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  1. Hear hear. And! In the reply they say taht they haven't got a release date YET, so there's still hope.
  2. I would not be surprised if they saved it for Record Store Day. And they wait till April, cause it's international. (The RSD in October isn't)
  3. Celebration

    Another cancellation tonight... Seriousely, she should cancel the tour and do something else. The knee is sabotaging everything anyway. Sign off the deluxe sets we've been waiting for, write her auto-biography ("Live To Tell, Confessions Of A Creamy Smooth Pop Icon Goddess") or maybe just be a mom. But to carry on like this is only damaging her legacy.
  4. Well, she ended the Blond Ambition concerts with a wonderful homage to Cabaret! But maybe the Nun in Blues Brothers. It's a small but fun part, with an intimidating Nun and I'm sure Madonna would love it. She would be the most beautiful Nun...
  5. Celebration

    I'm watching season three of Stranger Things, and I was pleasently surprised when one of the episodes opened with Madonna's Angel!
  6. Celebration

    No, I meant a box for each album released on Interscope. I really want those singles on vinyl.
  7. Celebration

    Yes, I most certainly do! And for the same reasons as you. Where is the thrill in a download, compared to buying a cd or vinyl, and have something in your hand? I hate that the last ten years have been without 12" releases of her singles. Just imagine how beautiful Turn Up The Radioo would look in 12"... But I buy what I find. Thank God for Record Store Day. It's old records in new colors, but that's better than nothing. Maybe Interscope could release a vinyl box of 12"es? One for each album. THAT would be great. And I think you mean Drowned World Tour. The Girlie Show (oh, what a masterpiece THAT is!) wasn't releasd on dvd until 1998.
  8. Hi everybody I was just wondering if the original cd:s of You Can Dance CD was issued without a front insert? Someone, with a copy for sale, says so, but I'm not so sure..? I'm dying to get this cd, but only if it's complete, and I've never seen one without the front before.
  9. Fellow MegaMadonnaFans The post on Facebook clearly says that a source at RHINO, told him about the reissue. It doesn't say that Cherry Red will do it. As far as I know, Rhino handles all Warner artists reissues. (a-ha, Fleetwood Mac, Alphaville, etc) Let's just cross our fingers and hope that this really is happening.
  10. Hey guys. I toyed around with the idea of a Deluxe Edition of LAP a few years ago. What do you think about something like this: CD1: Like A Prayer- Original Album Remastered Like A Prayer Express Yourself Love Song Till Death Do Us Part Promise To Try Cherish Dear Jessie Oh Father Keep It Together Spanish Eyes Act Of Contrition Bonus Tracks: Supernatural- B-side of Cherish single Like A Prayer- 7" Remix Express Yourself- 7" Remix Cherish- 7" Remix Just A Dream- Demo for Donna de Lory's single Love Attack- Previously Unreleased First Is A Kiss- Previously Unreleased CD2: Prayer Dance Mixes Like A Prayer- 12" Extended Mix Express Yourself- Non Stop Express Remix Cherish- Previously Unreleased Dance mix Like A Prayer- 12" Dance Remix Keep It Together- 12" Mix Like A Prayer- 12" Club Version Express Yourself- Local Mix Like A Prayer- Instra Dub- Previously Unreleased Promo Like A Prayer- Bass Dub- Previously Unreleased Promo Like A Prayer- Dub Beats- Previously Unreleased Promo Express Yourself: Video Remix- The REAL one Blu-ray or DVD: Like A Prayer 5.1 surround mix of the album Express Yourself- Live from MTV Awards 1989 Pepsi Commercial for the commercial Pepsi Commercial Remastered videos Extras: 4 8"x10" Photos A replica of the beautiful badge from the UK promo box Photobook, complete with an essay or commentary about each song from Madonna and the producers Alternate and stunning cover just for fun. Ripped with permission from madonnafanmadecovers.blogspot.se
  11. Celebration

    C- ausing A Commotion E- otica L- Live To Tell E- asy Ride B- ack In Business R- evolver A- ct Of Contrition T- hief Of Hearts I- mpressive Instant O- ver And Over N- othing Really Matters My name: P- retender E- xpress Yourself R- ebel Heart
  12. Well. Both Darren Hayes and Boy George has defended Madonna in sweet and understanding tweets today. They know what it's like. I watched her performance again today, and it wasn't as bad as I remembered it. But yeah. That Quavo didn't do anything for his brand last night. B-O-R-I-N-G
  13. Celebration

    Amazing news! I'm really happy for you. Congratulations!
  14. Celebration

    I wouldn't be surprised if she announces a tour after a performance. I think she'll drop the bomb after the Eurovision performance. Maximum tv audience.
  15. Celebration

    Listening right now. My heart is beating so hard.