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  1. I'm usually the optimistic one, but I fear for us all
  2. I don't think anyone knows whats going on
  3. How is she going to release any dance songs from MDNA-MX, aren't those still under interscope till 2025?
  4. YES THAT REMIX OF NOTHING REALLY MATTERS SOUNDS AMAZING!!! I hope we get some unreleased MX tracks with this... LIKE GOLDEN FLOOR!! That was supposed to be a dance song, seems like only dance songs on this, or else I would've thought Queen might be on it if any unreleased.
  5. All the MX video slandering in here when they are literally the best videos since NRM & Frozen
  6. When I opened this thread, I did not expect endless bickering. Do people in here have jobs or school or SLEEP, creating thesis papers at all hours of the day in here
  7. Today I just had to put down my 5 year old dog because of cancer. This has been like the worst day of my life 

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    2. Jackie


      That is so sad, I am so sorry. xoxo 

    3. Shoful


      Thank you everyone for the sweet words. Makes me feel comfort in this super difficult time ❤️

    4. blondebenji


      Im soooooo sorry to hear that.  I lost my 16 yrs old little man (dog) this year.  Absolutely breaks your heart. Take it easy on yourself xxx

  8. Madame X was never meant to be a hit album. She knew that. She said it in one interview something like “hopefully a handful of people will like this record, maybe a couple of handfuls”
  9. I agree with this. She seemed very happy on the Madame X Tour. She smiled a lot during the show
  10. Wasn’t that for a GAP commercial tho?
  11. Madame X is truly a misunderstood MASTERPIECE. The best album to ever exist. Every song is 10/10. SHES A FORCE AND SHES UNTAMED BABE


  12. I’m predicting next release will be Like A Prayer (Reissue) featuring Angels With Dirty Faces, 10 demos from the original sessions, 3 outtakes, limited edition packaging
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