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  1. Shoful

    There’s on 3.5 demos leaked so far: - Stupid Love (Sounds pretty much the same) - Rain on Me (Solo version has different beat and stuff) - Free Woman ( Very different. Some additional lyrics. More 90s sounding) - Babylon (Haus Labs Mix, only like 30 seconds have leaked I believe. Just a different production the song from one of her makeup commercials. Fans really want this released)
  2. Shoful

    I know I’m so upset.
  3. Shoful

    I can’t imagine the costs of true hd videos equals out the revenue they’d make back. Compared to just these upscaled
  4. You’re like where the fuck is Deeper and Deeper
  5. Shoful

    Spill the tea King!
  6. I think we’re like the same age, and I could not imagine typing this shit out. Like why is she roasting these people. Grow up girl
  7. Shoful

    Yea thats what it sounds like. She wouldn’t stay up till 3am working on it either unless it was like a final push. Thats my thoughts anyway
  8. Shoful

    I know I am too
  9. Shoful This bitch better not archive this!
  10. Shoful

    Maybe it’s taking so long because she’s editing in a performance of Candy Shop that she did for all the kids in Malawi!?
  11. I believe they mean Rebel Heart Tour studio versions
  12. Shoful

    Yeah why doesn’t she just hire Jonas Akerlund if she likes his work. It’s not like she needs to penny pinch
  13. Shoful

    Omg can you guys tell me more!? I wasn't apart of the online community yet so I missed all of this the only Madame X rumor I remember was a "Indian Summer"
  14. Shoful

    Omg thats really how long editing takes? 6 months? Like if someone works on it everyday?