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  1. Welp I hope I like it and it fits me 🙃
  2. I think they mean with Casey Spooner and who actually wrote the intro
  3. As much as I LOVED the Madame X album and era, I am glad that it is over and am super excited for the Future. Hopefully these re-releases will come with a lot of surprises!
  4. I ordered some items if they are shitty quality. I’m getting my $200 back
  5. They were definitely live at the shows I went to
  6. Yesss thank you! Imagine cutting the best parts of EO and Killers out and two songs. It just doesn’t make sense
  7. Thank god someone agrees with me her S&S vocals are pure TRASH. I cannot even watch that tour cause she sounds like a dying crow 90% of it. It’s so bad! Her vocals on the Madame X tour were IMMACULATE. Easily her best since probably confessions.
  8. …For the spirit of my mother who is always protecting me. FROM NOW ON I AM MADAME ❌ AND MADAME X LOVES TO DANCE… Cause you can’t hit a moving TARGET 💃🏼❌⭕️
  9. @RUADJAI You got any from the Tour?
  10. That was because she used their Bitch Im Madonna remix in a vid
  11. Yes! We need a mini MX EP 1. Funana 2. Back That Up To The Beat 3. Ciao Bella 4. Future (Tour Version - Studio) 5. Bitch I’m Loca (Remix) 6. God Control (Remix)
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