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  1. Umm wtf why would he say that out of the blue. Didn’t she just have him at the tour? And why did he work with her on 3 albums if the thinks that
  2. Well I agree they need to make another record together. Id hardly say MX is trap tho. Only like 2/18 songs are even close to it. Maybe you mean Rebel Heart? A Stuart Price and Max Martin full album would be AMAZING. I agree we can keep Mike Dean FAR away from it plz
  3. The SPILL! These are her brilliant artistic albums
  4. Your name literally being a song from Madame X and still saying that….
  5. Imagine the magic of a Stuart Price and Max Martin album
  6. This is so infuriating. We’re literally approaching the 3rd anniversary in a couple months and not a single word from anyone
  7. Everyone knows I’m the biggest Madame X stan in existence! Love this song, album and era. What a fucking time to be alive. I miss it so much
  8. Is anyone realizing that that sounds like Madonna from 1980s. She does not sound like that anymore
  9. CAN WE GET SOME FORM OF NEW MUSIC OH MY GOD. IT’S BEEN FOREVER Legit 5 years since a new album. At least give us something from the vault
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