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  1. blondtour

    Do they sale the Madame X blanket at the tour/pop up? Thank you for your help!
  2. blondtour

    My gamble: Vogue american life i rise And I’m guessing crave for some reason...
  3. blondtour

    Yes please! Can anyone record this?
  4. blondtour

    I think for the first time ever, I’m gonna say... please no. It doesn’t fit with the album (same for ‘back that up’). Performing it live is cool, but please not on the tour haha. still loving anything and everything Madonna.
  5. blondtour

    Does anyone have a Madame X Blue cassette for sale? They won’t ship to the USA.
  6. blondtour

    Still haven’t received my digital files, standard Ticketmaster copy, or 2cd deluxe. Still streaming on YouTube...
  7. Wow wow wow god control. Thank you M. Madonna is flowing thru my veins again.
  8. Go hard or go home...
  9. blondtour

    Glad they went on sale like this today for everyone who didn’t get tickets yet. I see now why it was worth it to register, and do the lottery. My seat would have cost me $400+(Not resale) just bc it’s row A in the balcony. So I guess I saved money on a Madonna concert?!?! Lol good luck to everyone! We need a holiday!
  10. blondtour

    Has anyone’s pre orders shipped yet? Or have the Ticketmaster albums shipped yet? JW.
  11. blondtour

    When ordering directly from, UK, France, etc. It’s the best price and they have everything you want. Shipping is not expensive and everything you purchase also gets a free digital copy 👍👍
  12. blondtour

    None of you are insiders. You’re fans on a message board. Do you work for and with Madonna??? Nope! Moving forward....
  13. blondtour

    I received my “claim” email this afternoon for Las Vegas. Tickets are officially loaded onto my Ticketmaster account!
  14. blondtour

    Las Vegas tickets are being confirmed. I just received my email and my card has been charged! Congrats to everyone and good luck!