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  1. Warning Signs, Desperately seeking Suan, Pipeline, Working my fingers to the bones, First there's a kiss... mainly the 80's demos.
  2. A friend of mine is working on a special project: 'We are inviting all Madonna fans from around the world to share their own fan experiences of seeing Madonna live and be part of the book 'Madonna - The Day I Was There' made by and for all Madonna fans, which will be published in June 2020. Did you attend The Virgin Tour in the US in 1985 or were you one of the 120,000 fans to see Madonna live for the first time in Parc de Sceaux inParis during The Who’s That Girl World Tour? Where ever you saw Madonna we want to hear from you and include your story in the book. Were you at special Madonna occasions like TV shows, showcases, premieres, signing sessions, meet & greets or presentations and was that your ultimate Madonna experience ?' Send in your story, anecdotes, your secrets and your memories including a photo of yourself from the period you saw a show to madonnathedayiwasthere@hotmail.com
  3. Yes I tried and that works to change the country, but then I can't full in my complete number, not enough digits.
  4. Are these tickets only for US/Canadian citizens? I tried to order, but I can't fill in my mobile number (as it's not a +1-number) , it's just blocked off. Will European have to wait for the European tickets?
  5. These prices: must be a hoax, right?
  6. Some of the things you describe are definitely true (for some fans it is really important to stand 30 inches closer to Madonna than the others and they'll do everything to defend their territory) but for every bitchy fan there is always a genuine nice and friendly person.
  7. Jipie

    The Fall

    OMG she fell hard... But fortunately she's a pro. But she was clearly shaken.
  8. I love most of the final versions, only a little bit disappointed that Wash all over me isn't dance anymore and I really miss the 'rebel he-ea-earrt'-segment. Can someone make a mix which combines the demo and the album version?
  9. Time goes by so slowly... can't wait for the finished album
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