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  1. Ray of Light isn’t really about the birth of Lola. It’s about the birth of our lord and savior Ricardo Gomes. When Madonna claimed him at birth and he had such an impact on her life in 1996/97 that she knew he’d be destined for facetune greatness
  2. There was definitely a video on Mike Dean’s instagram of him listening to the test vinyl before it was put into production. I’m not informed enough on musical tech to know but I thought he mastered the entire album. Lauren(Laura maybe) forget her last name def did some work too? Maybe mixing or engineering
  3. Didn’t he master Madame X??
  4. Honestly I bet it’s not bad. If we didn’t know any of her unreleased songs then it might be a dumpster fire, but look at some of the leftovers from Confessions, Erotica, Rebel Heart, and Hard Candy. Some of them are better than half the albums. She def has some 11/10 stored away
  5. How hard is it to just get some damn from the vault unreleased songs!!
  6. It just means Child, people from the south in the US actually say it but the gays adopted it for fun
  7. Chile I’m just calling it as I see it. No hate at all. The truth isn’t hate. Tho subscription fees for a Madonna news site is bizarre but I respect the hustle
  8. I think they’re referring to the old one I post on Page 3. The house song with her low vocals
  9. My best guess is because from that fake tweet a bunch of people typed in “Test of Time Madonna” or something like that which might be generating it now
  10. And all the recording is now probably in her home studio so cut the cost of renting one out
  11. https://instagram.com/stories/madonna/3023738157544685721?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Will I read into this as a studio album anticipation post… YES
  12. Are we forgetting she’s worth over $600 Mil
  13. I'm not trying to come off rude, but it's been stated several times in this thread. That practice is no longer allowed. Bundling albums with tickets does not count as a sale anymore
  14. I think everyone knows that sessions prior to Aug/September weren't for a new album. Sickick and Madonna were at least working on new music for 10 days. She also built a studio in one of her houses so it will be impossible to pinpoint unless she shares it. I think like the tour, whatever she's been working on has been very secretive.
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