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  1. Well, some men come from cultures where homosexuality simply isn't accepted, and they are pressured into marriage by family. I always feel sorry for both parts, cause nobody should have to be stuck in a loveless marriage. Some men use their wives as covers, cause they're ashamed of their homosexual feelings. Some men are jerks who just don't care about anyone else but themselves. If they get caught? Well. Divorce, shame, threats of violence or death by judgemental people...
  2. Not if they wanna live out some porn fantasy and get "taken by a man". :/
  3. Yeah, I got my copy from a respected record store here in Sweden, but it's still a bootleg. The live-cd that you got with I'm Going To Tell You A Secret was her first official live album. It even says so on the hyper sticker. Here's Madonna's official releases up to Rebel Heart, live albums included. (But I don't understand WHY whoever is in charge of her official website can't bother to include Rebel Heart Live and Madame X.) https://www.madonna.com/discography
  4. GS didn't have a live album, unless you count the three songs that were included on the bonus single in the book Girlie Show. Re-Invention Tour was the first to have an official live album, thanks to the documentary. But yes, I'm hoping that we'll get more live albums, and maybe The Re-Invention Tour DVD could find a home in an American Life Super Deluxe Edition?
  5. Well, there are a bunch of them in the vault. Shep Pettibone mentioned in an interview not too long ago that there was some of his remixes there, and hinted that they aren't very good. But if it's extended dance mixes of songs like Thief Of Hearts or Can't Stop, then I wanna hear them! The vault must be packed with great and exciting remixes that just didn't feel right at the time, or was commissioned too late or some other reason... Some excellent remixes have leaked. Ralphi Rosario's wonderful remix of Bedtime Story is the first one that comes to mind. Metallica just released a SDE of their black album, and Kiss are releasing a SDE of Destroyer in November. Both boxes are filled with bonus discs, memorabilia, hardbound books etc... Let's hope that Madonna's boxes are equally exciting.
  6. This is what an Über Super Deluxe Edition could look like. It's got everything but the monkey, the finger and the leathermask! The inclusion of The Rain Tapes is an especially nice touch. Howard Jones included a demotape in his deluxe box of Human's Lib, and fans loved it. The Rain Tapes would make Madonna stans delirious with happiness! However, to make it more affordable for regular mortals, I'd release a seperate box for the 7" collection. Like ABBA has done for their reissues. Gotta give those Record Store Day Madonna fans something to buy too, right? And I'd change the color of a couple of them. Erotica could be transparant with glitter, as a nod to the fabulous curtain in the video. If you do a Bedtime Stories mock-up, then Secret would be perfect for gold. All that jewellery she wears in that video... Playground would be either eggshell white or "holiday collection red", as a nod to the colors on the players' uniforms in the movie. The double LP would be one white and one navy blue, like the cover. I think splatter looks messy and makes it hard to really see the grooves when you play the record. Clean colors is much better. The silver/blue cover you suggested is perfect, and would look beyond beautiful in print. Inclusion of material from other eras is a no-no in my book, and many professionals. Skip the other tours on the live cd, and present "Erotica- Live", with live versions of Erotica material. You thrill Me is amazing, but it belongs to the Confessions Era. The Girlie Show- Live Down Under is already available on dvd. Why not include the Japanese show? Not many has seen it, and it would be a nice addition to the collection for people who don't download illegal material. Well, these are just MY reflections. If Warner should follow your idea, I'd happily buy it. So much good stuff in one box. Love love love.
  7. They'll probably wait until after Madame X has had her permiere, and THEN they'll release news about first box, when we can preorder what we want and so on... I'm still so curious. Will we get the rather boring reissues like Spice Girls' first album, or will we get the zaftig Led Zeppelin-esque boxes?
  8. I'm sure Madonna wants to save those remixes for her coming re-issues.
  9. Collectors? Fine. The Beatles is releasing a big COLLECTORS deluxe box set of Let It Be in October. The five vinyl box, with book, will cost between €116-177, depending on which Amazon you order from. The COLLECTORS vinyl deluxe edition with eleven discs of U2's All That You Can't Leave Behind is priced between €92-181 on Amazon. Now do you see my point? Why would Madonna ask for almost twice the price as U2, for almost half the content? It doesn't matter that WE love Madonna, and that the mock up box is beyong beautiful and thrilling. The content has to justify the price.
  10. Hmm. How nicely put. No, seriousely. There's not enough music on six LPs and one DVD to justify that price.
  11. I think the best vocalist alive is this guy. His range is unbelievable and he has such wonderful control of his voice. No Mariah, Celine or Barbra could hold a candle to him.
  12. No no no. Prince's Sign O The Times 13 LP deluxe box is €199, so this beauty with six LPs should go for maybe €100-120?
  13. I just blame that on Madonna's wicked sence of humor. The real box will (hopefully) blow our socks off! The deluxes will be fantastic. Just look at what Kevin Gore has done before. Not the boring Bowie boxes, but the amazing stuff with Zeppelin.
  14. Hello everybody Tonight is 20 years ago that Madonna taped her concert for HBO and a later DVD release. Were you one of the lucky ones to attend a show? Wanna share your memories of it? Here's one of those so loved/hated AI upscales, and I like it. Happy trip down Memory Lane...
  15. Yeah. You Can Dance, with all dubs, unmixed versions and radio edits in a neat box would be heaven!
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