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  1. So nothing for US links yet? Seems like an odd release.
  2. Hoping this shows up on streaming or a vinyl rip. I need to figure out how to just do this myself. Haha
  3. So excited!!!! I loved loved this album :-)
  4. She was just on the Entertainment Tonight report. Interviewed backstage. Hopefully some can find it and share it.
  5. But its appreciated and it's something :-) I didn't become a fan until 1998 when I was 12. I keep dreaming of RIT Worcester June 27th opening night in Worcester. Somehow I hope a video of it makes the light of day. Did see DWT in 2001 for the second night in Philly. Really the only show I don't have that I attended was that RIT. Hopefully someday!!! Almost 20 years. Yikes. But yeah, I'm certain there is fotoage out from from BAT and GIRLIE that we've never seen. I love new footage :-)
  6. Second one arrived damaged. Amazon is processing a refund and letting me keep both of them. What a joke.
  7. I assume the bootleg will maybe go up in price a bit. Should I get rid of it?
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