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  1. DontTemptMe26

    Ordered on FNAC
  2. I've seen the photos but it doesn't show up in her official store.
  3. DontTemptMe26

    Is there an Amazon link for pre order of the box set?
  4. DontTemptMe26

    Love how the fans can come together and unite like this :-)
  5. DontTemptMe26

    Preordered! :-)
  6. DontTemptMe26

    This is just too much of a tease. Tag Police have been sharing snap clips on Instagram.
  7. DontTemptMe26

  8. DontTemptMe26

    Are there ever tickets for these events? I would love to be in attendance somehow. This is phenomenal.
  9. DontTemptMe26

    Does anyone think she might be a part of the lineup to be announced?
  10. Thank you for this post. I would love to download and keep my first era as updated as I can with this organized post. A link would be much appreciated :-)

  11. Check post on bottom of this page. I have YCD available.
  12. I stopped back in to my local Record Store this morning. They had 2 copy of YCD. If anyone wants it, let me know. Price was 29.99
  13. I wonder how much these are going to cost in the United States at the actual record stores. I will be getting in line at 7 a.m. this Saturday just to be safe.