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  1. DontTemptMe26

    I dont recall where I saw it. Otherwise I would...
  2. DontTemptMe26

    I think I saw on Instagram that now there is a potential March release??
  3. DontTemptMe26

    I have always kept my shirts on hangers and in order of wrap and such. Lol. Yes...OCD. I'm considering bins.
  4. Just curious as to what everyone else does for storage. Do you keep certain shirts in your closets, dresser drawers? Do you store items in plastic bins? I'm finding in running out of space in my closet and am simply curious as to what everyone else does. Any feedback is appreciated :-)
  5. DontTemptMe26

    On my way to the Show for tonight. I will be in the front row No I very unfortunately will not be trying to buy the Polaroid But I will attempt to record the audio again
  6. DontTemptMe26

    I wonder of more will become.available. or if other editions will come forward.
  7. DontTemptMe26

    Hopefully these items will be available online in her official. So we don't have to be up charged by other fans. Sad and disappointing...
  8. DontTemptMe26

    Just dont want anyone to see me click record on my phone before it goes in the case. Hmmmm
  9. DontTemptMe26

    I will be in the front row tonight. Out of nowhere I found a single seat a couple of days ago for face value. Words cannot even express my excitement. I may have to audio record this on my phone while it's locked away
  10. DontTemptMe26

    I have tickets for this show that I wont be using. Are they transferrable? I keep only seeing that the tickets aren't ready for use yet.
  11. DontTemptMe26

    I was there. I did look back at Andy at times. If he was singing along, he wasnt singing along to American Life. Didn't know any of the non single tracks. And he says he rushed to the stage? It was all pre planned. I saw Madonnas staff give him the cash and tell him what to do.
  12. Did anyone record the 2nd night? I almost did but figured someone else would.
  13. Yeah the kill your baby is a bit obnoxious. Want to mute and adjust that from the opening night recording
  14. When does the pop up start? Does anyone have photos of what is available??