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  1. These don't match the ones that were in the Pop up store. Someone on Facebook is trying to sell to me. So I'm rather curious.
  2. Someone is trying to sell me these. Are these official?
  3. The candles sold on ebay last night...
  4. The Candle set sold on Ebay last night...
  5. I wish these would become available online
  6. Same as the Blond and Celebration Immaculate Bomber. I wonder if we will see a Virgin Tour replica. Girlie needs to go down in price.
  7. Refreshing the US store like a crazy person...
  8. That is one of my items currently on backorder in her official store.
  9. That is so awesome to know that information :-)
  10. Pens were gone as of Monday in NYC. Hopefully they return.
  11. I hope these become available online
  12. And a view from the Front Row. What a memory to have been able to capture. I'm grateful to have been there and to experience this. https://youtu.be/ePb4AOkTlsg?si=TUS4Ma3SVKEjlmCD
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