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  1. It was from an interview with Madonna, so she must have revealed something to the reporter.
  2. And since we're at it: I'd love to see the wonderfully crazy Hammer Version of Thief Of Hearts on an official release.
  3. YES! Did you get yours? And what about @GregVsMatt? Is your box still stuck in costoms?
  4. Tax, import fee and handling fee. You just gotta love Sweden sometimes... :/
  5. Joy, oh joy! She's finally here. She arrived unharmed and in one piece. The labels are all correct, I found no scratches, but a fingerprint was visible on one of the black discs.
  6. Well. Erotica tales up two discs, and The Rain Tapes would need at least two discs too, so no. I don't think it's real.
  7. I have. It smells divine and Truth or Dare can't hold a candle to Fracas. I was sooo excited when I heard that Madonna was releasing her own perfume, and after an endless wait I got my hands on a sampler, and was sooo disappointed. I smelled awful. I did however buy both ToD and ToD-Naked.
  8. How much did you/are you expected to pay in costums? I just found out that I'll have to pay around 80 dollars/euro! Madonna's GOT to set up a store within EU. This is ridiculously expensive. Or arrange it so we don't have to pay costums. Dolly Parton's online store is also in the UK, but she's changed her store so we don't have to pay extra... https://shop-uk.dollyparton.com/pages/eu-customers
  9. I just took a song that lots of people want. In my heart of hearts, I think we're lucky if we get the 7" remix of Open Your Heart.
  10. Meanwhile, I have a new wait to endure. My box is now in Sweden (YAY!) but it's being held hostage by the sloooow Swedish costoms. I'm lucky if I have the box before next Friday.
  11. See what happens when stuff leaks? Madonna closes the door to amazing things out of disappointment. Let's pray that nothing interesting leaks now, or we can kiss Warning Signs goodbye.
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