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  1. Says song not available. Do you live outside the US?
  2. Shoful

  3. Where, i dont see It’s So Cool?
  4. Agreed! But Ciao Bella is her best “extra” song
  5. Well I know. I just threw them together in one album. Also supernatural is already on streaming thats why I didn’t include!
  6. Maybe they’re waiting to release the bside songs for something special? We have 1. Aint No Big Deal 2. Erotic 3. Let Down Your Guard 4. GoodBye to Innocence 5. UpDown Suite 6. Freedom 7. Has to Be 8. Cyberraga 9. Fighting Spirit 10. SuperPop 11. Ring My Bell 12. Broken 13. It’s So Cool 14. Autotune Baby 15. Funana 16. Back That Up To the Beat 17. Ciao Bella That’s a nice album of Bsides!
  7. Shoful

    He legit just turned 15 too
  8. Shoful

    It depends on what lens they are telling the story through. If they want an honest perspective I think songs like Oh Father and Easy Ride will find a proper place in the film. I think it will be impossible to have this Madonna film if they don't play Erotica and AL while the controversies around them are building up. We really just don't know how this movie is planned out so it's hard to tell.
  9. Shoful

    I think the moral of the story is: “I’m drinking a soy latte, I get a double shot-e. It goes right through my body, and you know I'm satisfied I drive my Mini Cooper, and I'm feeling super-dooper”
  10. Shoful

    That’s so funny because Madame X and Erotica are my all time favorite albums ever made. Crazy how different opinions people have! We need to talk about this more! WORDS HAS HER BEST LYRICS EVER WRITTEN! Legit one of the standout tracks of her career and no one ever talks about it. It’s high on my list of all time favorite songs. The song is so thoughtfully structured its absolute genius!
  11. Shoful

    Such a great album!!!! One of the best albums ever made!!!
  12. Shoful

    LOVE THIS! Especially the way the disc looks, that color is great!
  13. Shoful

    @Fighter, thank you for all the work you put into this site. It's absolutely beautiful especially the new layout! Could you possibly give an update on if you looked into Dark Mode? Thanks! Yes! It looks amazing! Love the updated images and color scheme!