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  1. Shoful

    Im in USA, Spotify
  2. Shoful

    Does anyone think this pic of the Queen looks really good! I was so shook when I saw her like this that night. She really looks like her old self (aside from the lips). I was so happy it seemed like she was laying off with the face stuff
  3. Best option would be if Madonna duets with Dua. Meaning she gets a verse and sing in the chorus while Missy just has a bridge. A man can dream right?
  4. YESSSSS! Guy finally checked his email😂😂
  5. Shoful

    Please tell me you’re joking Her voice acting here is horrible
  6. Yes! I loved all the AL songs she sung. I wanna see them live
  7. Most of MDNA and Hey You
  8. I saw this earlier was so shocked. I wonder if they even talked? I fee like they would’ve snagged a pic of them if they did. Also why can they not get a front facing pic. She looks so cute in that side photo. I want more!
  9. Shoful

    1. I wish she showed us her recording process more. Like how Truth or Dare but of her making an album! 2. It would be cool if she did like a really futuristic look. Like neon hair and she gets painted and dressed to look like a futuristic machine 3. American Life 4. Mirwais (Madame X is amazing!), Shep, and Stuart Price 5. True! It would be cool to see a rock album or like a futuristic electronica that would match the outfit I described
  10. Shoful

    Wasn't RHT released on her bday too?
  11. Yea I love Hallucinate! The video was great!
  12. I love the idea! Maybe make the Hallucinate production a but louder. Its very hard to hear over Madonna’s vocals and that effect. Love these kinds of Mashups!
  13. Shoful

    Whats the difference between super pop icon and mirwais??
  14. Shoful

    Yeah I figured it would just like flash through them real quick with music after a couple moments of the one she displays
  15. Shoful

    I doubt they would play dialog. She’d probably cover it up with a song or something