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  1. Love Tried To Welcome Me. “I’d Rather Be Your Lover (feat. Tupac Shakur)” or “I’d Rather Be Your Lover (feat. Meshell Ndegeocello)”
  2. Seems like we are on opposite ends of the spectrum, my friend. I am a sucker for a coloured vinyl variant, but if the coloured vinyl comes in a sleeve with different artwork I’ll always buy the original artwork with the traditional black vinyl instead.
  3. Curious what people think of this trend. I get why artists do it, offer multiple variants so fans try to snap them all up and boost sales, but personally I feel like it dilutes the branding of the album’s identity.
  4. Her stylist these days seems to be Rita Melssen (@saint___rita on IG)
  5. Jealous! I’m in Australia and it jumps from Especially For You (1988) to Kids (2000) with nothing in between. A lot of her remixes are still available via the multitude of remix compilations on there but still a lot of gaps in the discography, at least here in Australia.
  6. I love the extended mix of Open Your Heart. The bass line in that intro is 🔥. Also love the extended versions of La Isla Bonita and Papa Don’t Preach. So much more than just dragging out the run time, they really add new elements/vibes.
  7. 01. Hung Up (SDP’s Extended Vocal) 02. Let Down Your Guard (Rough Mix) 03. Nobody’s Perfect 04. Like A Prayer (12” Club Version) 05. Nothing Fails 06. Thief Of Hearts 07. She’s Not Me 08. Nothing Really Matters 09. Express Yourself (Shep’s ‘Spressin Himself Re-Mix) 10. Music
  8. Wow some of my stuff made it on there, I had no idea. Thanks for sharing that link.
  9. Thankyou, I was struggling in putting my finger on the difference and you hit it spot on. 💯
  10. I don’t know if it call them Easter eggs as such, maybe more self-referential but for the Fan Version of the Celebration Video her dancers from the sticky and sweet tour recreated her iconic looks. Lourdes is wearing the VMAs bridal outfit, Sophia Boutella is wearing the Like A Virgin look etc. also on the sticky and sweet tour these looks were worn by the dancers for the She’s Not Me segment of the show. and similarly for the Celebration tour multiple iconic looks were worn by dancers during the Bitch Im Madonna segment. There’s also the latex mask wearing “young Madonna” featured throughout the show. Particularly self-referential in the scene where they masturbate on the bed together wearing the Gaultier cone bra referencing the Like A Virgin performance from the Blonde Ambition tour. The celebration tour has quite a few moments like that. But again, I don’t know if I’d classify them as Easter eggs so might not be what you’re looking for. https://youtu.be/b4lF_A4f7RQ?si=JpwsWz1tfPQGRVk4
  11. When I opened my phone this morning and first saw them I literally was like “why is everyone sharing photos of Madonna from the 2000s?” until I realised they were current 🤭
  12. Hard Candy took me a long time to appreciate, it felt a little dated to me at the time. If it had been released six months earlier it probably would have sounded fresher but the Timbaland and Neptunes production sound was everywhere and I was a little over it. But listening to that album now out of the context of the pop music landscape of the time, it’s a very solid album in my opinion. And Candy Shop was a song that at the time felt like a cheesy novelty song but now I love it. As for Body Shop, it is literally my least favourite Madonna song of all time. I can’t ever imagine a time where I would deliberately listen to that song aside from if it just came on while listening to Rebel Heart as a whole. Sorry to those that love it, I respect your opinions! 🤭
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