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  1. Hello! Yes not much is going on and the reissue process has been a snoozefest so I have been slumbering I’ll tag RideorDie and see if they have any info
  2. Can someone show me a vid of the ending. No one is posting it om twitter
  3. I wonder what that TRULY member thinks of this. Were they truly excited when she cut the show?
  4. Yea nothing was worse than her coming on at like midnight on a weekday for the Madame X Tour. Like ma’am I have to get up at 6am for work
  5. She literally did I Rise on the last tour? Wasn’t Celebration and Music used to close the show once each?? MDNA - Celebration. Drowned World - Music
  6. I am shocked (and appalled) that BIM and GAYL are included but not an actual version of IDSIF. That song shits on anything from HC to RH
  7. Im so happy that she finally stopped doing insane moves. There's no reason a 65 year old should be doing handstands and like 50 squats. That’s just begging for an injury. I haven’t seen many full videos but her vocals sound AMAZING and the setlist is a dresm
  8. We will easily be able to tell if someone has a rearshot of the bodysuit Bedtime Story outfit
  9. Is the butt still there or not. We need side by sides of before and afters
  10. Us Erotica fans WON this tour. She better keep Bad Girl on the setlist until i see it
  11. Honestly this forum should be studied. The levels and intricacies of the meltdowns we go through on a consistent basis… One meltdown usually leads to several spirals throughout the course of days and it ends up not being about the original meltdown
  12. Omg I could read this shit all day. I LOVE Virology. Though I went down a more math business career, I took several science classes and one specifically on microbiology in school. Virology was like my 2nd potential career
  13. Not the antivaxxers jumping out of the woodwork
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