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  1. Do you mean Hard Candy? It's already three records, plus a cd. If she's gonna squeeze all those demos and outtakes in, she'll need at least two more records.
  2. I disagree. Plenty of people prefer to buy a physical product. I don't trust streaming one second. It's there for a while, and then, as soon as a deal expires, it's gone. Or what about when you have to subscribe to a streaming site? Pay money, over and over. The few albums that I'd love to listen to in Dolby Atmos are Cyndi Lauper's She's So Unusual and Madonna's The Immaculate Collection. The wau y it is now, I have to pay a monthly sum to do that. I prefer to buy the Blu-Ray, and only pay once, and have it done. When you have a physical product, you can enjoy it for the rest of your life.
  3. This is amazing news. And I do believe that Madonna can break Rod Stewart's old record. Madonna is one of the biggest stars in the world.
  4. Dear heavens, spare us from that kind of horror. Cyndi Lauper included "new remixes by current artists" on the 30th Anniversary reissue of She's So Unusual, and people on superdeluxeedition.com went ballistic! Especially since Cyndi also left out remixes from the era in favor of these new horrid mixes. Since then, when someone does something like that on a reissue, we say that they Lauperfied the reissue. I think William Orbit could go in and dig out some unedited versions, and do his tweaking on other songs, and release it on a Deluxe edition of Ray Of Light.
  5. The way I understoos it, she had so much promotion to do, and it took a long time before she could go back to the studio to work on Veronica Electronica, and by then she just didn't want to do it, so the project was abandoned.
  6. The poor dancer tripped, in those stupid high heels. Thank God he or Madonna wasn't injured. Madonna is a good sport. She just laughed it off and carried on.
  7. No. The thread about reissues has already been locked on madonnanations's forum. No need to lock it here too.
  8. Yes. Papa Don't Preach in some terratories, and True Blue in others, but that was in 1986. My point was that it was released in 1985 and that Ain't No Big Deal isn't a song from the True Blue era in 1986.
  9. Well, it turned up on the Japanese DYU, and a compilation record, Revenge Of The Killer B's, but I don't know what month that album was released, just that it was in 1985. But Ain't No Big Deal belongs on the first album, since it was one of her first professionally recorded songs, and meant to be her debut single.
  10. It was actually b-side for the Japanese edition of Dress You Up in 1985.
  11. Wouldn't it be beyong amazing if Niki and Donna were Madonna's guest judges tomorrow?
  12. No. The article says Reissues 2024, so save up yuor money, cause Mama's got surprises coming our way, I'm sure.
  13. And just a few years later she played a super hard riff by Pantera, on stage!
  14. Real estate, where she does what Ellen does. Ellen buys a house, redecorates it and sells it at a nice profit. Judging from the few pictures I've seen from Madonna's homes through the years, she has excellent taste.
  15. I actually like them all, but my least favorite is Celebration Tour. Sweet tribute to Michael, but no. They were never friends and I don't believe for a second that they kissed. It's the song that made her a superstar, and it's represented by dancing SHADOWS? :/
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