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  1. This is phenomenal. All of the haters......Yup...:-)
  2. Watching until 3 hrs from now. Then I have to give up on going last minute.
  3. Hoping some kind of last min ticket availability pops up. I'm only 3 hrs away :-)
  4. I saw the instructions and still never understood what I was supposed to do :-(
  5. So I have to buy an NFT and then what? I get a ticket or gain access to the venue?
  6. Still don't know how to get a ticket. Even if I wanted to. Far too many steps to take for a ticket.
  7. YEAH....I'm out. Lol. Will wait for the videos on YouTube.
  8. I wish I understood how to access tickets
  9. First the ticket lottery and bow this. I'm already fucking confused with all of this.. Download this to then get into that. I'm sure they won't be affordable as it is.. i honestly was hoping to go this time.
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