothout his involvement. Or maybe he lied. Or "streched the truth", as I say. Suppose he's involved but can't say anything yet. As we know from Rhino's tweet last week, Madonna wants to announce these things herself... ;)
  14. Not always. Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin released deluxe editions in a frightening speed a few years ago. PF had three boxes out in the space of six months, and LZ had nine boxes out over 13 months. Now I don't think Madonna will be as quick as that, but who knows? The reissues are first and foremost for the fans, aren't they? So we can buy two or three at once. No, I think they'll be released at a quicker pace than that. Like I said last year: If we're gonna wait for every album's 40th anniversary, half of us will be dead before Madame X comes out. I do think the first album will be reissued around its 40th anniversary, but the rest of them? Nah, it would take too long.
  15. Yeah. Max Martin! King Midas. This'll be really great!
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