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  2. How has no one recorded a vid of Sodade or Crave playing
  3. That is just so factually wrong. As recent as the American Life EP thing, I was stating how excited I was and I actually went out on RSD to get it for the first time ever. Nor am I “very upset” about anything. Nothing superficial as a Madonna reissue would ever make me “upset” , was I flabbergasted absolutely Tho I will be taking a break from this headache of an echo chamber thread
  4. The only reason I have made an issue of it, which I’ve stated several times, is if the fandom continues to eat this junk up… Warner and M will put even less energy into what we want meaning no demos, or deep in the vault tracks. Things don’t change unless people take a stand which from this thread is apparent will never happen. Let’s end this discussion tho. Everyone is tired of it.
  5. The logic was not lost on me nor did I fail to understand what has been released so far but thank you for that. You’re right I shouldn’t have tried to convince anyone to buy a money grab product. Don’t settle for second best. It’s quite ironic really
  6. Not once did I say I wouldn’t eat up whenever they finally release this reissue. In fact, I’ve been quite prominent on how enthusiastic I am about the release. My comments are only about how I’m sick of the same 5-10 people acting like we’re getting fed ANYTIME one person complains that the wait has been agonizing. Literally anytime one person says, “omg I can’t believe the reissue hasn’t been announced yet”, the same 5 people jump into this thread quoting that same damn line from the press release and saying we’ve been served so many releases since the deal. What a colored variant of a 30 year old remix…. It’s literally the definition of insanity in this thread and I finally needed to clap back
  7. It’s May in like 2 days and the deal was announced in August… we’re 3 months away so ok 1.75 years. My bad
  8. Unwealthy people defending the rich and their predatory tactics. Love to see it
  9. One big release a year? Girl half of her fanbase will be dead by the time they’re done then It’s obvious fans in here are fine with the fucking bottom of the barrel bare minimum and that’s why we haven’t gotten a single thing from the vaults. Buy absolute cash grabs from a multimillionaire and corporation and parading it around as “goodies” when it’s the same shit they already sold you years ago
  10. Did you even read my post that you quoted? It’s only a mess cause we’re two years out and they haven’t said anything about the most anticipated thing
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