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  1. I wonder which one of us will have a seizure first Madame X is epileptic
  2. She would not tease it this much if we were still a year out She knows we’re all pissed
  3. I said what I said I don't really listen to remixes and she's slowly been releasing them on streaming so I just decided to wait until they come along so I have something "new" to listen to
  4. Guys I'm soooooo excited for this now! We're probably only a month away from release
  5. All you gays are always talking about this Above and Beyond mix, now I finally have experienced it. Far superior to that horrible album version
  6. The difference is so minimal here I don’t even care honestly
  7. That’s exactly what I thought too! Yayyyyy finally almost here!
  8. Omg Imagine we get our first actual side B on streaming. Gonna to Has To Be 24/7 for a week
  9. @steady75 This really saved you. Your acne was starting to come back
  10. I cannot believe she doesn’t hire someone else. Does he even do anything anymore? Everytime O see him post he’s on vacation. Just retire already you old moses
  11. Did you hear her on the MXT? She sounded the best since Confessions! Her voice was sooooo good!
  12. We’re chatting about the new MX instagram post! Thoughts? Concerns? Can you walk after your glass of wine? Lmk
  13. Ooo tell me more maybe I’m not looking properly
  14. @Andymad Get yo ass in here. Grab a warm beer and let’s chat about this. And bring whoever else is on!
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