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  1. Correct. It was such a surprise when she entered the stage here in Göteborg/Gothenburg without the ponytail. But noone cared. The show was fantastic.
  2. Celebration

    They could test the waters with an EP of unreleased stuff for Record Store Day next year. Better than a coloured vinyl of another japanese maxi single.
  3. Celebration

    I think a box set would be great. There are so many unreleased songs. She should also include the leaked stuff, so we can listen to those songs without feeling like thieves.
  4. Celebration

    Yes! That would be a great title. I always thought she should save Live To Tell for her autobiography.
  5. The Demanding Dub was released commercially on the European maxi-single, so maybe they just wanted to be nice to the rest of the world. The other dubs were strictly promo mixes...
  6. Celebration

    really? I loved the first two movies when I was younger, but the third one. Zzzz... I love the music in the films, so that's why I bought them. And I like the covers.
  7. Celebration

    I was lucky enough to get all three Austin Powers soundtracks, but I agree with you. The colour of TSWSM is awful. It looks smoke damaged. Not groovy Austin!
  8. Celebration

    No. Only GHV2 Remixed was a promo only, and it's the only vinyl edition of GHV2.
  9. Celebration

    I was so blind, I could not see Your paradise is not for me The bitter moment you admit to yourself that a relationship isn't meant to last, no matter how much in love you are...
  10. Celebration

    I managed to get Swedish ethno pop-group Nordman on vinyl, and Robyn. Later, I'm hoping to get all three Austin Powers, though the first one won't be released in Sweden... :/
  11. Celebration

    For $12 it's definitely worth buying. I ordered it as soon as it was available, back in '94. It's got beautiful pictures from the show, and a few studio shots from the GS tour program. All text in the book is taken the program as well.
  12. Celebration

    Ain't no shame in that, sweetheart.
  13. Celebration

    Boy Toy By Mail? Only a few newsletters. I lost the catalogues many years ago. And I was just a teenager with no income, so there was no way I could buy that expensive stuff. I did save my allowance for months so I could buy a bunch of 12"es and a program from the Girlie Show. Fortunately I still have my ICONs. #9-? The last one, I guess. I had to buy Madonna's laserdiscs much later. Laserdisc was never popular in Sweden, so I had to buy them at record fairs when I could afford them, in my 20:s.
  14. Celebration

    I hated it when it first was leaked on Napster. The lyrics were so cringy. But that didn't stop me from buying every edition I could afford, so I have the cd-singles, the vinyl maxi-singles and the DVD-single. TODAY, I think it's a great bop. I listen to it from time to time and love to dance to it. It certainly stood the test of time, and is one of Madonna's greatest classics. My favourite remixes are Calderone, Deep Dish and HQ2.
  15. Celebration

    You could buy Madonna's laserdiscs from her fan club in the 90's, but they were expensive. Who's That Girl- Live In Japan went for $69.99, and a Japanese edition of Truth Or Dare went for $89.99 The cheapest I could find in Boy Toy By Mail was the US edition of The Girlie Show. $29.99. But I like Laserdiscs, and have a whole bunch of them. Compardëd to BluRay they look like crap, but it's fun and feels like the good old days in the 90's.